button street

Well, you know, following other people’s ideas or works sometimes bring me into real absurd situations. The absurdity in this special case was moved air somewhere in nowhere land. The case was: I didn’t like to be at Berlin Alexanderplatz on Saturday’s early afternoon fir celebrating the upcoming cup final with fans of Eintracht Frankfurt, for the celebration place was shadow free in a 30°C sunny environment. My skin still had turned into slightly red and so I told my family, I’d go by tram to look out for Frank-Zappa-Street. I just was curious… I went to the tram and learned once again, that you never stop learning a whole lifetime long. Did you know, that you have to push a stop-button if you want to go leave a Berlin-tram? Well, you know it by now, but I didn’t, and do I first saw Berlin Marzahn for the first time in my life. I turned to the tram stop way back, PUSHED THE STOP-BUTTON, went out and thought something like “Wow!”. For the most part of our trip we spent our days in Berlin in the central. Now I stood in nowhere, looking out for something. Something was Frank-Zappa-Straße. I searched for it, I found it and I suddenly found myself in the CENTER OF NOWHERE! This photo post is kind of a proof… All there was was a building, Trump would call it a huge building, some instruments were played in and those instruments moved the air, so that my ears messaged ny brain, that my eyes couldn’t see it, but they, the ears, know, that I am not alone in this very special part of God’s great earth. And if you are not a believer, if you just need another proof for the authenticity of this exclusive little story, you’ll just have to wait for the next post….