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Since it seems p much canon that Poland is PARTICULARLY good at pushing buttons I couldn’t help but think of this situation after writing this one-sided rochu thing . Probably not the best idea to run with, Po, but boy he sure likes to pick ALL his battles, doesn’t he?

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There was an instagram page that had a few pictures of the show in action. No videos, but it seems the hotline was replaced by a smartphone. The instagram page is called jahwiorn and it seems they work at CN.

You know what, okay. Okay. That’s fine. That’s seriously fine! A smartphone makes SO much sense and I knew they were going to do that. Totally. Totally!

Here’s my question though. So do little kids actually own smartphones today? I know that toddlers have playphones that are smartphones, but they actually have tactile buttons that you push. It would’ve been cute to have given them like a little phone like that since the original hotline was based on a toy phone (not to mention that it was also an obvious reference to the 60s Batman TV series and Commissioner Gordon’s direct hotline to Batman). I wonder if the Mayor’ll still have the phone in the dome in his office.

The blossom kind of enrages me because it’s like beating you over the head that it’s Blossom herp derp ‘cause that’s her name I know we get it guys we get that they’re little snowflakes with little personalized things I get it

But what the heck is up with this?

That chin. That. Chin.

This looks like the flattest ass shit ever, and not in a stylistically good way. I’m really sorry. I’m glad their heads are huge (this I am SO GRATEFUL FOR thank you for making them the bug eyed freaks they need to be) but what in the world is up with the Professor? What? What. 

They’re literally doing this to all the characters:


I kinda headcanon Flowey as liking complex strategy games such as Fire Emblem… as well as having a perfect town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. 

Because it’s a pain to have to use pressure from his leaves in order to push buttons, he can’t play anything that requires a quick reaction time, such as rhythm games or platformers.

I’m Not Jealous

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“I’m not jealous.”

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In regards to Merida's hair the animation team at Pixar had to write an entirely new algorithm so she didn't loose the spring in her curls when she moved. There's a traveling exhibition, The Science Behind Pixar that explains how it worked with models and fun buttons to push. It left Boston in January but I don't know where it went from here.

I didn’t know there was an exhibition. That’s really cool. We’ll have to see if it comes around our way (my luck, it was probably here and I never knew). 

The algorithm wasn’t just so her hair dynamics stayed, well, dynamic, it was also so that her hair didn’t go through itself or anything else. That is really, really tough. 

Here’s a shot from Frozen where Anna’s braid is going through her hand, and the braid is just a single piece, not actual individual strands (i’m not knocking Frozen here, because all the braid interactions through the whole thing, this is bound to happen):

IIRC, what they did for Merida was apply a simulation to each strand of her hair – thousands and thousands of strands. Applying dynamics so that not only did they move with her and each of those strands move independently and naturally, they also then avoid going through anything. Each and every one of those thousands of strands of digital hair. It took them two years to develop the hair system.

Add to that what must have been an insane render time for each strand. Really, it makes me weep. It’s such beautiful work. Just amazing. I love Pixar so hard. 

  • 2010: Harry is going solo
  • 2011: Harry will be going solo soon
  • 2012: Harry hates his bandmates, will go solo.
  • 2013: Harry has absolutely no contact with the bandmates. Solo career it is.
  • 2014: last 1d album, Harry is going solo.
  • 2015: Harry is going solo but for real this time.
  • 2016: Harry is going solo, and acting, and baking and whatever. Deals are piled up on the table already.

2016 jan 26: Who is still member of One Direction?


Liam records new music, posts it, there are articles. –> aww so happy good for him. (no comments on the band’s future)

Harry might get a new PR agency: –> he’s going solo. The bastard is leaving the boys behind. I knew it. I knew it.

Dear fandom, isn’t this fucking tiring?

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why do clexa shippers always have to shit on bellarke shippers? you guys are the biggest bullies and contribute NOTHING to the show.

We’re the biggest bullies?

In the two years i have been in this fandom, only twice or so have i ever tagged something as Anti Bellarke, this might be the third time because you guys seriously know how to push someones buttons.

Both sides of the fandom cause trouble, i wont lie. I have seen Clexa shippers shit on Bellarke shippers but that doesn’t compare to the amount of fucked up shit Bellarke shippers love to say daily about Lexa/Clexa. I won’t even sensor the ship name because i want to make sure all of you see this and get your head out of your asses.

Bellamy and Clarke are platonic. It has been said by Jason, Eliza, Bob and everyone else involved in the cast and crew of The 100. They have to deal with your shit daily because you guys behave like whiny brats who ask their moms for chocolate milk and get orange juice instead. You literally can’t go two minutes without writing about what Bellamy would do for Clarke and what Lexa wouldn’t. So let me say this as clear as i possibly can.

Lexa would do anything for Clarke, she has put the faith her people have in her in jeopardy for Clarke, she has put her life in jeopardy for Clarke. She killed one of her own warriors for Clarke. And god knows what else she is going to do next.

Lexa is trying to keep them both alive. To keep both of their people alive. She is working for the both of them because Lexa loves Clarke and although Clarke may be infuriated with Lexa right now, Clarke loves Lexa.

You guys will try and find anything you can to shut down any indication that states Clarke and Bellamy are just platonic, but you sadly can’t shut down the words of everyone involved in the making of this wonderful show, and you certainly can’t erase the episode that confirmed how fucking awesome and very much amazingly canon Clexa is.

  • Me, looking at Roland:"You buggy, artificial, uncanny valley looking creep, dear God you're so damn *ugly*…"
  • Me, looking at Bog:"My beautiful scaly backed baby, the color of your eyes might as well be called Soul Piercing Blue, your cheekbones are to die for, your wings literally flash rainbows, don't even get me started on your lips -"
  • Me:"…I might have a bias."

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remember when Clarke and Lexa pushed the button to blow up Mount Weather’s doors and it didn’t work? That has to signified something. Because if you analyze that scene and compare it with Bellamy and Clarke pulling the lever, both can compare. Why didn’t the button work when Clarke and Lexa pushed it? Why did the lever work when Bellamy and Clarke pulled it? See, these two scenes show the relationships clearly. Clarke and Lexa can’t work together. Bellamy and Clarke can work together.


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-glances at post about ladybug playlists- YES HELLO WHAT IS THE NO ADRIEN AU I AM INTRIGUED AND AFRAID


basically, adrien never went to public school

hence, ‘no adrien’ in marinette’s life au

(and no ensuing crush)

they know each other’s identities because of reasons and have a ‘we’re gonna investigate and figure out who hawkmoth is’ thing going on with a corkboard with red string all over it and go out and gather clues and shit

and mari’s parents don’t know about adrien or chat or ladybug or the investigation, despite adrien/chat being over at her house a lot, so there’s a bunch of hurried escapes that simultaneously look a lot like a guy escaping his gf’s room before her dad can come in with a shotgun and like those superhero movies where someone pushes a button and all the walls flip around to hide the evidence

but in reality they’re not banging at all - they’re just hanging around throwing darts at a dartboard with a paper taped to it that just reads ‘hawkmoth’ in big black letters because they don’t have a real picture to tape there

and they squabble and snipe at each other a lot, but chat still sleeps over whenever he can, allegedly because they need to brainstorm leads, but really just because his house is big and cold and lonely and if he sleeps over at mari’s she’ll wake him up with a pillow to the face instead of nathalie’s method of narrating his schedule for the day

it was supposed to be a ladynoir/marichat-ish drabble collection, but it’s old and dumb and i have no idea what i’d do with it, so the only thing in that playlist is ‘break free’ by ariana grande because the song reminds me of that au for reasons unknown to me

do not be scared, sweet nonnie. it would literally just be humor and friendship and dumbasses investigating shit if i ever did write it