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vanessa with two braids? being cute?

!! i like the way you think !!

“I’m not letting you damn yourself!”

- Chapter 6: Family, The Awakening

art by @ichigomaniac



1-B is extremely /horrified/ when kendou begins to have exaggerated HAND gestures one day (monoma most especially)

why the houses need the other
  • slytherin needs gryffindor: they're great thinkers, but fucking hell, they pussy out. they overthink all their decisions. they need someone to help them just push the button to their amazing plans
  • slytherin needs ravenclaw: just to calm the fuck down. both of the houses stress their butts off, they get annoyed by ravenclaws when they stress, forgetting their own stress and realizing that, now they see the ravenclaws stress, their stress is not gonna solve anything
  • slytherin needs hufflepuff: guys, i dont wanna follow the stereotype, but F U C K, slytherins are just way too mean and rude and need a little positivity nd genuinely nice people
  • gryffindor needs slytherin: 1) sexual tension 2) s e x u a l t e n s i o n 3) they can make the best plans ever, but a gryffindor seriously needs a slytherin to help them with like, take over the world
  • gryffindor needs ravenclaw: just to keep their feet on the ground & their head on their shoulders when they dream TOO big
  • gryffindor needs hufflepuff: to keep their heads orientated. when idea's & thought become one big blur, they need a hufflepuff to help them sort it out
  • ravenclaw needs slytherin: to talk about feelings. slytherins can be very understanding and good at listening, and a ravenclaw can really need this sometimes
  • ravenclaw needs gryffindor: to have a stubborn opponent. they like a tiny bit of challenge sometimes and the slytherins are just TOO determined to win, the hufflepuffs not determined enough & the gryffindors are just perfect; fun and stubborn
  • ravenclaw needs hufflepuff: to have someofun. i'm really not saying that ravenclaws aren't fun, just that their fun is 10x better when with a hufflepuff. they also make sure you stay healthy in stressfull periods of time, a must for a humon body
  • hufflepuff needs a slytherin: to realize fun isnt everything in life, to keep them out of their dreamworld back to reality sometimes. also because sometimes you kinda really need to get to get things done
  • hufflepuff needs gryffindor: because of all the challenges they bring in hufflepuffs life and their bolder qualities allowing hufflepuffs to be less shy & more comfortable in their skin
  • hufflepuff needs ravenclaw: to help them focus on little things & help them see beauty in things like WHY the stars move and how it comes the sky is bluer in spring than in summer
What if lance had a belly button piercing.

-Lance not telling anyone so it’s a surprise for all
-They normally don’t change out together but they decide that it’s closer the changing rooms than their own rooms
-and lance is fine with that. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all.
-so on the first day in the changing room they all stare wide eyed as lance lifts his shirt up over his head arching his back when the shirt gets above his elbows.
-there protruding from his stomach shining brightly was two bright blue diamonds each on either side of his belly button. The blue was amazing and looked just like lances eyes.
-Shiro in a shocked daze asks “what-what is that?”
-lance giggles and shows off his stomach “it’s a belly button piercing. Duh”
-pidge and hunk get over it easily and decide to leave before things get to intense
-“lance why don’t you wear this when your with us?” Keith asks while Shiro drops to his knees in front of lance
-“well you guys always come at night and I have to take it off so it doesn’t get too infected so…” he trailed off with a soft blush as Keith walked behind him to cradle his hips. Keith and lance already had their shirts off and Shiro was in only his boxers so that made things even sexier.

Can someone wright a one-shot about this plz. Just be sure to tell me about it too so I can read it!

So. For Phoenix comic con, my mom is going as Wonder Woman, and she’s not so sure of her costume at the moment. It’s all hand made with craft foam and paint (lots of craft foam and paint)

Will you guys give me a hand in reassuring her? They look super cool, right? (the shoes are still a WIP, but they’re gunna look good too!)

Connected — Jung Hoseok (04)

Words: 2110

Warnings: Fluff, Internet best friend!Hoseok :)

Description: You and Hoseok are internet friends with secret feelings for each other. The only problem (besides the distance) is that you’re both in relationships with other people.

[01] [02] [03] [04]


“Y/n-ah! There’s only three more weeks until I get to see you! It’s gonna be amazing!” Hoseok smiles.

“I know! I can’t wait!” You smile.

“I have a secret to tell you.” He says.

“What is it?” You asked, being more interested in the conversation.

“You know how you gave Joshua a second chance after everything that happened?” He asks.

“Yes.” You nod, curious about what the secret was.

“Well, I decided to give Jae a second chance. We’re dating again!” Hoseok smiles.

Others would’ve expected you to smile, but you didn’t. You weren’t happy at all.

“Why aren’t you smiling?” He asked.

“Why did you decide to give her another chance?” You ask.

“I don’t know. I felt bad, I guess. She said that she would change.” He explains.

“And what if she doesn’t? What if she just breaks your heart again, Hoseok?” You asked.

“Y/n-ah, calm down. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” He says.

“You weren’t fine the last time. Remember? You cried for like three hours on our video chat.”

“Thanks for reminding me.” He says, sarcastically.

“You’re welcome.” You say.

“I’m confused. When your best friend tells you that they’ve made up with their ex, you should be happy. I was happy for you when you decided to give Joshua another chance.” Hoseok explains.

“My situation with Josh is nothing like this. Jae cheated on you, I don’t understand how you could trust her again.”

“And Josh yelled at you and made you cry. How could you trust him after that?”

“Hoseok, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t have given her another chance. I don’t think it was the right thing to do.” You tell him.

“Since when are you in control of what I do?” He asked.

“I’m not. I just think that you could do better than Jae.”

“Don’t say that, Y/n. I never said these kinds of things to you when you told me that you and Josh were back together.” Hoseok says.

“That’s because Josh didn’t cheat on me, and you had no reason to say anything like that.” You said.

“Why are you acting like this?”

“Because I don’t want Jae to break your heart again. I don’t think she’s right for you. It’s my job as your best friend to look out for you.” You explained.

“And it’s my job as your best friend to let you know when you’re wrong.” He tells me.

“Hoseok, I—”

“I had so many things to say after you told me that you and Josh got back together, but I kept them to myself. You know why? Because I saw that you were happy with him, and I didn’t want to get in the way of your happiness. I was happy for you. Why can’t you be happy for me?” He asks.

“I think you’ll be happy if you break up with her.”

Hoseok raised an eyebrow. “I’m not breaking up with her just because you say so. You’re being an idiot.”

“I’m being an idiot? I’m not the one that gave my girlfriend a second chance after she cheated.” You tell him.

“I gave her a second chance because I think she can change. If you don’t support my decision then you can keep it to yourself, just like I did.” He says.

Why was he acting like this?

You were the one who was right, right?

“I never asked you to keep anything to yourself. If you wanted to say something about Josh, I didn’t stop you.” You point out.

“I was being a good friend. Obviously you don’t know what that’s like.”

Your eyes widened. Why would he say that?

“I am a good friend to you.” You tell him.

“Well, you’re not being a very good friend right now.”

“I’m trying to look out for you. How is that not being a good friend?” You asked.

“I don’t need you to look out for me, Y/n. I made the decision to forgive Jae, and whatever happens after that is my responsibility, not yours.”

“Hobi, I just think that—”

“Maybe we should just stop talking about this.” He says.

You nodded, sighing.

Hoseok rarely every got mad, but you knew that he was mad at you now.

You could just tell by the look on his face.

For once, he wasn’t smiling.

“You’re mad at me.” You stated.

“I’m not.” He says.

“You are. I’m sorry, Hobi. I didn’t mean to make you mad.” You apologized.

“It’s fine. Look, I have to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay.” You said before he hung up the call.

You closed your laptop and laid on your bed, clutching a pillow.

You don’t want Hoseok to be mad at you.

You should’ve just kept your mouth shut and said nothing.

Why are you so stupid?

Maybe you’re just jealous.



Why would you be jealous?

You have Josh, so there’s nothing for you to be jealous about.

You had no reason to be jealous.

It’s not like you had any feelings for Hoseok.

Did you?

You sat in math class, waiting for the bell to ring, as always.

You were pretending to pay attention when a paper airplane landed on your desk.

You looked in the direction that it came from to see no other than Josh.

“Open it.” He mouths.

You did as told and oped the piece of paper, seeing the note inside.

Are your parents home? If not, can I drive you home?

You looked at Josh and gave him a thumbs up, signalling that the coast was clear.

He responded with an ‘okay’ sign. And you went back to learning, or at least pretending to learn.


You and Josh fixed your clothes, making sure you both looked normal before he went into the driver’s seat and you went into the passenger’s seat.

“That was amazing.” Josh breathed.

“I know.” You said, trying to catch your breath.

Josh started driving and you received a text message.

You got excited, thinking that it was finally Hoseok. He hasn’t spoken to you since the day of your mini argument. Every time you try to call him, he doesn’t answer.

But it wasn’t Hoseok.

It was Jae-eun. 

“Y/n? What’s wrong?” Josh asks, trying to focus on the road, but also on you.

“Who’s texting you?” He asks, looking at your phone.

“It’s Jae.” You tell him.

“Hoseok’s girlfriend? Why is she texting you? Why do you look so upset?”

“It’s not important. I’m fine, baby.” You assured him.

You didn’t want to tell him what really happened.

You just confessed to having a crush on Hoseok while you have a boyfriend.

Was Jae really going to show Hoseok?

Your life is so over.

It was Saturday afternoon. Your parents weren’t home and neither was Abby.

You were babysitting Olivia, but she was currently in her room, sleeping.

“I haven’t been in your room in so long.” Josh says, laying on your bed, hand on his stomach, looking at the ceiling. 

You were sitting beside him, scrolling through twitter on your phone.

“Don’t get used to it. My mom is supposed to be home everyday next week.” You tell him.

Josh groaned.

“I wish we could just be together with no interruptions.” He says, putting his hand on your knee and rubbing it.

As if on cue, your laptop started ringing.

Hoseok was video chatting you.

Once you saw the name, your face lit up.

“Hey, Hoseok.” You say after you pressed the answer button.

His amazing, perfect face lit up your screen.

“Hi, Y/n. I’m so sorry I haven’t been speaking to you for the past few days. A lot of stuff has been going on.” He tells me.

“Stuff like what?” You asked, putting your phone down on the bed without locking it.

“Jae.” He sighed. He didn’t sound happy.

Did Jae tell him about what you said?

“What did she do?” You ask.

“She was being mean to you.” He says.

“You saw the messages?” You questioned, curious to if he saw your confession or not.

“Not all of them, but most.” He tells me.

“Well, what happened?” You ask.

“She told me that if I wanted to be her boyfriend, I have to stop talking to you.” He says, sighing once again.

Your eyes widened.

“If you want to stop talking to me, I’ll understand. Jae is a really pretty girl. You should—” You started, but he cut you off.

“So, I broke up with her.” He announces.

Your jaw dropped. “You did what?” You asked.

“Y/n, you’re one of my best friends. Did you really think that I’d let some silly girl come between us?” He laughs.

His laugh brought a smile to your face.

“You’re amazing, Hoseok. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” You smile.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve me either.” He laughed. “Is that Josh?” Hoseok asks, seeing his hand on your knee.

“Yeah, my parents aren’t home so he came over.” You explained.

“Hi Josh.” Hoseok says in English so Josh would understand him.

“Hey, Hoseok.” Josh says, not looking up from the game he was playing on your phone.

You looked back at Hoseok and asked him about his day.

“Besides the whole thing with Jae, I’m fine. You were right when you said that I’d be happier without her.” He tells me.

“By the way, I’m sorry for most of the stuff that I said that day. You were right, whatever you do is your decision and I shouldn’t make decisions for you.” You say. 

“Don’t worry about it, Y/n. You were just worried about me.”

“I think we should—” You started but you were interrupted by Josh.

“Y/n, what the hell is this?” He asks.

You turned to look at him. He had your phone in his hand, showing you the text messages between you and Jae.

He had seen the part when you said that you had a crush on Hoseok.

“You went through my messages?” You asked.

“Don’t try to turn this on me.” He says, standing up. “Why would you do this to me?” He asked.

“I—” You didn’t get a chance to speak as you stood in front of him.

“You’ve like him this whole time, huh? The whole time we were dating, you had a crush on Hoseok?” He asks, grabbing your arms and pushing you into the wall.

“I should’ve known.” He says, his grip getting tighter on your arms.

“Josh,” You gasped. “It hurts. Josh stop.”

He continued to hold your arms tightly.

“If you liked him, then why did you agree to date me again?” He asks.

“I just—”

“Don’t answer that.” He says, letting go of your arms and going to put his shoes on.

“Josh, wait.” You say.

“Have fun with him.” Was the last thing he said before walking out.

You stood there, shocked.

You almost forgot that Hoseok was on video chat with you until he spoke.

“Y/n, are you okay?” He asks.

You sat on your bed, in front of the laptop.

“Oh god. You heard all of that, didn’t you?” You said, putting your face into your hands.

“Yes.” He says. “Do you really have a crush on me?”

You looked up at him.

“Can we not talk about this?” You asked.

You weren’t in the mood for him teasing you.

“Just answer. Please.” He begged.

“Fine. Maybe I do like you. Maybe.” You admit.

“Okay.” He says. “What did you eat for dinner?” He asks, changing the topic.

“Why’d you change the topic?” You ask.

“You asked me to.” He says.

“Right.” You say. “I didn’t eat anything.”

“You should eat. It’s good for you.” Hoseok says.

You groaned.

“Hoseok, can I hang up and call you tomorrow when I wake up? I don’t feel too good.” You say, trying to get off the phone with him.

Hoseok sighed. “Y/n, I know you’re lying.” He says.

You couldn’t look him in the eyes. You were too embarrassed.

“Listen, if you’re really that embarrassed of me knowing that you like me, we can—” he started.

“Please, Hoseok. I don’t want to talk about this. I’ll just call you tomorrow, okay?” You said, looking everywhere but his face.

“Fine.” He says. “We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Bye.” You said, waving at the camera.

“Bye.” He waved. “Love you.” He adds.

You hung up the call without saying anything else.

You felt so bad.

Your secret was out.

Hoseok knew that you liked him.

Wow, your life really is over.


The time has finally arrived. My dear batb-obsessed friends, may I present to you Mac Tussey singing my Evermore (Reprise).

Please reblog this and spread this video around. Mac worked really hard with me on this, and it’s only fair to him that he gets as much promotion as possible because he is a wonderful human being with a wonderful voice. If you like this video, please reblog, hit the like button, and subscribe to this amazing dude.

Hit me with a kudos and a comment on AO3 if you liked it! If you sing any covers of this Reprise or write some fic or draw some art inspired by this song, let me know! I’d love to see anything you guys make.

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Lyrics here

Back Roads

Originally posted by deanimagines67

Pairing: Dean x plus sized!Reader
Word count: 929
Warnings: Swearing, insecurity

Part 3 of Fat and Beautiful

Walking out of your room half an hour later, your felt like you were out of place. Rarely did you dress up anymore, especially for a date. You wore a little red dress that was form fitting, a black lace was over it. The red went to mid-thigh, and the lace just past it. It had a flattering V-neck shape, showing off your neck and collarbones, and it had a ¾ sleeve of just the lace. You wore a simple black pump to go with it, not knowing what he had planned. Your hair was in loose curls, hanging just below your shoulders. Your makeup was kept simple- a winged liner and nude lipstick.

As you moved through the halls, your small clutch in hand, all you heard were the sounds of your heels. Part of you was slightly worried, as you hadn’t been out too much since your breakdown with Sam. Being happy with yourself in the comfort of your own home was far easier than being happy with yourself out in the real world. The world that would bombard you with billboards, movies, pretty girls walking down the street, waitresses flirting with Dean, and so much more.

You paused and took a deep breath. You would do this for Dean. He loved you, and he wanted to take you on a date. Once you were a bit more calm, you moved towards the library, where you assumed that you’d find him. Biting your lip, you stopped in the doorway.

Sam looked up and his breath hitched. Dean’s back was to you, so he turned and the look he had on his face made you blush and look down. “I’m ready.” You told him, tucking some hair behind your ear.

“Wow, baby.” He smiled, getting out of his chair. He was in dark slacks, a dark blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and the top couple buttons left undone. “You look amazing.”

“Thank you.” You smiled up at him. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” You teased him, making him chuckle.

Moving closer, he kissed you gently. “Come on, let’s go on our date.” His fingers laced with yours before the two of you gave Sam a small wave. “Don’t wait up, Sammy.” Dean smirked, making you slap his chest lightly.

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Welcome Home, Empress

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

A/N: Hi, I’m back. this is just a little something, it’s a part two a full story I don’t really care for. I also realized I haven’t been putting summaries, which would be really helpful. But, I hope you enjoy. (Which is now a series: Aquarius)

Summary: From the planet Earth, something about you captured the galaxies new found Emperor, Kylo Ren. After being forced into being with him, you finally see your new home.

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I haven’t worn a gown since prom. And normally, I wouldn’t put this particular ensemble together. My laced fingers brushed over the curvature of the dress. The material was so smooth. I looked at my hands, this emperor must have an obsession with gloves. I was surprised that my nails hadn’t ripped a hole in the glove as if on cue, my nail poked out on my right hand. “Stupid Lace!” I scolded as I poked my other fingers in the lace to match. I made my way towards the door hearing a faint mumble. As I came closer to the door, I heard someone talking about me. I guess it was the general, as he was the only person besides myself who didn’t wear a mask. “Her beauty and aura simply captivating.” I heard the general say as I made my way out. “Thank you,” I replied, gaining the attention of him, the emperor, as well as everyone else. The attention was awkward as everyone stared at me behind a mask, besides the general, whose scowl was also marked by his rose colored cheeks. Deciding to break the silence, I stepped forward. “Oh! My lady!” The maidens rushed over trying to fix the gloves. It was like having a swarm of mosquitoes following me. “Leave her.” His cold mechanic voice rang out and the immediately backed away into their hidden places. I forgot about his “gift”, I took a deep breath and made my way forward. And of course, one of those white soldiers came interrupting. “Excuse me, Emperor, General, you–” “Empress.” Once again his cold mechanic voice rang out. The tone very much irritated. “Emp-empress,” the soldier said, earning a nod from him. I couldn’t help the small smile that started to play on my lips from not only feel a part of this whole other world but also accepted by him. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when I felt slight pressure on my arm. Unaware that I was moving and actually seated, Kylo spoke again. “Unfortunately, we won’t be going to the base. We have to go on the Star Destroyer for a while.” I nodded my head. As I sat, I focused on my breathing and not about my catastrophic panic attack that happened before. It became easier as I focused on the pilots. All those buttons and lights, it amazed me at their skill. I literally focused on every move that they made. From the corner of my eye, I could see Kylo’s mask on me. I sucked in a deep breath and soon a larger ship came into view. The ship grew bigger as we approached it and were soon engulfed by it. The ship landed and everyone prepared to exit. As I got up, I felt my legs go stiff. Reality started to sink in, as tears started to well in my eyes. Everyone left, leaving me by myself, or so I thought. “Stop crying, stop crying”, I said trying to regulate my breath and not let the tears spill out. I heard a thud, I wiped my face and turned around to see Kylo standing at the exit. I made my way pass him and down the ramp, with him following me on my heel. My pace slowed down as I took in my new surroundings. Everything was so white and pristine, whoever cleaned this must have OCD. There were more of the white soldiers and a silver one and some without a mask like the general. I would be lying if I didn’t say it was intriguing. I turned around to see a sight that you could only see in the movies. It was so breathtaking. The stars seemed to dance on the black backdrop of space. I remember studying them in high school. I loved to look up and watch them back on Earth, and now I was surrounded by them. “Welcome home, Empress.”