button masher lacquer

Geek Chic Cosmetics Button Smasher Lacquor in Malefic

The Official Description:

Malefic is a rich indigo jelly with a strong green duochrome. It also contains orange to green iridescent hex glitters and black shreds.

It’s based on Maleficent, and I think it does a good job capturing the character, as it does hold true to her green, purple, and black color scheme.

The color is lovely, I’m a sucker for purple/green duochromes.

It is a very thin jelly polish, I have three coats on in the picture, and it’s still a bit splotchy, and see through in spots. I think I should have gone for a fourth coat, or used a color as the base.

It applied well, for all the the glitter and shreds in it, they didn’t get stuck to the brush, or try to clump up together on my nails. The shreds even came off of the brush nicely, which is a problem I’ve had with flake/shred polishes in the past.

Though, I did find the black shreds a little bit too inconsistent, ranging in size from about half as wide as my thumbnail, to smaller jagged flecks. The big one was at least the only one like that, as the smaller flecks look better in my opinion.

It does benefit greatly from a topcoat, at first I thought that the duochrome was kind of a weak effect, but once I put on my topcoat it came out in full force, and looked much more like I was expecting it to.

Overall, it’s a solid polish. The color’s great, the application is fantastic, and my biggest complaint is it’s a little on the thin side, even for a jelly polish, and doesn’t build up opacity quickly.