button low shirts

  • Me: *just casually happy and getting on with my day*
  • Me: *sees Luke in a snapback and low buttoned down black shirt*
  • Me: *pulls all of my eyelashes out* "FUCK EVERYTHING"

I feel so fresh after getting this new haircut. Makes me feel on point, even now with my hangover. My friend and I went to Jupiter and danced all night from what I can remember lol.

Here is my look from yesterday, love this look. Perfect for when it get’s a little bit more warm. The combination of the low buttoned shirt and my tanned bomber jacket.

anonymous asked:

idk if you're still taking requests but if you can & want will you do something about/with calum smoking 😫

You tuck your hair behind your ear as you walk out of the bar, your eyes immediately finding your boyfriend as he hunches and cups a hand over the end of his cigarette to light it. You chew on your bottom lip as you approach him, the butterflies in your stomach going crazy just at the sight of him.

“There you are,” you murmur as your fingers slide along his lower back, the long sleeves of his leather jacket you’re wearing nearly covering your hand completely.

He grins as he tilts his head back and blows out the smoke, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into him as your hand pushes into the back pocket of his jeans, “where did you think I was?” He chuckles, lifting his cigarette to his lips to take another long drag.

You shrug, your free hand on his stomach as you thumb at the buttons low on his shirt, “I came out of the bathroom and you were gone- I figured you were having a smoke, I just didn’t know where,” you murmur.

He hums and ducks to brush his lips to yours as his hand smooths down your back and up again to gently grip the nape of your neck, deepening the kiss, his tongue slicking against yours. He tastes like Marlboro, beer and everything Calum and you can’t help but moan a little, melting into him as your heart pounds.