button key

shinee & what they wear to bed
  • Onew: old clothing he's stained somehow or is so holey it has five extra armholes
  • Jonghyun: an XXX-large soft cotton t-shirt that he can curl up in like the lil' bean he is
  • Minho: real pajama bottoms but with a t-shirt or old sports jersey because he moves so much in his sleep all the buttons pop off
  • Key: thick cotton pajamas in winter and silk ones in summer and both match his dogs' pajamas
  • Taemin: either naked or in the clothes he wore the day before
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FINALLY!! ❤️🗝❤️ I saw it at the movie theaters when i was 9 and i LOVED IT i bought the figures the doll replica and i recently bought the key (fulfilling that childhood dream of mine) i just ughh its such a great movie (how tf do people think is creepy?!)