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Wilde Imagination

Headquartered in Kingston, NY, Wilde Imagination develops and markets exquisite dolls and collectibles including the chronically bored Ellowyne Wilde® line of dolls, fashions, and accessories, our Victorian-goth inspired doll Evangeline Ghastly® and her beautiful fashions and accessories, Patience - the bright-eyed girl with a Wilde Imagination, Sad Sally - the sullen but adorable resin ball jointed button thief, and our tiny 4” resin ball jointed doll ~ Amelia Thimble - who comes to you straight from the sewing kit with fashions, accessories, and perfectly scaled furniture. Our exquisite products are sold directly to collectors through our websites, as well as our beautifully designed catalogs.  

Since 2006, our products have shipped to collectors in all 50 States and to over 67 countries around the world and continue to inspire and delight.

From all of us at Wilde Imagination, we look forward to continuing our goal of bringing products to the market that inspire the imagination, are beautifully designed, and bring you lasting joy!


I read a blog post here somewhere about how you reach a stage at some point when home isn’t really home anymore. I have been struggling with the idea of where home really is for me at 27 for a while now.

Delhi’s streets felt alien last month, with a barrage of new flyovers (it was there when you left Bubbles, aankhen hain ki button?), new eating joints (I don’t give a fuck about that hell-hole called Hauz Khas. There, I said it!), new people (Some of whom I instantly fell in love with, though they still didn’t feel like how old people do :().

My family and I trying to renegotiate all the changes we’ve undergone and the love that has lately was always been transfixed with an “in spite of”. The same in spite off made me feel defensive over Mary Didi ke haath ka palak paneer.

When I left, I had a lump in my throat but also a huge grin. My other home, the one I am learning by-heart, and probably more familiar with now. But also the one that’s so new, and so too-good-to-be-true, I haven’t had the heart to decorate it yet and make it “home”. The one I still dare not take for granted.

Tonight, my friends are meeting up at TC’s (Thursday’s Ladies Night). They’ll talk about Tindr Boys, New Boyfriends, Weight Loss, The Big M coming up this December, What Happened To Those Other Girls From LSR? and hopefully about Grumpy Me Sitting Far Far Away in Goa who’s missing them so fucking bad.

I feel so far far away from home.

Im a say this. I was born in ‘89 first piece of technology I ever touched was a Nintendo. The red button joint. From then til now…. there is no reason for anyone especially those around that same era for someone to say I Can’t or the 3 words I cant stand. I Dont Know. We used to use dictionaries now we got dictionary apps. Point is there is absolutely no reason to not create for yourself besides the words I Dont Want To or I Dont Know. Everybody has a smart phone or access to the internet. Do your research, learn and takeoff from there. If you need funding get a job fund yourself. I Can’t, I Don’t Want To or I Don’t Know = Laziness. Wait for nobody push yourself. It’s So Easy Its Hard.


Preview of a new pattern I made to use felted wool sweaters (of which I have collected quite a few).  I really liked how it turned out, hence 4 in the making right now.  (All will be for sale!) I’ve not thought of a name for this style of pattern yet, but they are meant to be vintage in feel, and are button jointed.

Started as a bunny, but you know how i love wooly manes so then I made a lion.  Will do cats and foxes with this base too, and maybe a bear, tho those are so common I usually avoid making bears :’D.