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The boys introducing their favorite movies to their s/o?

Thanks for requesting! This was entertaining to write. I hope it’s what you expected. I’m so sorry this took so long.

 Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • “Contrary to what one would think, my favourite movie is not Fifty Shades of Grey.”
  • You try to muffle your laughter when he says this but damn
  • You had literally bet that’d be his favourite movie.
  • You now owe Ouma $10.
  • Korekiyo tells you his favourite movie is Coraline
  • You’re surprised - you would have never expected Korekiyo’s favourite movie to be PG
  • The one with the creepy button-eyed people?”
  • “Precisely.”
  • You admit, you’ve never seen it
  • The trailer was enough to scare anyone away!
  • Korekiyo assures you it’s not as scary as it appears to be
  • And that it’s actually really interesting watching someone of Coraline’s age put their intelligence and bravery to the test in order to save her loved ones!
  • He asks you to put yourself in her shoes
  • And to imagine all the possible outcomes!
  • He’s right - it would be interesting to see how someone would react to a situation like that
  • Whether or not they’d crack under the pressure, throw in the towel, or do what needs to be done
  • You’re excited to watch the movie with him! 

Rantarou Amami

  • The boy is a sucker for creepy movies, you know that much
  • You were beginning to regret letting him choose the movie this time, with that in mind
  • You walk into the living room, nervous
  • On your TV you can see the menu screen for a movie you’d never seen before - but the title did seem familiar…
  • You had heard of this before… but had never actually given it the time to watch it
  • And now you can see why!
  • It looks absolutely terrifying!
  • “Have you seen this movie before, s/o? It’s my favourite.”
  • He notices the fearful expression on your face and heads over to you
  • He plants a kiss on your forehead and wraps his arms around you
  • “I know you’re a little scared, s/o, but it’ll be fine with me here. I’m here to protect you, after all.”
  • You suppose it couldn’t be that bad, as long as you were snuggled up to Amami…
  • “That’s the spirit, s/o.”
  • He presses “Play”
  • Throughout the film he holds you close during the extra scary parts
  • If you ever seem too afraid, he’ll squeeze your hand and pause the movie to see if you’re okay
  • The movie ends and you’re pleasantly surprised - that wasn’t as terrible as you had anticipated it to be!
  • Horror movies with Amami become more frequent after that - you both look forward to it every week!

Ouma Kokichi

  • Ouma had been pestering you with random questions all morning
  • “What’s your favourite food? Pizza topping? Season? Video game?”
  • “…Movie?”
  • Enough was enough.
  • In a huff, you throw the questions back his way
  • You ask him what his favourite movie is, not expecting him to give you any proper answer
  • He takes a moment, tapping his finger to his chin, deep in thought
  • He proudly states the name of some movie you’ve never even heard of
  • When he looks to you for a reaction and there isn’t one, he’s hurt!
  • Gently, you break it to him
  • “I’ve not a clue what that movie is about, Ouma.”
  • “How have you not seen my favourite movie, s/o? Are you sure you haven’t seen it?”
  • “I thought you were my partner!?”
  • You try again in your head to place any imagery at all to the title, but alas, it still doesn’t ring any bells
  • You tell him you’re sorry, that you’ve definitely never heard of it
  • “No apologies needed, s/o! It is now my job to make sure you watch this movie, and love it!”
  • No turning back now
  • The two of you set up the couch and fill the space around you with junk food and settle in to watch the film…

Saihara Shuuichi

  • “O-oh! That’s an easy one!”
  • You quickly discover that naming his favourite movie is in fact, not an “easy one”
  • He immediately lists off his top ten!
  • And he’s talking so fast! It’s hard to keep up with his thoughts!
  • You tell him just one is fine!
  • He immediately shuts up
  • He looks pretty deep in thought
  • “M-My favourite movie would have to be… Clubhouse Detectives.”
  • He looks to you for a reaction - a “me too!” was what he was hoping for
  • But you’ve got no clue
  • The Clubhouse What-now? Never heard of it.
  • He looks shocked - even a little hurt!
  • “Y-You haven’t seen it? But it’s so gripping! It was one of the first mystery movies I ever watched!”
  • You can tell by the look on his face he wants to beg you to watch it with him, but you know he’s too nice to ask you to sit through a movie with him without arranging beforehand-
  • You ask if it’s too late for a movie night
  • His face lights up
  • It’s never too late for a movie night!

Kaito Momota

  • The boy’s face lights up when you ask him what his favourite movie is!!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy!! Duh!!

  • What’s that?
  • He’s shocked that you’ve never seen or heard of it before
  • “It’s action packed!! Hilarious! And there’s a hint of romance too-”
  • The way he described to you, it sounded like any other movie he’d watch
  • But the sparkle in his eyes that appeared while he talked about it was enough to convince you to watch it with him
  • “I still can’t believe you’ve never seen it before, s/o. This is gonna be awesome!”
  • You tell him you can give it a go!
  • It sounds like fun!
  • His eyes light up even more
  • This is almost the happiest you’ve ever seen him?!
  • The two of you get the popcorn and set up the blankets
  • Movie time!!


  • You’re super curious to know what the robot would pick as his favourite movie
  • “I suppose I do quite like the one with the boy who lives in an orphanage and then goes to the future with this boy he met and then it turns out- actually, I have it on DVD, please wait for one moment! I will be right back!”
  • He hurries back into the living room with a deluxe copy of Meet the Robinsons
  • You’re puzzled - why is this his favourite movie?
  • “It was the first movie I ever watched! It holds great emotional value to me and I love it!”
  • When you tell him you haven’t seen it, he makes the strangest squeaking noise
  • But you can tell it’s out of excitement, at least
  • You ask if he’d like to watch it with you tonight - you have nothing better to do and hadn’t watched a movie together in a while
  • He makes the noise again.
  • The boy hurries out of the room once more to retrieve blankets and pillows!
  • Movie!!!! Night!!!!
  • He pulls you into a tight embrace and jumps up and down a little
  • “This is going to be a lot of fun, s/o!”

Gonta Gokuhara

  • You saw this one coming from a mile away
  • Even though you’d never watched it, you could still tell
  • “Gonta’s favourite movie is A Bug’s Life! Gonta thinks this movie is both educational and entertaining!”
  • You join him on the couch and pick up the DVD in your hands
  • Just as you thought, it’s a child’s movie!
  • You tell him that.
  • Gonta thinks A Bug’s Life is good no matter what age!”
  • You roll your eyes - looks like this movie night was going to be a snore fest. Maybe next week you’ll pick up the pace with a horror movie, you say.
  • “G-Gonta doesn’t like horror movies! Gonta insists on watching A Bug’s Life!”
  • With a sigh you snuggle up to him and press “Play” on the television
  • He doesn’t take his eyes off the screen the entire movie
  • The man is mezmerised!
  • “Look at all the pretty bugs, s/o!”
  • Although, you are entertained
  • And it makes you happy to see your boyfriend so excited like this
  • Maybe letting Gonta pick a movie wasn’t such a bad idea after all

Ryouma Hoshi

  • It was a boring afternoon
  • You were sick and practically glued to the couch
  • You felt and looked like crap
  • Hoshi didn’t like seeing you like this
  • His s/o didn’t deserve to feel this way
  • And as your boyfriend, he made it his duty to make you feel better
  • He disappeared into his and your room and emerged with an old looking DVD
  • You glance up from your tissues hopefully
  • You see the cover and your eyes dim immediately
  • Boring.
  • Give the film a chance, s/o.”
  • He sits by your side and takes your hand and tells you it’s his favourite movie.
  • A compelling statement…
  • You tell him you’re willing to watch the movie with him,
  • If he agrees to let you cuddle him the whole time
  • He sighs
  • “…As you wish.” 

Title: Housing a Time Traveler (Part 7 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The Reader wakes up in a mysterious HYDRA facility where they’re trying to fish for information on why Tony is housing a teen.

Word Count: 1913

Warnings: slightly a spoiler about peter’s suit from hoco? that’s all!

A/N: OMG IT’S MY BLOG’S SECOND BIRTHDAY! I had to celebrate by writing in my favorite series i’ve ever done, I hope you enjoy!

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You remind me of summertime.” his words languidly slipped past his lips.

Oh, this should be great, “Yeah? How so, love?”

“Well,” he pressed his lips from the corner of Louis’, down to the underside of his neck, “Your skin glows even as the sky clouds over for autumn. Your cheeks flush the perfect shade of pink, sort of like when you’ve been sitting in the blistering heat for hours, and finally come indoors to cool off. Your hair is always effortlessly windswept, with hints of red and gold shining off of your slightly curled ends,” Louis’ breath hitched as Harry kissed his way down to the middle of his chest, “You taste like a summer storm. One that tingles against your heated skin and melts coolly against your tongue.” he kissed down Louis’ torso and spoke against the tanned skin beneath his belly button, “Your crinkly eyed smile is  « brighter than a mid-July sunrise, and your eyes are every single colour of the ocean,” he looked up at Louis as he kissed further and further down, until he reached the inside of his left thigh, and gently nipped at the skin. Louis was reduced to trembles. Couldn’t believe this is what he got to wake up to, “You’re every shade of summer to me.


Yoongi looked up from his spot on the couch.

How would you know that’s true? He asked, his voice significantly smaller than it had been moments ago.

From these. You showed him a packet of records. From what you could comprehend, Yoongi’s father had been training and using Yoongi to hack into various government systems around the world. At a young age, Yoongi had tested with a higher IQ and his father ran with it, ultimately letting Yoongi take the fall.

So I can’t hack into my own records, but you can look at other files of mine? Yoongi asked and you shook your head.

I wasn’t looking for you, I was looking through logs to see how to handle people with your personality and I stumbled on your name. Why didn’t you tell me who your father was? You tried to figure it out for the nights leading up to today, but nothing made sense. He had a different name and his father wasn’t known to have a family.

I took my mother’s name at birth. I’m a bastard to my father and I was used like a militant child. They sat me in a room and tested me for various abilities. Finally, when I hacked into that guy’s account in high school, my father realized what they could use me for. So I began working in the government, hacking into security servers and formulating data so that the government could blackmail. You watched as Yoongi angrily spouted off his frustrations. His father seemed like a horrible politician who wanted nothing more than to control him and the country. A part of you cracked. You had been subjected to similar issues, your mother using you as a permanent test subject. But I got so tired of watching the citizens of my own country get fucked over. I cracked. I finally went off and released documents.

You went after your father. You said in a dazed way. You looked at Yoongi, who had his head hung.

He’s old, he doesn’t deserve me going after him like that. Although he treated me like shit, I’m still his kid. For the first time, you saw remorse in Yoongi’s action. A sweet side to a rather bitter man. But a part of you was angered by this.

How could you say that? He’s a horrible man for doing that. God, I thought that I wanted you to show remorse, but there’s a huge part of me that wants to beat the shit out of your dad. You responded, you didn’t have any idea what had gotten into you. Tears welled up in your eyes and your vision went red. I … I … UGH. You slammed your fist down on the coffee table and Yoongi let out a bit of a chuckle.

Hold on there, little miss feisty. I did what I could, but I paid for it. The people now have access to the documents and can see how the government fucked them over. I did my deed. He shrugged and you watched him lay back like he had done for the past week and close his eyes.

Oh shut the fuck up. You spat and Yoongi opened his eyes and looked at you. You continue to behave poorly. You’re not content with your circumstances, but you’re playing the noble hero card. You scoffed and Yoongi sat up, looking you dead in the eye. Huh, well, today’s session is over. You pointed to the clock and Yoongi continued to stare you in the eye. Not making any movements to leave, Yoongi just sat there, his gaze not budging from yours. You started to stand, when Yoongi reached out and grabbed your hand. You eyed the button that sat on the table next to you, it was meant for security situations, if you pushed it, the guards would rush in. Your mind contemplated pushing it, but Yoongi saw you look and quickly dropped your hand.

I’m not a bad guy. I just wanted you to know that. This entire experience hasn’t been the worst thing to happen to me, in a way, I’m free because I’m here. I’m not under my father’s constant watch. So I’m not remorseful because in a way, this opened doors for me. He shrugged again, but you saw something else in his eyes.

Okay. Well we can pick this up on Friday. You said and Yoongi’s eyes shot up at you.

Friday? Why Friday? Why aren’t you here for the week? He erupted with a myriad of questions. His eyes darted around the room and you realized so much from that small interaction.

You need to calm down. I’m going to come back. You reassured him, but he didn’t seem completely convinced. You realized that within a week, Yoongi had formed a connection to you. He saw you as a constant in his world and someone who was willing to vouch for him. Sitting back down, you timidly took hold of Yoongi’s hand. I have some connections of my own in the government and I think I have a case to help you. You said quietly. Yoongi looked into your eyes and it felt as though a scared child was staring back. A piece of your heart broke as you looked deep into his eyes.

A case? He asked and you nodded.

Everyone is in here for a reason that they caused, but a person who is forced to do a crime is seen as innocent and the person who forced them into the crime is the guilty one. You said before letting go of his hand and standing up again. Yoongi sat there, his eyes staring at an empty part of the room, and you could tell his mind was racing. Yoongi, you have to leave my office now. You said and he stood up only giving you a small wave and exiting without a word.

You packed up your things. The next day you made your way to your friend’s office, sitting in front of him, you laid out the case.

So Min Yoongi, the convicted government hacker, is actually innocent? Y/N, I thought you usually helped people that are insane, but looks like you’re the insane one here. You rolled your eyes.

Look at his documents, his statements don’t make sense. The government changed his transcripts so it made it look like he worked alone. I swear he’s innocent, his dad is the one who put him up to this. You ran your mouth at your friend who sat back in his chair.

I’m a second year at this firm, I can’t be bringing a case against one of the top government officials, saying that his illegitimate son was used as a pawn and that he’s actually a horrible man while his son is innocent! I’ll end up jobless! You looked at him and pleaded.

But that’s exactly what happened! You yelled and your friend looked around. Giving a sigh, he held out his hand.

Give me the documents, but don’t be upset if this goes nowhere. He said in an exasperated tone and you gladly tossed the documents to him.

This was the beginning of the trial of the century.

Teamiplier Coraline/Others AU

Ok, so awhile ago I stumbled across @turquoisemagpie‘s and @northeast-artist98‘s Coraline AU that’s centered around Teamiplier (x). Amy is Coraline and Dark is the creepy mother from the movie. It’s a really cool idea so I suggest you check it out more! I especially like Darkiplier’s design, it’s like my favorite thing about it :D 

Anyways, I decided to write a short story about it and threw my own little twist into the mix just to spice things up. All credit of the AU go to the two lovelies I mentioned above, and again, check it out if you can! 

Enjoy :)

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I know, I’ve already posted enough rabbit villagers to fill an entire warren, but @deniceinlimbo brought this adorable little rabbit drawn by @mimiteyy to my attention and I wanted to see her actualized in-game. Please see the amazing original drawing here (all credit for the design belongs to her!) –> http://mimiteyy.tumblr.com/post/159601176481/day-15-draw-a-made-up-villager-name-velvet

Coincidentally, Velvet is actually the second plush button-eyed bunny that I’ve created, but the more the merrier I say!

Nerdsitting (Preview)

Melvin Sneedly had just wanted to pick up the latest issue of Scientific American at the Hobnobs Comix Shop downtown before the quality deteriorated or the magazines sold out. Was that so hard to ask?

Apparently, according to the universe, it was. 

When a bald, portly man wearing nothing but his underwear and a red polka-dotted cape fell out of the sky and dropped to one knee, Melvin completely lost his train of thought and instead decided to take a tentative step back. On the man’s back, two of the more mischievous students in his class beamed back at him, giving a polite wave.

“Hey, Melvin!” George chimed. 

“Do you always greet people this way?” He wheezed, slamming one hand to his chest in shock.

“What, ‘Hey’ and then his name? Dude, is this a trick question?” Harold said softly, tugging George’s shirt.

“I think he means on the back of a superhero wearing nothing but his underwear and a polka-dotted red cape.” the boy responded. Climbing off, he gestured regally to the caped crusader, followed closely by his best friend.

“Melvin, this is Captain Underpants. You may remember him from that time you tried to rid the entire school of laughter.” George said. Captain Underpants stood up and gave a happy “thumbs-up” at his cue.

“Anyway. We thought we’d stop by. Didn’t think we’d see you at the comic store! What’cha getting?” Harold added. 

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Mr. Fizzles Strikes Again

SPN FanFic

~Y/N is stuck working with Garth on a case.~

Garth x Reader, Dean, Sam

1,341 Words

Warnings: Some bad language. Some drinking. Implied Smut.

A/N: This is a CRACK FIC for ANA’S CRACK 600 CELEBRATION! @notnaturalanahi. My prompt was “You know this is a video call, right?!” This was born out of a joke in our chat group yesterday and I couldn’t not do it. Hope you get a good laugh!

“Dean, I really don’t think I can take much more of this.” Y/N complained over the Skype call with the boys back in the Bunker. “He’s making me crazy”

“Just keep it together for a few more days, please Y/N. I’m begging you.” Dean’s forehead scrunched up as he lifted his eyebrows, pleading with his friend over the video chat. “Just help him out; I’ll owe you big time.”

“Oh yeah, you already do Winchester. And I’m not talkin’ about a quickie in the Impala. I want a real date. In a restaurant. With romance, and flowers.” She was only half serious, but the look on her face told Dean she meant business.

“OK, OK, as soon as you’re done, I’m all yours Princess.”

Y/N gave him a quick eye-roll and clicked off the call. She sat back and sighed. Dean had called her a week ago asking for her help on a case. Of course she jumped at the chance to see the sexy green-eyed hunter and agreed before she got any details. Boy did she learn a lesson there. Dean wasn’t the one who needed help.

When she pulled into Dagsboro and met the stringbean hunter she knew she would kick Dean’s ass the next time she saw him.

Garth was about twelve feet of pure joy and childlike enthusiasm and Y/N could not stand him. He smiled all the time, he joked around, he… hugged constantly. It was almost a nightmare scenario for the introverted Y/N.

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Words: 2,726

Pairing: Sam x Reader

A/N: I know I haven’t written in a while, so I’m definitely a little rusty. Let me know what you think! (Sam’s eyes are hazel right? Like green with some brown?)

_ _ _ _ _

“Seriously?” You slammed your palms on the steering wheel. Your car didn’t break down often, but when it did, you were positive it knew you had somewhere important to be. Slowly you steered it into the emergency lane and dropped your head onto the wheel, causing it to honk.

“Fuck!” You jumped. You exhaled and turned off the ignition.

Looking outside the window you watched the grey cars blur together as they sped down the street. Everyone’s car works but this damn one.

Opening the door you stuck out one foot at a time and forced yourself to walk towards the hood of the car.

It opened with a pop and some steam rolled up and out of it. You waved it away from your face.

“All the pieces are grey! How am I supposed to know which to fix?” You began, “And now I’m talking to myself.” You huffed and pressed your hands against the car, leaning over it. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and tried to search for a towing company.

While the line rang you watched your car try and stutter itself back to life. Or possibly its own death.

“Harvelle’s Towing.” A woman answered the line.

You explained the situation and she promised to send someone down within twenty minutes. So you shut the hood and sat back inside the car.

Maybe the radio still worked. You tried tuning it until you finally hit something.

-and the trees are green! It’s so beautiful! If only everyone was able to find their soulmate!” Some woman on a talk show exclaimed ecstatically.

You mumbled some profanity at her before changing the station. Not one guy that you met made you see color. It’s been years, and you decided that it wasn’t worth getting your hopes up anymore.

A woman knocked on your window.

You nearly jumped from your seat. Quickly you opened the door.

“Didn’t mean to scare you.” She said. “I’m from Harvelle’s Towing?”

She looked about your age.

“You’re going to fix my car?” You asked.

She raised a brow.

“Sorry. Bad day.” You sighed and led her to the hood. “It’s just, I mean, why be a mechanic?”

“Grew up in it.” She said and began tinkering with some valve. “A nine to five job just isn’t my thing.” She threw a look your way.

You looked at your clothes. Tailored pants and a suit jacket. You were on your way to a work meeting.

After a few minutes she sighed and stepped back from the car.

“Is it that bad?” You furrowed your brows.

“Not really, but I will have to take it back to the shop. I have some spare parts there.” She lowered the hood.

You rubbed your face, staining your fingers with eyeshadow.

“Shit.” You muttered and grabbed your purse from the car.

“Want a lift?” She motioned to the tow truck while she hooked up your car to it.

“Yeah, thanks.” You sat in the passenger seat of the tow truck. Music was already playing inside. The low hum filled the car and you finally let yourself relax.

The driver’s door opened and she climbed inside.

“I’m Jo, by the way.” She shifted gears.


_ _ _ _ _

While Jo unhooked your car you waited inside. Harvelle’s Towing was a family business apparently. When she walked you inside, she told something to an older woman, ending it with “Alright, mom.”

“Would you like some water?” Jo’s mother offered. Her voice was soothing.

“That would be great.” You stood up and took the cup from her before walking over to the cooler.

‘Press Blue Button For Cold’ a sticker on it read.

You looked between the two grey buttons. Her mother eyed you curiously.

“It’s the one on the left, sweetheart.” She said while wiping down her desk.

“Thanks.” Your ears turned red.

“How old are you anyhow?” She asked while you took a sip.

“Apparently not old enough to find my soulmate.” You smiled bitterly.

She nodded and continued wiping her desk.

“Your mate will come, honey. Just give it time.” She said moments later before disappearing into a back room.

You tossed the plastic cup into the small trash bin and took a seat by the window. You pushed the curtain aside and watched Jo wheel your car into the mess of black and grey cars. They littered the gravel in no specific arrangement.

The phone rang and her mother emerged from the back room.

“Harvelle’s T-” She began, “Hey, boys! How’ve you been?”

You leaned back in your seat and flipped your phone over in your hands.

“Well I’m gonna kick your asses for not visiting more often the second you get here!” She shouted while smiling. “Alright, see you soon.” She hung the phone back up on the wall.

Meanwhile you watched Jo make her way back inside. She opened the door with a towel before continuing to wipe her greased stained hands with it.

“It’ll be a couple hours. Your battery is busted.” She leaned against the doorpost.

“Thank you so much.” You nodded.

“Do you need a ride somewhere?” She offered.

“No, thanks.” You figured the meeting would end in a few minutes and you’d never make it.

“Well you’re welcome to stay here.” She grabbed a water bottle and chugged half of it down.

“Jo!” Her mother shouted from the other end of the room, “Sam and Dean are visiting, can you grab some beers?”

Jo rolled her eyes and smiled, “Alright, I’ll be back soon.” She swung open the door and threw one last glance in your direction.

Maybe they didn’t notice one person missing from the meeting…right?

You looked around the office. It was home-y. You tapped your foot on the wooden floors. Car magazines littered a center table, which also held business cards. Looking closer, not one was the same. They just stood in stacks.

In the far corner was a pool table, although you weren’t sure why it was there. The balls were all different shades of grey. Some striped, some solid.

You sighed and shut your eyes.

Just for a minute.

_ _ _ _ _

You woke up with a start. The bells on the door chimed loudly as two men walked in.

You reached up and wiped your mouth, making sure you hadn’t drooled while you slept.

“Ellen?” One man said loudly, “Jo?”

“Jo should be back soon.” You stood up and smiled.

He furrowed his brows at you.

“Oh, I’m Y/N.

“Dean.” He stuck out a hand. You noticed his eyes roam over you.

“Enjoy your nap?”


“Your hair is sticking up on-” Dean finished the sentence with hand motions towards your hair. You blushed and combed your fingers through it.

“Dean!” Ellen nearly ran through a door. She hugged him tightly. 

Is she his mother too?

“So, where’s Jo?” Dean separated himself from her and smiled.

“Grabbin’’ a couple beers for you boys.” Ellen ushered him towards a chair, “Where’s your brother?”

You leaned against the window. The glass was warm.

“Doing the same thing.” Dean laughed and clasped his hands on the table. “So, who’s this?” He motioned towards you.

“Jo’s been working on her car.” Ellen crossed her arms and looked at you. “You seein’ color yet?” She asked, then looked between you and Dean.

Your cheeks turned hot and you shrugged, “Everything is still pretty boring.”

Dean gave you a soft smile, “Ellen keeps trying to set me up with every girl that walks in here.”

“You need someone already!” She exclaimed, “You can’t keep roadtripping with your brother for the rest of your life!”

Just as she spoke, Jo kicked the door open with a case of beer in each hand. She dropped them on the table and walked over to hug Dean. They lingered together.

“Oh!” Jo turned around, “While I was out I grabbed a new oil filter. I’ll fix it up now, but the battery needs some work.” Jo informed you while pulling open the case, “It should be running by tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you so much, for everything.” You smiled.

“There’s a motel a couple blocks down but I doubt Mom would mind if you stayed here.” Jo looked at her mother.

“You’re welcome to stay.” Ellen gripped your arm before you could protest, “We have a spare room. We were just building it and…” She continued to tell you all about the expanding they did on the place while you shuffled around the room.

“Jo sometimes spends full nights here so we put in a bed.” Ellen said while grabbing a new sheet and making the bed.

“I got it, don’t worry.” You took the sheets from her hand and continued making the bed. She walked out and shut the door behind her.

The bed sheets were covered in flowers that you wished were something other than black. Once you made the bed you turned and looked in the mirror on the wall and saw Dean was right, your hair was sticking up on the side. You took of your suit jacket and laid it on the bed, leaving yourself in just a sleeveless button down.

The bells chimed again and you heard another voice. It was softer than Dean’s, so you assumed it was his brother.

You swept your hair to one side and grabbed a tissue from your purse before wiping off most of your lipstick. A light pink stain was left.

“Hey” Jo swung your door open, “Want one?” She shoved a beer in your direction.

“Yeah, thanks” You smiled and followed her back outside.

You looked for the new voice and saw his back facing you.

“Don’t be rude, Sam!” Ellen scolded him, “We got a guest.” She spun the very tall man around.

You locked eyes with him.

Suddenly the bottle slipped from your hands and landed on the floor with a crash. Sam took a step back and stared back at you.

Ellen looked at Jo with wide eyes. Dean stood up right behind Sam and tilted his head at you.

You stepped closer to Sam, suddenly pulled to him. He reached out a hand and pulled your bottom lip down with his thumb.

“It’s pink.” Sam said.

“You’re hazel.” You said, then shook your head, “I mean your eyes. They’re hazel”

Sam let out a low laugh, “I bet they are.”

Ellen smiled wide and walked over, draping her arm across Dean’s shoulders.

“One down, one to go.” She looked over at Dean who looked at Jo.

You held his gaze, “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Sam.” He stuck out his hand and you gripped it, trying not to think of how nice his thumb felt on your lip.

Dean walked up to his brother, “And to think I was going to hit on her, Sammy.” He crossed his arms.

Sam rolled his eyes, his gorgeous, multi-colored eyes.

You looked around the room slowly then ran up to the window like a puppy who spots the mailman. Your fingertips were pressed against the glass as you looked out at the endless grass and dirt. The cars were all different kinds of greens and reds.

Suddenly, a laugh bubbled up from your throat as you looked up at the sky. It was endlessly blue.

Sam joined your side, his arms pressed against your shoulder.

“It’s beautiful.” He exhaled and looked at you.

“Now how about those beers?” Dean tossed one to his brother who handed it over to you and took another one for himself.

“To Sam and Y/N.” Ellen raised her bottle.

“To Sam and Y/N.” Jo and Dean answered.

You took a swig and closed your eyes for a moment.

Is this a dream? Is Sam really my soulmate?

You felt his knuckles brush against yours, and as if you had been doing this forever, you tangled your fingers in his. His hands were rough, yet warm and strong. A comfort you’d never known surged through you. For the first time, you were glad that your car broke down.

“How about w-” Jo began.

“Guys!” A man came busting through the door.

“Garth?” Everyone but you exclaimed.

“They’re close.” He shut the door and then ran over to the windows, lowering the blinds quickly.

“What’s happening?” You asked. Sam gripped your shoulders.

“How many?” Sam asked.

“I’m not sure, about t-”

“What’s happening!” You slammed your bottle on the table.

Sam and Dean looked at each other.

“She’s your soulmate, you have to tell her.” Dean crossed his arms.

“Y/N.” Sam looked at you, “Monsters? They’re real.”

“Like the boogey-man?”

Sam smiled and dropped his head before looking back at you, “No, not like the boogey-man. More like demons, vampires, werewolves, and other nasty things.”


“You seem way too comfortable with this.” He furrowed his brows.

You shrugged, “I watch a lot of horror movies. One of them was bound to be real.”  

Sam laughed and shook his head. Dean raised a brow and whispered something to Jo which she obviously agreed with.

“They’re here.” Ellen seperated the blinds with her fingers and peeked through. As if on cue, a parade of men knocked through the front door. Sam shoved you behind him.

“Oh my god.” You whispered. Their eyes were dark red. You gripped the back of Sam’s jacket.

“Who sent you?” Dean asked right away.

One demon stepped forward and laughed. Immediately Dean lunged at him. Sam pushed you towards Jo who immediately made you duck under a table.

“Stay here.” She warned. You watched as Sam grabbed a demon and stabbed it with ease. A bright light emitted from the demon’s mouth.

The sound of punches were loud in your ears, ringing uncomfortably.

You watched another two demons crumple to the floor.

Sam moved quickly, protecting himself and everyone around him. Then you heard a grunt.

“Sammy!” Dean shouted.

Sam’s jacket wasn’t as green anymore.

“Sam!” You shouted and ran out from under the table.

Enraged, Dean took out the last two demons with fluid ease.

“Hey, Sammy. You’ll be fine.” Dean moved his brothers shirt and located the wound.

You watched as he worked. Jo tossed him a first aid kit and in seconds Dean was fishing a bullet out of Sam’s chest.

“Your eyes are turning grey.” You said to Sam.

“Your,” He choked out, “Your lips are still pink.” Sam smiled with bloodstained lips.

“Got it!” Dean shouted. Sam coughed and you helped him sit up.

“Hold this down” Dean moved your hands to Sam’s bandage while he taped it up.

“Please don’t die.” You said, “I just met you.”

Sam shut his eyes and opened them again, slowly. You gripped his hand and let him drop his head onto your shoulder.

“See? All patched up.” Dean said and stood up on shaking legs. Jo wrapped an arm around Dean’s side.

“How are they now?” Sam mumbled into your shoulder.


“How are my eyes?”

“Hazel again.” You smiled and leaned your head onto his.

_ _ _ _ _

Hours later you checked on Sam who had since taken over your bed in the guest room.

“How are you feeling?” You sat by his legs.

“Better now.”

You nodded.



“Is this what you do everyday?” You placed a hand on his knee.

“Get shot? No, usually that’s not in my schedule.”

“Stop it.” You smacked his leg with the back of your hand.

He looked at you and tried to sit up.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

You looked up at him through your lashes, “I just met you less than five hours ago, and I already care for you. I don’t know why, but I do.”

“Because we’re soulmates.”

“Exactly. And I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t.” He laced his fingers with yours.

“Everything almost turned grey again, Sam.” You looked at his bandage.

Sam reached over and rubbed his thumb across your cheek.

“I’ll never leave you, Y/N. I promise.” He said gently. You dropped your head onto his shoulder. Carefully you dragged your fingers up to his wound and pressed your palm against the bandage.

He draped his arm over your shoulder and rested his chin on your head. You listened to him breathing and shut your eyes.

Just for a minute.