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Power Couple (Part 2) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: sleep well! but i think what that person who requested the other idea of power couple is saying: reader is arrested, locked up at Star Labs to be interviewed bc caitlin, cisco, and joe are afraid the reader would escape the police station. reader refuses to any answer questions and then barry comes to flash them out of the area?

a/n: im sorry i was so tired i was like ‘whaaa’

Part 1

Being captured by S.T.A.R. Labs wasn’t part of the plan. If this was a normal cell, you could get out easy; pick the key or something. Except, this isn’t. This is a cell designed for meta humans; the pipeline, as they call it.

“Where’s Barry?!” Joe barks, hands pressed to the glass. His black tie dangles against his blue button down; suit jacket hovering over his torso.

Your back leans against the dark blue cushioned wall, arms crossed over your dark purple t-shirt. With your legs crossed, you roll your eyes, “He’s late. As per usual.” you sigh, looking at your nails with a bored expression.

Cisco cranes his neck forward, eyes squinted at you. “What’s that mean?” he quips, pulling his gray sleeves up his arms, navy Doctor Who t-shirt riding up his back. “Look, girl, he ain’t coming. He raced off; left you. Even if he did, we’d do the same thing we did to you!” he points to the cell, “Right, Cait?” Caitlin nods.

Huffing, you walk up to the glass, hips swaying with each step. “You don’t know my Barry. He’s coming, he loves me! He’s just late.” you try to reason, snarling at the group. Cisco rolls his eyes with a scoff.

When Caitlin raises her pointer finger, about to speak, there’s a gust of air. “I do love her.” Barry smirks, propping himself on the wall. Everyone jumps, racing to grab him. He rolls his green eyes, zipping away, “Honestly, guys, you’d think you’d learn.” he mutters as he taps into the lock, opening the cell. “Hey there, baby!” he beams, black flannel flapping when he speeds to you, smiling radiantly.

You wrap your arms around his neck, hopping up and hooking your legs on his waist. “You’re late again.” you smirk, pecking his lips; his hands rest under your thighs. “But I knew you’d come.” you hum, tucking your head to his chest.

“I always will for you.” Barry whispers, peeking behind him. “Now, I’d love to stay and chat, but, we gotta go. Be seeing you!” he smirks, cradling your neck in his palm before he speeds you off.

There’s a moment of absolute silence. “Shit.” Cisco mutters, blinking at the now empty cell.

“Yeah…” Caitlin and Joe agree.

1d as outfits my teachers wore to school today
  • liam: full formal tux, complete with bowtie and tails
  • niall: ripped jeans, a sweater and scarf in clashing patterns, plaid newsboy cap
  • harry: black leather pants, a green silk blouse, tweed blazer, and heeled ankle boots
  • louis: ankle length down jacket buttoned all the way up. no one knows whats underneath
Art Hoe Style Tip #2

Layer your clothes! It adds interest to your outfit and keeps you cozy in colder months <3


- Boots + Knee Socks + Tights + Shorts
- Crop Top + Flannel + Cardigan + Scarf
- Button down + Sweater + Jacket
- Sneakers + Ankle Socks + Leggings + Skirt

They key here is to layer thinner/lighter pieces so you won’t be TOO hot ~

5 Cool Color Combos to Try Out Now

Learn the correct way to clash your clothing

Ready for a bold new look? Take a break from neutrals and introduce a little color into your closet with our guide to the best bold combos for head-turning style. We looked to our favorite street photographers for inspiration and chose our favorite items for color mixing like a pro - from, lights to brights, find out how to ace the five looks below.

Mustard / Maroon

Layer mustard and maroon for a subtle but significant approach to colorful dressing.

Fred Perry Made in England Harrington Jacket

Ltd Mustard Chunky Jumper

ASOS Jersey Shirt In Long Sleeve

Red / Army Green

Bright red and faded green work surprisingly well together. Just keep the rest of your look simple and avoid wearing any other clashing colors.

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Roscoff Jacket

Urban Renewal Vintage Quilted Liner Jacket

Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt

Colored Stripes

Bright stripes look great against solid black or dark navy, especially when they’re not too dominant.

Mr. Nelson T-Shirt

JAMES LONG Patchwork Jumper

RAF SIMONS Sterling Ruby camouflage bomber jacket

Camel / Bright Red

Offset camel with a surprising pop of bright red for a clever new take on neutrals.

Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2015

Vince Camuto Wool-Blend Water-Repellent Top Coat

Velour Drop-Shoulder Sweater

Lambswool Shaggy Crewneck Sweater

Dark Blue / Forest Green

Wear forest green with navy or bright blue for a cool break from dark neutrals.

Leather baseball jacket

Slim-Fit Coated Denim Jeans

Slim Fit Dark Wash Jeans

An eventful night

In which Sorey pines and Mikleo has a date with someone else.

You can also read it on AO3

Night was falling in Ladylake by the time Sorey admitted to himself that he was a complete and utter stupid.

He was sitting on Mikleo’s bed, legs curled under himself, when the realization hit him with the force of a train. There were clothes all around him, some as familiar to Sorey as his own, others so new that the tags were still hanging from the necks. They were clothes made of dark fabrics, well-cut and made to make the person wearing them look elegant, composed.

Mikleo was all of those things, but he had never needed clothes to show it.

But going back to the matter at hand, Sorey realized he was an idiot when Mikleo came out of the bathroom wearing the newest combination of clothes Sorey had come up with.

Because Mikleo looked… amazing. In a pair of tight, light pants, a blue button down and a dark jacket, Mikleo looked like something pulled out of a magazine. His hair was disheveled from trying all those clothes on, and he looked slightly annoyed, but still—

Still he—

I want to put my hand on the small of his back and see if it covers it all . Sorey thought.

And then he tried to suffocate himself with Mikleo’s pillow right after because he was an idiot.

He was an idiot in love with his best friend.

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Clark Gregg + his tongue (aka: evidence that Clark is part sexy lizard man?)

I like how sometimes his tongue is playful, sometimes it’s thoughtful, and sometimes it’s skeptical. It is capable of portraying great emotional depth, is what I’m saying – respect the tongue.