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Submitted by Johnny Brown

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This is the usual content of my bag when I´m on the way a whole day. Most small things, it looks like more than it is. Some of the gear is on person the other is in the bag and in the Maxpedition Organizer.

“I’m in charge of international expansion for one of the largest consulting firms in the cannabis industry. Not only are we going to save the economy, we’re going to hit the reset button on human collective compassion. The only bombs we should be dropping in Iraq are weed bombs. Calm the fuck down, people.”


PSK (Personal Survival Kit)

Rather than buy a pre-packed PSK you should carefully research and source the components.

These are some of the items that I have selected based on my skills, knowledge and training. They will fit in a 2oz tobacco tin or SUMA container :

○ Wire Saw - split rings removed and replaced with cord.

○ Photon Freedom Micro Light - ‘find me’ photoluminescent disc added.

○ 14mm SERE Button Compass - 'find me’ photoluminescent disc added.

○ Blanket Safety Pin, Safety Pins, Titanium Tooth Pick/Needle and Sewing Needles.

○ Water Sterilisation Tablets and Alcohol Wipes.

○ Signal Mirror.

○ Mini Light Sticks, Micro Firesteel, Ceramic Razor Blade, FireSteel and Folding Razor Saw.

○ Tornado Whistle.

○ Zero Dark Self Adhesive Credit Card, Luggage Tag with Sniper Tape and Electrical Tape.

This is not a SERE, Personal Recovery, Restraint Escape, E&E kit so you should not be packing handcuff keys, shims, lock picks etc. those items are carried and concealed on your person.

submitted by con

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This usually sits in my car

submitted by Thomas C

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This kit was built to slim down my every day carry load. It consists of 50% everyday tools and 50% outdoor survival. It carries 4 of my credit cards, so the kit is always with me.


Last Ditch Kit DCT3

It’s not always practical to have your tools concealed/embedded on your person.

The LDK DCT3 is one method of carry that allows for the convienant carry and concealment of the tools (24hr Carry Habit).

○ Deep Carry Tube 3 inch custom made for Euro bank notes (2.6 inch would be ideal for US bank notes. Go-Tube 2.6 available via gearward.com or ITS Tactical for standard length Go-Tube Combo).

○ Mini Light Sticks 4hrs green glow

○ Mini Titanium Bogota Lock Picks

○ Micro FireSteel

○ Ceramic FireSteel Striker /Razor

○ AHK2 + R Clip

○ Slim Shim

○ Modified Hair Grip

○ 14mm SERE Button Compass

○ Quick Stick

○ Modified Hair Grip

○ Zero Dark 19mm Disc for end caps

This setup will take 5 x 20 Euro bank notes, multiple 1g gold bars (Umicore). Add 50 inches of electrical tape and cable/zip-tie around the tube for anti-roll on flat surfaces.

Components available soon via OscarDelta SPD.