button back sweater

Small Things

Genre: School Au//Drabble

Word Count: 939

Rating: G like seriously G

Author’s Note: I haven’t posted in a whil but here is a little something that I just wanted to do because I thought about this kind of stuff way too much. Hope you like it! <3

Phil could always tell when Dan looked his way. He didn’t know how. Maybe it was the soft shift of his sweater in the cold fall air or slight blush that would emit from the younger boy’s cheeks, regardless, Phil couldn’t help but look back, hoping to see the younger boy’s soft brown eyes. 

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There’s nothing wrong with being a gypsy, and nothing wrong with being a junkie.  

As long as you do it right.  

Gypsy style is great, stealing shit isn’t.  

Being a beauty junkie is wonderful; addicted to fashion, cool.

Anyways, inspired by the backwards shirt by Gypsy Junkies straight from the i’m too cool to not be oversized.

Paired perfectly with maroon pants and offset with the men’s inspired hat.