It's Cupid, Stupid (NSFW)

Roy dresses up as Cupid and reader as Phyce. And maybe, Roy takes it a little but upon himself that he is dressed as the god of love! This was requested by @batlog and it takes place during the night of Halloween. Everything nsfw happening, is after 12 am, when technically it’s November 1st, thus Roy’s birthday. So y'all take Roy sin with Roy dressed as Cupid and the reader dressed only in his old speedy costume’s jacket

(Yo okay, this Roy is a mixture of both comic and yj Roy)

Roy don’t move!“ You giggled and slapped Roy’s naked shoulder.
“I want to move. And the fact that you have a burning iron stick on my hair does not help.”
“Buts it’s for the accuracy of the costuuumeeee!”

Here’s the deal. Two weeks ago, Nightwing announced the team would be having a Halloween party, everyone should dress as they preferred. That’s when Wonder Girl dropped the idea of the party being Ancient Greek themed and everyone seemed fond to it.
Roy did not want to take part in it. You had recently found a way to restore his hand, and he was grateful for that, but he also though such party would be lame. And he had to deal with the fact that he indeed had a new hand, that he could control.
Nevertheless you had forced -convinced- him to dress up as Cupid, because he would look super cute. He had agreed on one condition; you dressing up as Phyce. The woman, who according to the legend, Cupid was in love with. You had found it cute, and therefore you agreed.

So here you were now, doing Roy’s hair, after having done the hair of the whole team, because he had let it grow too much, and also because as Ancient Greeks you needed very curly hair.
Once you were done, you sprayed his hair with hairspray, just in case his straight strands decided that they looked better in their actual form, and proceed help him dress. The costume you had made with him was tricky and demanded Roy to wear only his underwear.
He helped himself into the white and red satin cloth and stood still as your hands worked magic on it, making it look perfect on him.
Next he let you decorate him with the golden jeweleries on his upper arms, his legs and finally place the final part on his head.
He had to admit as he looked himself in the mirror that he was unrecognizable, he looked pretty and fierce.
“Okay Roy! Or should I say Cupid?” You squilled. “Final touches.”
He nodded as you placed his red bow in his hand and gave him the arrow case that was filled with heart shaped arrows.
You stood beside him in the mirror now, admiring him too. You shoved the coat you were wearing down your forearms, and Roy, with his dirty mind, thought you were getting naked for him. Not that he’d mind. But the fact that it was his birthday today and you hadn’t said a word about it made him hope you’d have a surprise for him later.
Maybe this way, you’d finally become a ‘thing’.

He knew he couldn’t keep his friend in his pants, as the string of your dressed slipped, causing some of your breast to show, and that you hadn’t made an effort to put it back in place.
“Are you ready Roy?”
“Yes I just…” his fingers lingered on the fallen strap of your dress on your forearm, and he questioned whether he should put it back in place or rip it off with the other pieces of the dress. His head leaned into you, and you forgot about your surroundings as you closed your eyes, ready to for Roy to attack your mouth with his.
But oh.

Oh. Halloween played games with you.
From all the people who had to come and nock on your door, Wonder Girl, who was dressed as Aphrodite cane to inform you that the party had began for half an hour or so.
Aphrodite, who was the one responsible for Cupid and Phyce breaking up.
It was funny to you though. You grabbed Roy’s wrist and headed out of the room quickly.


Everyone had creative costumes. Superboy was dressed as Hercules. Wally was dressed as Hermes and Artemis as … Artemis…(it was surprisingly funny how this girl assembled the greek goddess so much). She wore though, a brunette wig and a brown leather top and matching skirt.
Dick was dressed as Apollo with a blonde curly wig, a white robe clothe and black sandals. He was in fact more dressed than Roy was.

Everyone had more clothes on that Roy had.

Next one you saw was Dick’s girlfriend. She wore a white wig with a tint of green and a dark turquoise see through dress, that looked wet.
She was a Nereid.

It was impossible for you not to look at her; her beauty was rare, she was dazzling as the neon lights fell on her.

Fast forward to half an hour later and Roy has found his way with the wings Hawkman lend the two of you, while shooting heart shaped arrows to everyone’s but, and sprinkling glitter on everyone’s heads.
It was part of the love spell he said.

  He even got himself almost badly beaten up by Superboy, who was losing his temper of the multiple arrows the pinched his butt.

Roy approached you once again and pulled you close, kissing your cheek.

“Oh! My! (Y/n)!” You’re idea is turning out so good!“

"Roy, you’re shooting people with arrows!” You admitted, with a grin si big and bright that sent shivers through Roy. He knew you were enjoying this
“That’s the purpose love! I’m the god of love, remember?” He blurted out with a wink as wonder girl walked up to the both of you.

At her sight, Roy pulled you in a bone crushing hug, as his leg wrapped around yours
“Step away from my beloved mother. I will not let you take her away from me!”

Cassie’s eyes widened, her brows frowned in disability to understand what was going on.

“Is he drunk?” She said and rolled her crystal blue eyes on you.

“Probably?” You asked your self more than her as you slowly ran your fingers through Roy’s locks, that had started to straighten once again.

“Can I at least have a drink?” She whined, and motioned closer to you and him. Despite both your and Wonder Girl’s efforts, he wouldn’t unwrap him self off of you. That until you git to touch his wings.

“Jeez (y/n) they’re sensitive!”
“You bet your sweet ass they are!” You retored as you pulled him away from your spot against the snack table.

“What’s gotten into you Roy?” You couldn’t help but giggle as he hovered him self around you, tickling you a little bit.


“Aw Roy!” You grinned and allowed him to pull you in a hug, even if it was in the purpose of tickling you.

“You’ll be getting some, I promise!” You whispered in his ear, before giving into the laughter.


“Uhm have you seen (y/n) dude?” Roy asked as worry got the best of him. He had been searching for you for more than half an hour or so amd he couldn’t manage to actually get to your room because people came up to wish to him.

“No, Roy but happy Birthday!”
“Thanks Wally…I have to-”

“ROYYY-” a very drunk and cheery Artemis reached out to him with her hands thrown in the air. “Happy birthday Roooyyyy…. ”
“Thanks Artemis but I..uh..I have to go..” he said and unwrapped her hands from around his bare neck. Sweat rushed through him as he left her to fall in her boyfriend’s arms and he proceeded to run to your room.

  And you weren’t there. He quickly run to his bedroom and found a note outside the door. He grabbed it in his hand and entered quickly. Anxiety burned inside of him as he saw a body in his bed, while one of his arrow was visibly ripping through their flesh.
    Fearing the worst he came closer. He did date to look at the face if the person just yet. He was absorbed by the roses and the candlelights everywhere.


The moment he stared the person’s legs he knew it was you. Rolling his eyes on your form, he felt them water too, as it was indeed confirmed somebody had shot you with an arrow.
   To top it all you were wearing the jacket of his spare speedy costume, along with the hat and possibly nothing underneath.

   He would kill the bastard who did this to you he would kill the shit out of him. Hed make him suffer for doing this to you, while you had been preparing all this for Roy. What kind of sick bastard would kill a girl who was trying to do a surprise to someone she loved.

   Roy kneeled next you you and placed his head on your chest, holding back a sob.

You couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
You didn’t know how it hit you. You were as helldid not know how it hit you, but here you were wearing Roy’s spare costume jacket and nothing underneath, pretending to have been killed by an arrow and now you were laughing as a little brat.

“You should have seen your face oh my god!!”

Roy snapped back, with wide eyes and watched as you held out the heart shaped arrow to him.
“Crime of love silly. Didn’t you read the note Roy?” Tears gathered in your eyes from the intense laughter. Roy seemed to boil inside as he hovered over you with a dark expression.

“You are so going to pay for this!” He growled and his fingers went to brush on your sides. Oh no, no.. this wasn’t sexual! Roy fucking knew you were the most ticklish person ever and he was tickling you.

You tried to get him off of you by placing your palms on his firm shoulders, as giggles left your mouth. “Roy stop this!” You laughed more, tilting your head back and forth.

  And then, it all stopped. You froze when you came to the realization is what was happening. You were mostly naked on Roy’s bed and he was tickling you, while he might have been ignoring the fact that you had filled the room with roses and candles.

  At your pause of laughter Roy stopped too. For him this was an opportunity. He didn’t have to think at all; you were almost naked and under him and you had done all this. It was finally time to show you his feelings.

   And so, his forehead collided with yours for some moments and you looked at each other nervously. His lips brushed against yours, never

  You couldn’t take it anymore. You knew that if you backed off now you’d never get to be with Roy.
  Your hands rested on the sides of his face and with force you crushed your lips against his, feeling your insides starting to burn.

“So that’s my birthday gift huh?” He smirked against your lips. His fingers brushed the laces of the leather jacket, slowly opening it.
   Roy buried his face in your chest and pressed a sucking kiss a few inches under your right collarbone, a little bit above your breast.
   His one hand traveled down your abdomen and rested on your groin.

   You gasped at the sudden touch of his cold fingers on your womanhood. It only encouraged Roy to rub his fingers harder in you.

A scream escape your dried mouth, as he penetrated you with his middle and pointer finger. Your hands clenched onto his shoulders for dear life  and pulled him lower on you.  You could cope up with his chuckles and cocky comments on how wet you was or on how he was using just his fingers.

“Oh Goooood!” You cried out as his fingers curled up inside of you, bringing you complete pleasure.

“Sure I’m a god above but for you I’m only Roy!”

And if this was under any circumstance, it’d make you mad. Roy had taken it upon him self that he was the god of love, thus he was so cocky about it but right at the moment all you could think of was him, how close he was to you, and how good his fingers felt.

  As your end neared you gathered all your remaining power to stop Roy.

“I’m.. lie on back…and let me do what i came for ” you managed to say between husky breaths. Roy couldn’t say no. He had dreamed of this moment so many times. He had dreamed of you offering to ride him and t had kept him up, inside the bathroom countless of nights, with his hand wrapped around his shaft, to feel some momentarily pleasure.

He tries not to come undine the very second he laid flat in his back, always protecting the lar of wings he wore.
   You carefully sat on his abdomen feeling his shaft hitting your behind. You grabbed Roy’s throbbing member and slowly lifted  your buttom to guide yourself on him.
   You held him steadily and slowly sank the tip of him in.

Your fingers went to intertwine with his as you complete slid on him. Roy granted and tightened his grip around your hands almost crashing them, each and every time you bounced on him.
    Roy watched as you did all the work, while moaning intensely and even though he thought you were so beautiful like that, but in his fantasies you were under him, most of the times at least.

  It happened fast and a little bit painfully. Roy flipped you fast and slammed you hard on the mattress, without getting off of you.
  He was on his elbows now with his palms caressing the edges of your face as you melted beneath him.
   He would occasionally thrust, always take you by surprise and you would leave those loud moans to escape your burning throat.

“That’s not… not fair. It’s your birthday” you said between breaths and moans.
“Oh yeah, it is! I’m the god here! I do what I want!”

  Roy beamed as he threw glitter on your face.
“Shhh.. it’s part of the spell”
  He thrusted with force inside of you, getting you by surprise. You screamed and helplessly reached to grab something, that appeared to be his pair of wings and he hissed, that cocky smirk forming on his lips again.
“Watch the wings sweetheart. They’re rather…” Roy stopped, barely panting a kiss on your collarbone “sensitive”. You could feel your insides burn from that hiss he had just made

  That was it. Roy Harper would be the death of you. How could he not, when he rocked you back and forth from the amazing strength he used to thrust inside of you. Or when he left hot kisses everywhere his mouth could reach.

  You felt yourself starting to numb, darkness spreading in your eyes as they rolled to the back of your head and you grabbed Roy’s shoulders, digging your nails at the spot.

  A little more.. a little more and you’d be bursting into him.

  Roy collided his lips on your once again as you started to choke on your own breath. Your body shook and Roy took it as a sign that you were close. His pace quickened, the kiss you shared became sloppier. His name escapes your throat in a scream as you felt yourself reach your peak. Roy left your lips, so you could tilt your head back and he started sucking your neck in need.
   After a moan of your name he came undone too, his hot seed being shit inside of you. He gave you two more thrusts before sliding off and collapsing right next to you.
   You spasmed but Roy pulled you in his arms. This moment, he figured, was better than any fantasy he ever had.

“That.. was.. amazing” Roy spoke.
   He suddenly felt as if he should break the ice. He had just had sex with his best friend.

“I know. I’ve been imagining that for so long”

“Me too actually..”
Way to go Roy.. give out all your secrets so it can be more awkward tomorrow… “are you sure you’re not drunk, (y/n)?”
You rolled on top of him again and wrapped your hands around his neck, while biting your lower lip, with that smirk he so loved.

“Absolutely yes Roy! I’m sober. I promise” You assured him, sealing your promise with a kiss on his list.

“Oh there’s one thing I gotta do.. or maybe say in that case” Roy smiled and took you off of him to get out of bed.
  He kneeled, grabbing the heart shaped arrow you were using a little while ago and climbed on top of you.
   He dragged the edge of the arrow along the length of your face and finally pressed it on your left temple. He dragged it down to the spit your heart was secured but your bones and skin and poked you there too.
   Finally you felt the plastic, cold material of the arrow close to your crotch, feeling the poke down there too.

   You left out an awkward laugh before rolling your eyes everywhere on Roy from underneath him.
“Roy what -”
“Shhh” he whispered and sushed you with a kiss. “I want your mind, your love and lust if we want to make it work. Promise me you’re as in love with me as I am with you.”

   His words burnt your heart. You knew Roy could be a sweetheart when he wanted to but at the moment he wasn’t just that. he was poetic Of course you’d give anything to him. You were in love with him for years now and you wouldn’t waste the chance.
  You figured, instead of speaking your mind, you could act on it…
   Your hands pressed into Roy’s chest, signaling him that you’d be in charge for a brief moment now.
   Once you were in top, you slowly kissed down his chest and abs, not caring even if he was extremely well built and hot, all you wanted to do was show him how you loved him.
    He hissed when you took a hold of his member and placed your  mouth at the base of it. Slowly,  you started kissing up his shaft, as you could feel him starting to get hard again.
    Once his long member stood proudly up you licked some of the oozing leakage
off of the tip and then carefully slipped most of it inside your moth. You knew this was for his pleasure and that you had to be perfect, even if the only experience you had, was when you tried to do this to a guy, but never got him worked up.

   So here you were alternately taking his  cock in and out of mouth mouth, each time taking more of it in, and Roy moaning while his hand went to grab your hair.
   You could feel his greeted teeth, the muscled of his whole body trembling and tightening. His moans and grunts only encouraged you to go further down, maybe not to deepthroat him-you couldn’t just yet-but to give him some mkre pleasure.

  Roy was ready to come undone. The churning inside his stomach wouldn’t calm, even if he tried to convince himself this was just a blowjob. It wasn’t. This was you giving him more pleasure than anyone had ever given him, ever before and you were  doing it to prove you loved him. He wouldn’t be able to control his dick because his whole being was begging to release.
   Nevertheless, he stroked your cheek and pulled you up, with small begs, between his grunts and moans. He watched in awe as you hesitatingly left his member, placing a sucking kiss at the tip of it before you would and at the instant Roy burst, his cum staining your stomach and your legs.
  He thanked God he had managed to pull you up before he shot everything on your face. He wouldn’t contain his inner animal if he saw you like that.

With a swift movement you were thrown on your back on the mattress as Roy started kissing you again, hungrily


  He stopped, when you started coughing, your head turning red.

“(Y/n)? Whats wrong?” He yelled, worry coiling inside of him.
   After a few more coughs you finally found some power to talk.
“I think I swallowed a feather.”

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Who's someone Prorok is always butting heads with?

He absolutely cannot see eye to eye with Haggar. Ever.  Not only does he not trust her magic, but he also sees her as something of a threat to his position. Not directly, perhaps, but by way of perception; every time she manages to one-up him somehow, she makes him look the fool in the eyes of the Emperor. Given the subtle paranoia he constantly feels with regard to the precarious nature of his rank, every time Zarkon sides with her over him it feels like a personal slight. It puts The Fear into him, so to speak.

Long story short: The very sight of Haggar grates on his nerves, and frankly he’d love nothing more than to see her on the wrong side of an airlock.



Stiles:  Derek put me down!

Derek:   How about no?

Stiles: Derek! For the love of— put me down now, or I swear I’m going to end you! To your end!

Derek:   I turn my back for five minutes and you manage to get yourself possessed by a Japanese fox demon and mated to a coyote. Don’t think I’m letting you out of my sight any time soon.

Stiles:  DEREK!!!


*silently praying this is the new single*

Billboard: After five years of nonstop 1D activity, it's no surprise that one of the five members needed a breather.

The members of One Direction are, in fact, moving in a bunch of different directions.

Last Thursday, the group announced that Zayn Malik was headed back to the United Kingdom during the group’s world tour, missing a handful of shows due to “stress.” “The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta,” a statement from 1D’s rep read, causing Directioners across the globe to hyperventilate, clutch their pearls and brace for the downfall of the biggest boy band of the generation. (The breakup of Louis Tomlinson with girlfriend Eleanor Calder doesn’t directly impact the group’s future, but still, it’s bummer news during a bummer week.)

As of Monday, a rep for the group told Billboard that there was no news to report, and no timetable for Zayn’s return to the group able to be announced. There are four shows scheduled between the Mar. 25 performance in Jakarta and a two-month break that begins on Apr. 5 – Zayn may very well show up at all of them, or none of them. The rep for the group said that any rumors of the band’s impending breakup are just tabloid speculation; in reality, only a small group of people knows how bad (or not bad) the situation actually is.

Yet something like this was bound to happen. The sudden absence of Zayn from the group’s latest world tour may very well be the beginning of the end for One Direction’s phenomenal run of success. The only shock is that, considering all of the variables, this moment hasn’t arrived sooner.

Consider what has been expected of the five One Direction members ever since Zayn, Louis, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan were finalists on the U.K.X Factor in 2010. Since then, 1D has released four albums in four years while spending a half-decade traveling the world, graduating from arenas to stadiums and tirelessly promoting their many products. There have been two concert films, a dozen music videos, a countless number of award show performances and a flood of branded merchandise, during a stretch of time in which most kids their age are fumbling their way through college. There’s been a few minor controversies – weed was smoked, Duck Dynasty stars were inappropriately praised – but nothing legacy-threatening. There’s even been marked, impressive musical progression for One Direction, who have won over some critics with their recent arena rock stylings.

As a colleague reminded me today, the One Direction enterprise has seemingly operated with the intention of “beating the clock” – as in, squeezing out every last bit of commercial content as quickly as possible before the pop culture bubble bursts and the young core of their audience moves on to other musical interests. Boy bands possess notoriously short shelf lives, either breaking up or becoming significantly less relevant after a few years of dominance. At this point, One Direction has already released more proper studio albums than *N SYNC did, and their run to start the 2010’s mirrors the Backstreet Boys’ ubiquity during the second half of the 90’s, before that group’s popularity fell off a cliff following their 2000 album, Black and Blue. One Direction’s entire career (guided in part by Columbia Records and Simon Cowell’s Syco Records) has included less downtime than any other musical artist working today, seemingly due to that short expiration date and the desire to capitalize on fleeting superstardom. Without that heightened time frame, One Direction could have gone the way of also-rans likethe Wanted; with that never-ending promotional cycle, the boys became superstars forever existing in a pressure cooker.

Zayn’s abrupt absence from One Direction is not without precedent. Jonathan Knight departed New Kids on the Block after battling panic attacks; Backstreet Boys’ A.J. McLean left the group multiple times to enter rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. Both times, the members addressed their personal issues during the tail end of spectacular runs of success – and both times, they eventually returned and performed with renewed vigor for years. Sometimes, things must slow down, regardless of where a band is in its current album cycle.

It’s slightly easier for solo artists to hit the pause button when they’re struggling to keep pace. Rihanna has taken a two-year break after releasing four albums in four consecutive years, and Ellie Goulding is in the midst of an extended rest periodafter professing last year, “I need to sort my life out. And if I don’t do it soon, I may as well just be forever on the road, because that’s what it feels like.” Zayn Malik doesn’t have the luxury of making that declaration without inviting rampant speculation from fans who can point to four other group mates who don’t need time off due to stress. If Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam are all fine, why can’t Zayn be, too?

That’s an unfair question for a 22-year-old currently dealing with personal issues, and who clearly still has the respect of his group mates. When One Direction took the stage sans Zayn in Manila on Saturday night, they didn’t introduce themselves as 1D, but by their first names on stage, to prove that they were not whole. Zayn may very well stride past his stress and rejoin his band mates within a week or two, and have no public troubles through the tour’s conclusion on Halloween. This could all be a minor hiccup in what’s been another hugely profitable run of performances. But at some point – and the smart money is on that point being soon – more of these hiccups will occur, individual restlessness will set in, and the album-per-year streak has to be broken. Whereas other boy band members have taken leaves of absence in the past, there’s simply no model in which One Direction is sustainable for another three-to-five years without a breakup or steep drop-off in popularity – the latter of which might have already started to occur. Last year’s Four was, quantitatively speaking, not as big as One Direction’s previous albums, selling 938,000 copies to date compared to the 1.5 million sold of 2013’s Midnight Memories, according to Nielsen Music. Four was also 1D’s first album not to produce a Top 10 hit on the Hot 100 chart, and as of January, no new single from Four was planned to be worked by Columbia Records.

The One Direction breakup rumors currently swirling are probably false, and stadiums are still being packed. But Zayn’s sudden departure, no matter how long it lasts, is a reminder that boy bands suffer from a high mortality rate. The fact that 1D has been able to last this long without an incident like this independent retreat underlines how spectacular the group’s run has been. I’m rooting for it to continue, but fear that this type of stress will soon lead to a fracture.