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Hello friend! May we have hugs? *tries with stubby arms*

Hugging each other would be impractical but i can hug you.

(I only drew one of your characters because they are too big to fit in one picture with Cinnamon, haha)

  • Levy: (sighs as she stares at Gajeel, clearly pining for him) Why are boys stupid? I've been dropping hints that I'm into him and he's been dropping maybe hints at me I think but he won't ask the damn question! This is why I turn to books!
  • Cana: Maybe you shouldn't pine for him and be bold!
  • Gajeel: (casually butting into the conversation) Yeah! Bold is sexy! But who is the guy? I have to make sure he's right for you first.
  • Levy: . . . (internal screaming)
  • Cana: (bursts into fits of laughter and walks away)

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Stella nudges you gently in a sign of affection, saying hello. c:

D’aww, well ‘hello’ to you too, sweetie pie!  What a beautiful smile you’ve got there, and a mighty fine band on your neck as well!  You know, I do believe that you are the very first dino poke I’ve ever had the pleasure of meetin’!  Well…first one that ain’t been a no-fun, frozen rock in the mud anyways, if ya catch my drift.   Positively pleased as peaches that you came over to say ‘hi’, though!  Yer just about as cute as a cutiefly and sweet as combee honey!  

Here, I’ve got a few extra rainbow poke beans in my stash if you’d like to share, my new dino friend!  Should be enough to take back home for your charmin’ cranidos buddy and that darlin’ dratini hatchlin’ too if you’d like!

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In Brooklyn 99, does Amy ever say the name of the person who beat her for valedictorian? Because, if she didn't, it would be hilarious if she went to the same high school as Alex, and Alex was the one who beat her for the title. And then, when the Superfriends meet the Nine Nine squad while they're hanging out in Brooklyn or something, Amy takes one look at Alex and is like, "YOU." And is super pissed. And Alex doesn't remember her.

so like, the only thing is i’m pretty sure amy is from new york? and alex grew up in midvale?

i have a different hc tho. alex and amy went to math camp together in their youth and always butted heads bc they were the smartest two there and they really got on each other’s nerves and were always trying to win

so when they see each other again for the first time there’s immediate hostility and theyre super competitive again and everyone else is like ‘chill lmao’ and amy gets bent out of shape when holt asks alex for advice on some sort of math question and alex freaks out when jonn engages amy in conversation about statistics or something

and then amy mentions attending funky cats and their feisty stats and alex is like yOU GO TO THAT TOO? I WENT TO THE ONE IN NATIONAL CITY and then they end up being friends again and everyone cant believe theyre friends w such fucking nerds


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Reader is a coffee addict, so Trip, Phlox, Hoshi and T'Pol devise a plan to force the reader to stop drinking coffee? XD 

Requested by Anon~

“Oh no, you don’t.” Hoshi’s voice piped up before a hand reached over your shoulder and grabbed the cup of coffee.

You stared at the spot where the cup was sitting before twisting your head around to glare at Hoshi, only to find Trip and T’Pol standing beside her. “Hoshi, I’ve had a long night, and need my coffee-”

“I can recommend a variety of Vulcan herbal teas that would be more than sufficient in giving you energy.” T’Pol interrupted.

“Yeah.” Trip butted in, sitting down in the chair next to yours. And he was smirking at your glare. “Ya heard what Phlox said; no more coffee. You’ll get sick.”

“Nobody has ever gotten sick from drinking coffee in the morning, Trip.” Was your flat response. “I’m starting to think Phlox was exaggerating on how much I should cut back.”

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Hi! Do you have any tips on how to get flatter chest? I'm using sport bra, is it safe to double bind using them?

I’m going to be honest here, I’m not 100% sure. With binders and everything else NEVER DOUBLE BIND. However, I know that some people with larger chests use two sports bras when exercising normally, and it doesn’t harm them. So here is my advice: use two sports bras if you want to BUT (and these are extremely important buts): 

1. Do not use a sports bra smaller than your normal size

2. Do not go beyond using two sports bras

3. If you have any pain, a hard time breathing, soreness or anything like that even if it’s only a little bit, then STOP USING THEM. THIS MEANS IT IS HARMING YOU!!! Don’t try to tough your way through it, just go back to using one and wait to get a binder. 

I hope this helps. I know it may not be the best, but I hope it will help. If anyone else would like to add anything PLEASE DO. I am not an expert or a doctor.

So Much Judgment on "All Will Be Judged" (Gotham 3x19)

• “Oswald. You’re alive?” Weren’t we all dying to see this reunion full of shade-throwin’ and Olympic level bickering? “In shooting me, you gave me something to live for: revenge.” Riddler’s slap test for “realness”. (Is it just me, or does Riddler really enjoy slapping? Oh… and dishin’ that shade right back!) “More cockroach than Penguin.” (I hate myself for loving this smug b@stard, but not enough to stop.)

• Catfight at Wayne Manor! “You mean how you’re a cheap knockoff who kidnapped the real Bruce Wayne!” And Daddy Pennyworth?! He was wailin’ on some fake Bruce -at least until he lost that head butting contest, anyway.

• Shaman & Bruce return to Gotham in Shaman’s car: “Welcome home Bruce.” I don’t get why Bruce is so enamored with Shaman, but word on the street is that strangers have the best candy.

• Dead Mario & Lee? This can’t be good. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid Lee! “C’mon. Me jealous of Jim Gordon? But I’m taller than he is!” I thought it was kinda sad that Dead Mario was more likable than living Mario. (At least Dead Mario had a sense of humor.)

• Harvey had such a stressful workday, he needed some reassurance from his work hubby, Jim: “Lucius says the basement, so I guess we should check out the basement.” What’s your issue with him? “He’s smarter than me.” (Don’t worry, Harvey. You’re still Jim’s numero uno -always & forever.)

• Crystal owl Gotham planetarium light show. Leather-clad Barnes 2.0 make a splashy entrance.

• Alfred discovers the Bruce that’s been enjoying his shepherd’s pie ain’t the real Bruce. He went so bad on Selina (even after she went after fake Bruce): “MY BOY is still alive! You still mad at Bruce because he didn’t tell you your mum was a wonky con artist? That boy’s been loyal to you…. and now he’s in trouble and you’re not gonna lift a finger? You’re a disgrace. You’re like your mum. Go on then. Run away. And don’t you EVER come back here!” Poor Alfred! Poor Selina! (Poor me! Too many FEELINGS!)

• Back at the Court of Owls detention center, my separated murder husbands indulge in some classic primary school taunting & Gotham telenovela style drama: “You are here because what? I didn’t love you back?” Get over it.” (Cue the DELICIOUS Penguin music.) “No. You didn’t not love me back. But that’s not why I’m here.” I thought Ed’s jaw clench made him look a little hurt by this declaration. If he was hurt, he wasn’t hurt enough to keep from making Riddler jazz hands & taking the first opportunity to mindf*ck Os about his poisoned coffee! I’ve seen some crazy sh!t on Gotham but the sight of Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward-Edward shooting a blow dart into my Os’ neck?! But whatever! My queen b!tch may have fallen, but that sho didn’t stop Os from alerting the guards before he passed out to sweet sight of his fine ex gettin’ his beautiful arrogant @ss being beat down.

• I dunno who outfits Miss Kathryn, but she has threads that rival Oswald’s. (I wonder if Miss Kathryn selected Barnes 2.0’s outfit and smoky eye or if he did?)

• Speaking of Tetch: I loved watching Jervis drop sick nursery rhymes to a pretty f*cked up Lee. He then proceeds to drops some ugly truth on her: “I saw the way you looked at James Gordon. You loved him. ‘Not love’ doomed Mario…. You blame Jim…. But you know the funny thing? Guess who’s really to blame? Now see? That’s funny!” *Boom*

• Os wakens. Ed’s p!ssed. “My lock. pick. was confiscated…. I hope you’re happy.” “Did the guards club you?” “You know they did.” “Then I’m happy!” I loved their b!tchy banter. Will these @ssholes ever realize they belong together? I love how their intimate knowledge of the other drove the terms of their agreement (no sabotage or murder on the premises). Os reluctantly agrees to give Ed time to work on his elaborate murder schemes. They agree to help each other escape together so they “may be free to murder each other outside.” (So much for my sexy incarceration fantasies.)

• Jim & Barnes 2.0: “If you’re asking ‘did I shoot your crazy @ss & send you to Gotham?’, then yes. I’m guilty…. My badge. If I’m gonna die, I wanna die wearing it. I deserve that. One soldier to another.” “One soldier to another.” Jim reminds me more and more of Oswald: he’s shrewd & not easily intimidated (no matter how bleak things look). He can talk his way out of virtually any situation. (Did his soldier reference make anyone else think back to his Tetch-induced hallucination? Penguin featured prominently with him in the sh!t like another “brother in arms”.) “Fire in the hole, Captain.”

• Bullock’s sh!t day continues: Alfred shows up @ the GCPD precinct talkin’ ‘bout kidnapped billionaire orphans, stealing mysterious artifacts & replacement clones. Harvey grabs his flask. (I grab mine. It has a moustache on it.)

• Back to Ed & Os’ villain teambuilding exercise/Nygmobblepot trust circle thingie: I found it extra hot how Edward-Edward-Edward grabbed Oswald and held him at thinly-bladed shank-point. (It’s not the “between the bars" action I wanted, but I was still happy.) “Wait. Is that Jello?” *scary hot Riddler laugh* “Your death scene was quite convincing.” “Well, I’ve had some practice, haven’t I?” (WHY didn’t they kiss here?! THAT LOOK?! (Don’t nobody try & convince me there wasn’t some appreciative eye-humpin’ exchanged here.)

• “Good cop/bad cop? That routine’s a bit tired, isn’t it gentlemen?” “Yeah. But I’m not a cop, am I? I’m a butler!” DA FUQ?!

• Barnes 2.0 made a return entrance to the GCPD that rivaled Ed’s when he returned from Arkham as Os’ newly appointed chief of staff. Kathryn loses her head. (She knows how to make an entrance and an exit, but I got nervous about Tetchy virus blood spatter when Jim shot smoky-eye’s arm off.)

• Operation Nygmobblepot team building exercise status: successful. Hot smug Ed takes a parting swipe at Os: “How do you expect to win, Oswald? Barbara Kean runs the underworld. We (Wait. We, b!tch?!) have the gangs. You have…. yourself.” “Actually, I have an army of Hugo Strange’s monsters at my command. But even if I were alone, you wouldn’t stand a chance.” (I love shade-tossing Oswald. For my personal soundtrack of this scene, I select of CAKE’s cover of Gloria Naylor’s “I will Survive” because I’m old & don’t listen to sh!t unless it’s been around for decades.)

• Lee stops by for one last jab @ Jim before she scores some of that Tetchy virus blood. I know Lee’s f*cked up over Jim & the boys club keeping her out of the loop, but I still think Tetch is pulling the strings here. Is she gonna be our next Harley?

• Bruce locks away Momma Wayne’s pearls in his mind safe?! “I feel nothing.” I don’t wanna believe my precious Bruce doesn’t feel anything. I hope he’s punking the Shaman. This ain’t my Batman! (Even if he doesn’t care now, cain’t no one convince me he’ll remain devoid of feelings when Poppa Alfred saves him & feeds him some of his legendary shepherd’s pie.)




especially when you consider how sad he looks while skating the same program at Worlds, because although it might be an artistic choice I also think it’s meant to highlight the deep longing Viktor feels for someone to be close to 


this smile saved my life



Honestly, LGBT+ people want allies, BUT we don’t want them so much that we’ll settle for people:

  • who call us f*ggots
  • think misgendering is funny
  • still use “gay” as a slur
  • think “you need us, we don’t need you.”

We’re not desperate, deary. We just want respect.

Ya’ll feyre and tamlin will be sharing a bed….. A newly mated feyre….will be sleeping next to a MALE WHO IS NOT HER MATE….

Remember when Rhys said it killed him to know feyre was sharing a bed with tamlin even before they were official and now…….

Honestly Fuck you tool

Edit: the text at the top says “a nightmare, I’d told tamlin. I was the nightmare.”

Chainmail myths and the foibles of “historical testing”,

Chainmail armor is perhaps the most misunderstood type of armor in history, often viewed by people who don’t know much about ancient or medieval weapons as a low quality lesser form of armor. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth, and the reputation of chainmail has suffered as a result. Typically when one thinks of chainmail one thinks of Europe and the Middle Ages. In fact, chainmail has been used all over the world by many cultures and dates to ancient times, including civilizations such as the Ancient Celts (who possibly invented mail), Ancient Rome,Medieval Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, India, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan.  Chainmail was even used by warriors in remote areas well into the 19th and early 20th century. Today chainmail is still in use, used by butchers and meatpackers to protect from accidental cuts, used in stab resistant vests employed by law enforcement, and even used by divers to protect against shark bites.

There are many reasons why chainmail is looked down upon by modern peoples uneducated on the effectiveness of ancient or medieval armor.  Contributors include movies and video games.  One common source which I feel contributes the most to the chainmail myth is modern “historical testing” of chainmail armor, often on TV shows such as on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, or the many Youtube videos on the subject.  Typically what occurs in this testing is that a so called historian or expert will test a piece of replica chainmail against replica weapons.  To the amazement of the viewer, the mail is sliced to smithereens with a sword, skewered like a kabob with spears, and pierced to death with arrows.  To the uneducated viewer, it would seem that chainmail was a completely useless type of armor, and even the most reputable of sources makes similar claims, that chainmail was deficient and was not effective for protection.  I can think of no better example than this clip from a History Channel show, the testing of which begins around 2:50.

There is a problem with the idea that chainmail was ineffective, and even basic reasoning and logic should expose that problem.  After all, if chainmail was so ineffective, why did anyone bother to wear it into combat? Why did knights, nobles, and soldiers spend fortunes on chainmail when it was almost useless?  Why would cultures across the world spanning thousands of years bother using it if it didn’t do its job of offering bodily protection?

The truth of the matter is that in reality, chainmail was exceedingly effective for its purpose, and in the cultures that it was used, in the time periods it was used, it was often among the best if not the very best option available. A warrior who went into battle wearing mail had a much greater advantage over opponents with lesser armor or no armor at all. So why do these “historical tests” often show it as being ineffective? First, it must be known that there are two basic types of historical chainmail, butted and riveted. There is a third type, welded mail, but this is mostly a modern creation that wasn’t used in history. Butted chainmail is a constructed out of wire bent into rings with the ends touching. The wire ends are abutting hence the name “butted” mail. There’s nothing fastening the two ends together, thus butted mail tends to be very weak and easy to damage.

The other common type is riveted chainmail. Riveted mail consists of metal rings that are fastened together with a metal pin or rivet.  As a result, riveted mail is much stronger than butted mail, in fact it’s typically 10 to 15 times stronger. Generally speaking riveted mail also tends to have a denser weave using better quality materials.

Butted chainmail really only has one purpose; as costume armor.  It is not meant to be used as real protective armor, and there are only a few examples throughout history of butted mail being used in combat.  Soldiers, knights, and warriors throughout history almost always used riveted mail due to its strength.  I cannot stress this point enough, butted mail is not real armor.  It is cheap costume armor produced for collecting, LARPing, cosplay, trick or treating, or perhaps ceremonial purposes.  It is not made to protect someone in combat. I should also note that in combat a suit of mail was typically not worn alone, but often worn with a padded jacket such as a gambeson. This not only added extra protection, but prevented chaffing and discomfort.

So in historical tests performed on TV or Youtube, what type of armor is most typically used? Well, whether its ignorance or because the producer bought a cheap piece of armor in order to save a few bucks, more likely than not butted mail will be used.  Thus why such experiments often have terrible results.

Unfortunately there are few tests using actual chainmail armor with riveted links.  However those few that do exist have a totally different story to tell and show just how effective chainmail really is.

In this video a person actually wears a suit of riveted mail while his friend stabs him with a knife.

I would suggest checking out some youtube channels such as skallagrim, the metatron, scholagladiatora, ThegnThrand, knyghterrynt, and shadiversity.  They do a good job dispelling the many myths about ancient and medieval weapons and armor, as well as giving loads of quality historical information.