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I'm staggered by how anyone can think that this victim blaming "don't fight hate with hate" garbage is somehow "taking the high road" and not a position of ignorance, privilege and extreme cowardice. It's the same kind of nonsense as when people think being neutral on an important issue is some kind of moral superiority. But it's literally like sitting on a fence watching while one side burns crosses on the other side's lawn and saying "aren't I such a good person for being above it all". Vile.


“To be blunt: Nazism is democracy’s anti-matter. There is nothing about the ideology or its practice that is anything but corrosive to democratic institutions. Fascism is a cancer that turns democracy against itself unto death. There is no reasoning with it. It was specifically engineered to attack the weaknesses of democracy and use them to bring down the entire system, arrogating a right to free speech for itself just long enough to take power and wrench it away from everyone else.”

Katherine Cross | Why Punching Nazis Is Not Only Ethical, But Imperative

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I think a lot of love that isn't like an exchange. That you don't expect anything back because you just love freely. Your text post reminded me of it. My question will always remain, when do you pick up and leave and stop handing out free love to an undeserved individual? How do you stop?

I think there is a mistake when people equate love with just doing things for people and sacrificing everything for a person. I can love you and respect myself enough to know that loving you shouldn’t cost me my humanity, my sanity, or my self worth. I can love you by being supportive and caring for you. But I do not have to sacrifice myself in order to give love.
I feel like people talk about love like it’s a prison. That you have to figure out how to leave when you love someone. I think that if loving someone causes you to feel empty, then you need To go. No ifs ands or buts. Love does not have to be sacrificial to be meaningful. You give because you want to you love because you want to. Once it gets to feeling like you HAVE to love and you HAVE to stay, ta dangerous territory

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do u have a good relationship with ur parents? sorry if this question is too personal, u dont have to answer, i just cant seem to stop butting heads with my asshole dad and want to hear how others might get along

um depends. my father and I do get along in the grand scheme of things but this is only because he is kept in the dark of about 85-90% of what’s actually happening in any of our lives. he loves to control, being right, etc and I hate being told what to do or what I should believe etc so we but heads a lot when it comes to that so I like my mom and sister don’t bother telling him about the majority of what’s happening because it’s just not worth it

my mother and I are ‘close’ in the sense that I can tell her probably anything and I know she’s always there in a sense to support me, but at the same time we do argue a lot for various reasons I won’t get into. but again, she’s always going to be the person I call at 3 am crying, or if I get in a car accident, or if I hurt myself or if I just need anyone. I’ll always get her 

anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me

Have two dumb exorcists sleeping leaning on each other (probably waking up will be awkward)

An anon asked for Yullen months ago, so I finally drew it, although it isn’t really romantic, since I’m not high on Yullen nowadays like I used to be years ago lol




Facial/head reffs For Afi Ipro and Grandfather glanni for the role reversal au. 

Fun ideas me and my pal had.

Both are in their 80′s. Only glanni actually looks his age while ipro still is as spry as ever. Ipro plays golf while hand-standing so go figure.

Despite glanni no longer being able to walk as much as he used to he can still sneak around and surprise people in his wheelchair. He carries a bag full of grandpa candy ( butterscotch candies, werthers , jollyranchers, etc) 

They both have the Statler and waldorf dynamic going between them. 


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“Come on, Echo! Don’t you get it?”

“Fives, it was Cutup who was good with jokes. Not you.”

“Okay, then what am I good at?”

Rex sauntering in: “Obviously not unloading supplies off that gunship.”

Me: *flies back into the wall Palpatine-style*

How Droidbait got his name. Fives lamenting the fact they aren’t ARC troopers yet, and Echo comforting him about it. A little more Commander Colt. More Riyo Chuchi and Ahsoka. Revan??? And so much more.

you know

when clarke watched lexa sleeping she was sketching, she was letting herself step away from her responsibilities, hide in this safe, warm bubble of lexa’s protection where she didn’t have to face the hard choices, the fight with bellamy. the scene was lit really warmly, all in gold and orange tones.  sun streaming through the window. it serves to gives us the scene as this intimate, soft moment where clarke feels safe.

but when clarke watched bellamy sleeping she was working, facing those responsibilities even though she hated doing it. she was still there, still working for her people despite butting heads with raven and bellamy. that scene isn’t lit warmly and comfortingly, it’s really blue and cold, iirc it’s raining outside. but you know who is lit by a soft warm light? bellamy blake napping on the couch. ‘cause even when she’s in the cold, dark, hard place making choices she hates making bellamy is her safe, warm place. 

i’m not crying you’re crying