butterscotch rum

supreme inspiration. i had gotten into gary mcfarland mostly through the most magical wendy and bonnie album “genesis”. i started picking up anything i could find on gary’s skye records label. this led me down some interesting paths. through an article in wax poetics, i caught wind of gary’s final album, “butterscotch rum”. just seeing the cover and reading about gary’s collaboration with poet peter smith filled me with the intense notion that this album was going to change my life. and so, the hunt began. when i finally held this piece of holiness in my hands, my mind was racing. one of those moments where the energy contained within a piece of art instantly fills whatever space it occupies. my room was aglow with mcfarland vibes! i grabbed the ol’ headphones, dropped the needle and sat on the floor. new worlds of beauty passed through the wires. by the time i hit the runout groove on side b, it was clear my hunch was correct. take off headphones, walk away a new being. life=changed.