butterscotch milkshake


I wrote this a while back for @virgilsspidercurtains and finally got around to posting it here,, after posting it on Wattpad like a week ago…

Summery: Virgil really likes Milkshakes.
Ship: Polyamsanders/LAMP
Warnings: none!

“Milkshakes belong to the gays, they are gay culture,” Virgil mummbled into his butterscotch milkshake. Roman smiled at him, Patton chuckled and Logan was simply confused. He tried not to say anything though, Virgil had been having a bad day and it wasn’t uncommon for him to say nonsensical things after an ‘episode’, but his curiosity (for once) outweighed his logic.

“Whys that?” He questioned whilst trying to mask his confusion, ignoring the way (one of) his boyfriend(s) leaned into him. They where all sat on the couch, drinking milkshakes (or three of them drank milkshakes) and watching Romcoms whilst snuggled together under a light blue blanket. A typical Friday night.

“I’m gay and I like milkshakes,” he said as he took another sip of his milkshake.

“I’m also gay and like milkshakes!"  Roman yelled as he tried to steal Pattons milkshake. He failed and sulked as he took a long sip of his own drink.

"Same,” Patton said whilst taken a sip of his own milkshake.

“I am also gay, yet I do not like milkshakes,” Logan said as he drank his apple juice.

“You are a small minority,” Virul sighed before once again burying himself into Logans chest, “but I still love you.”

“I am glad. I love me too.”

“'course I love Pat-a-bear and RomCom more because they like milkshakes but like only one percent more.”

“Of course.”

“But you are really smart and your logic… haha.. helps me through panic atracks, so that gets you points.”


“Maybe I do love you more than I love those two…”

Prince let out an offended gasp.

“Or maybe I love you all the same?”

“I love you too, Virge,” Patton muttered into the anxious traits hair.

“I also love you darling,” Roman said before kissing Virgils cheek gently.

(And then trying to steal some of his drink, but failing once again.)

“I feel very deeply for you Virgil, and it is undoubtedly love that I feel,” Logan said, hoping that it came across right and that it wasn’t too long of a declaration.

“But I do know one thing,” he continued as if the others hadn’t just proclaimed their love for him.

“What’s that?” Patton questioned, sounding genuinely curious although he honestly just found the whole conversation amusing.

“I love milkshakes more than all three of you,” he said before finishing off his milkshake.

“And that milkshakes are part of gay culture.”


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Because i love the way she filmed it. it felt like I was transported to the magical world of Harry Potter. the recipe looks simple enough for me to try it at home. Plus, i looove butterscotch, and yeah lol. do check this out and check out her channel as well :)