butternut squash noodles



For 9 days I ate 3 vegan meals a day for £3.39, I did a big food shop that would feed me for that long and then divided it by 9 to reach the daily price! I wanted to show that veganism is still do-able and tasty on a budget.

(the only thing different from the receipts pictures is I bought some butternut squash noodles for 84p)

Here are all the meals that I had each day with a picture of the receipts too so you can see exactly what I bought. A repeated a few of the meals and ended up on leftovers by the end of the week but still found it really diverse and enjoyed it a lot. I also felt like I was definitely eating enough and getting a balance of all the good stuff. (I forgot to include this on the list because it’s such a habit, but I drink a glass of fortified plant milk every day and sprinkle nutritional yeast on almost all my savoury food to make sure I get enough vitamin B12)

I didn’t include the specific recipes for these because they were all SO simple and were completely improvised, it just involved a lot of frying and simmering and microwaving. I hope the lists speak for themselves but if you want to know how I made an exact meal message me and I’ll try and get back to you!

I could have made it significantly cheaper if I hadn’t done the last third of the shop at Tesco, but I’ll fix that next time and hopefully get it down to £2.50 per day. Also, at the end of the week I still had a lot of food (leftovers, frozen veg, rice, pasta, bread) left over which makes it work out even cheaper.

* things marked with this are condiments, spices, spreads etc. that I always just “have in”/last a long time and wouldn’t be included in a regular shop