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Studded to Perfection.  Make an everyday interior door extraordinary with nailhead trim.  Nailhead furniture has been popular all around the home and the latest look takes an everyday door to a whole new level. Create this fun and easy DIY in just a few simple steps:  For a quick color change, prime your door and paint (we love this butternut hue against the silver thumb tacks), pencil in your holes with ruler or tape, hammer in your nailheads (thumb tacks are a great alternative) and rehang your door.  Easy way to show off your creative style with a DIY that looks lux ,chic and one-of-a-kind. 

What goes great with this project? A playlist. Get your weekend “To-Do” to a “Ta-Da” listening to our favorite songs this week:

Flavors: Friday, November 16th

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Hostess is dead. No more Twinkies, no more  Ho Hos, no more Ring Dings, no more Yodels (yup, they owned Drakes, too).

But I seriously need to remind you guys- these things were AWFUL. Every so often I get a craving for a Suzy Q or frozen Yodel, and I am floored at how much they taste like pure sugar and wax. Probably because as the cost of chocolate, butter and every single ingredient went up over the years yet people still demanded low, low prices, that’s exactly what they mostly became- sugar and parrafin wax (used as a commercial chocolate extender), held together with an ample amount of pure vegetable shortening.

Once upon a time someone realized this and started making cupcakes and other single sized baked goods from scratch again, and suddenly cupcakes became a massive phenomenon. Why? Because thanks to Hostess, we forgot how good dessert was supposed to taste. Cupcakes are not a new thing have been around FOREVER- Hostess, Drake’s et al just made them unremarkable for you. 

I say good riddance. People have highers standards now. People are willing to pay more for something that actually tastes good rather than something east something barely acceptable that’s cheap. I mean, if you’re going to put all those calories in your body, they should taste good, right?

So why not go out and eat one of these today? This is the last appearance of these flavors until fall of 2013, so take advantage before they disappear just like Twinkies have. Particularly the Chocolate Graham, as Sandy wiped out the Biscoff spread warehouse in NYC, and we’re facing a massive speculoos shortage.

Today is really just fulled of bad pastry news, ain’t it?

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Brown Sugar Pumpkin: Brown sugar cake, chocolate pumpkin buttercream, ganache

Chocolate Graham: Chocolate cake, graham cracker buttercream, ganache, graham cracker crumbs

Butternut Spice: Butternut squash cake, vanilla buttercream, candied spiced pumpkin seeds, butternut squash seed oil

Pear Mascarpone: Pear cake, mascarpone buttercream, pear chip

Flavors: Friday, November 17th


We have soooo many exciting things we’ll be bringing out over the coming weeks, but I won’t tell you any just yet so I can save some material for upcoming blog posts (it is HARD thinking of stuff to write about three times a week when I’m exhausted).  But here’s the first surprise: aside from our usual offerings, we’ll also have:

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Salted caramel coconut macaroons from Danny Macaroons!  If you follow me on Twitter you’d know that Dan & I are BFF 4evah+infinity, so this really isn’t shocking to you.  We’ll also be carrying the macs at DeKalb soon, and gift bags of them as we get closer to the Holidays.  

So now with the macaroons, the cupcakes, the brownies AND the whoopie pies, I bet you want to go down there RIGHT NOW.  And I can’t wait to see you!  But you need to be warned- this thing is huge. HUUUUUGE.  I know Union Square doesn’t seem that big the rest of the year, but you put a labyrinth of booths down there and you’ll be surprised how many times you can get lost (my personal record: nine times in one day).  We’re on the southeast part of the square, in the first row, close to the upside down elephant.

That makes sense, right?

For those of you without a compass or a seaman’s sense of direction, I drew you a map.  Because it’s been a few weeks since I busted out my MS Paint skills for you guys, and I just know that you missed them real bad.

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Print that out, stick it in your pocket and come see me!  I’ll be waiting!  With these cupcakes you see…….waaaaiiiittt a second……


And you guys thought for a second I was going to forget to nag you there, didn’t you?  We’re taking orders through Monday, so this was going to be the second to last time for me to do it and I nearly missed it! This is what I get for switching from coffee to tea!

Ok, where were we.  Come to Union Square!  I’ll be waiting for you there with these!

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Clockwise from front: Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Kiss, Pear Cardamom Ginger, Butternut Spice

Caramel Macchiato: Chocoalate espresso cake, caramel macchiato buttercream, crushed chocolate covered espresso beans, espresso ganache, caramel drizzle

Pear Cardamom Ginger: Pear cardamom cake, honey spice buttercream, candied ginger

Hazelnut Kiss: Chocolate hazelnut cake, Nutella buttercream, roasted hazelnuts

Butternut Spice: Butternut squash cake, vanilla buttercream, candied pumpkin seeds, butternut squash seed oil

Available at:

Robicelli’s at Union Square Holiday Market

Robicelli’s at DeKalb Market: Corner of Flatbush & Willoughby, Downtown Brooklyn

Cafe at Sam’s Bakery: 94th Street off Third Avenue, Bay Ridge

Aloha Grinds: 76th and Third Ave, Bay Ridge

Bagel Schmagel: 76th and Third Ave, Bay Ridge

Crespella: Seventh Ave off 9th Street, Park Slope

Tazza: Clark Street off Henry AND Henry off Atlantic, Brooklyn Heights

Blue Apron Foods: Union Street off 7th Avenue, Park Slope

Court Street Grocers: Court Street off Luquer, Carroll Gardens

Eastern District: Manhattan Ave off Eagle Street, Greenpoint

Brooklyn Standard: Nassau & Jewel, Greenpoint

The Brooklyneer: 220 West Houston St, West Village

JEM: Broadway off Franklin Street, TriBeCa

Cake Shop: Ludlow St btwn Stanton & Rivington, LES

Sons of Essex: Essex St btwn Stanton & Rivington, LES

Joe Columbia University: West 120th btwn Broadway & Amsterdam, Morningside Heights

Queen City Cupcakes: 62 West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island 

Red Hook Lobster Pound: Van Brunt Street, Red Hook; Brooklyn Flea; Smorgasburg; Roving Food Truck (Whoopie Pies Only)