this is my selfie do u like it?

Ah, yes, the intensity and desperation of that expression speaks to me on so many levels. Symmetrical lips, high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes that remind me of the descriptions in old-lady porn-books, the elongated neck (tyra banks would weep tears of blood) - I love the hat, it sets the prick over the i for me, and the smooth skin, ah, I’m swooning over here. The way the stureplans-brat-orangey-skin contrasts with the red shirt, the headphones that clearly scream out that you live the ~thus lyfe~, the background that doesn’t distract too much…

1465789/10 would gladly jump off plane with


, me, Amy and Fisk now have the perfect bunker for the apocalypse, filled with delicious food, baby sloths, sloth pictures, posters of my naughty art and we even have wifi. It came with the Sam winchester.

amy’s and fisk’s face were drawn by themselfs