‘But even if you’re right about the Kandrona, Rachel,’ Jake argued, 'what does it prove? If we destroy it, are we sure it will change the future?’

Cassie looked at me and smiled. 'Maybe yes, maybe no,’ she said. 'But things are connected in millions of ways. They say a single butterfly, beating its wings in China, can start a tornado in America.’

❮Yes,❯ Tobias said, ❮but how does the butterfly know when to beat its wings?❯

'It doesn’t,’ I said. 'I guess it beats its wings the best it can, and hopes it will all work out. It’s a butterfly. It just does what butterflies do.’

'And what do we do, Xena, Warrior Princess?’ Marco asked mockingly, knowing the answer I would give.

'We kick Yeerk butt,’ I said with a grin.

—  Book #7: The Stranger, pg. 146 (by K.A. Applegate)
The Signs as Things Off The Top of My Head
  • aries:chameleons, matches, cacti
  • taurus:whipped cream, furry slippers, camping
  • gemini:roasting marshmallows, puns, stubble
  • cancer:braiding hair, slow songs, curling the tails of y's and g's
  • leo:rose gold, butterfly wings, lipstick writing on mirrors
  • virgo:cats with ironic names, sharpened pencils, scrabble
  • libra:staying up all night, the ring a drink leaves on a table, birds eating out of bird feeders
  • scorpio:chipped nail polish, large stuffed animals, collarbones
  • sagittarius:chain necklaces, space buns, lightning strikes
  • capricorn:perfect teeth, calligraphy, the view from an airplane window
  • aquarius:morning hair, tiny flowers, dogs wagging their tail
  • pisces:small tote bags, bangs, the pads of a cat's feet
the signs’ secret formula

Aries  =  a chipped tooth + one drop of melted iron + snake venom

Taurus  =  a wilted dandelion one melted marshmallow + a lover’s ear

Gemini  =  a butterfly wing + bubble mixture + a hummingbird’s tongue

Cancer  =  deadly nightshadea mermaid’s tear + blood of a newborn baby

Leo  =  a crown jewel + a phoenix’s beak + three drops of a loved one’s blood

Virgo  =  one drop of antiseptic + a smooth rounded pebble + a virgin’s finger

Libra  =  a shattered mirror + a peacock feather +  liquid hydrogen

Scorpio  =  an eagle’s claw + one drop of squid’s ink + souls of the damned

Sagittarius  =  a daggera broken compass + spark from a firecracker

Capricorn  =  ancient parchments + a rusted coin + an armored shrew’s spine

Aquarius  =  a unicorn’s eyeball + one drop of mercury + dry ice

Pisces  =  a pure white seashell + a rabbit’s heart + the blood of an innocent