Fic: Butterfly Wings - Chapter 9

Story summary
A fashion blog started at University launched Blaine Anderson’s fortune and fame. As Vogue’s new editor-in-chief, he is struggling to find an original angle for an upcoming issue. Kurt Hummel has recently arrived in New York City after finishing high school, and is having no luck building a musical theater career, so he decides to explore another passion of his: fashion. He applies for an internship at Vogue, and Isabelle sees in him the perfect fresh face to liven up the magazine, and convinces him to try out as a model. Kurt meets Blaine, and in spite of their 10-year age difference, sparks fly. Can they overcome misunderstandings and sabotage to find their happily-ever-after? Klaine model AU.

Rating for this chapter: G (overall: mature)
Word count for this chapter: 5,036

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The fantastic artwork produced by Cassie at CC-Graphics can be here.  
Thank you to the amazing @lilyvandersteen for the beta work and support.


“How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar?” – Hamilton on Broadway


On Monday evening, Kurt is eating the Oz Garcia delivered meal of Japanese miso soup, salmon and tuna sashimi, and a daikon and carrot salad. The Hamilton soundtrack is playing in the background and Kurt is carefully listening to the words. Blaine managed to get tickets for Saturday night’s performance and Kurt is beyond excited to go.

Rachel slides open the loft’s door screeching, “Kurt! I got the part! I got the part! I’m going to be Fanny Brice!”

Kurt jumps up to give her a huge hug. “That’s great news! I’m so happy for you! When do rehearsals start? When does it open? I want all the deets!”

After they finished jumping and dancing around in a circle, Rachel hangs up her coat and toes off her boots, before joining Kurt at the kitchen table. In the meantime, Kurt has put the kettle on to make her a cup of peppermint tea. Once the drink has been served, Rachel relates the events of her day. “After pushing so hard and visiting the producers at their offices, it was really quite simple. They came to the Starlight Diner and offered me the role. I quit the job immediately and rushed to NYADA. I quit that too.”

“What!? You quit NYADA?” Kurt interrupts.

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garr9988  asked:

Do we have to commission you for a gemstone vector? I want to make one for Butterfly Wing Jasper in the style of Ocean and Bumblebee (the hexagona cut), but I don't think I can manage it.

Whoa O.o i dunno if i  could manage that.  that gem looks really complex  i might try and make that gem  myself i love jaspers 

Celebrating sparkle Saturday with this gorgeous gem and diamond brooch, (circa 1900) from the Sotheby’s archive.
“The XVIII Duke de Plasencia and Doña María de la Concepción lived during the very turbulent and politically unstable years of the Spanish Civil War. They first met in Madrid, by chance on the terrace of the Hotel Universal in 1931, where it was love at first sight. Yet the political situation separated them; the Duke was forced to take refuge in the Romanian embassy while Doña María de la Concepción left for San Sebastian in the north of Spain. Only twenty years later did they finally marry, in the famous Chapel of Santiago de Compostela.
This brooch was given by the Duke to Doña María de la Concepción during one of their rare encounters in Biarritz, during their time apart. A symbolic gift, the butterfly’s wings represented freedom from the difficult political situation and was a symbol of their oath and commitment to one another.“
The brooch is set with a step-cut sapphire and emerald, and an oval and pear-shaped diamond, the wings set with variously shaped rubies, opals, emeralds and diamonds.

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