dan vs phil golf with friends: a summary

platonic biffles wear matchy matchy golf hats

tiger lester

phil admires dan’s ball skills (“that was sexy wasn’t it”)

dan has powerful balls

phil has fondness for odd numbers

phil has blown a ball before

“big boy golf”

dan has a kink of people carrying his things

phil likes to “plan a whack”

the return of ‘we don’t have any other friends’

stalker butterfly

dan bites his tongue swear wise

“channel your inner golf”

phil’s sound effects are truly underrated

dan’s sarcastic applause

dan broke his swearing filter with wank and shit

“that was neat”

“phil you need to stop saying hole in one”

“i guess god hates you” (actually dan think back to the pokemon go vid u hypocrite)

britney spears parody

“that mole would get twatted into the floor”

“call me king of life”

i just realised phil looks like a sailor with his hat and i feel warm

dan bounces off course again and again

phil lester said spank we must alert the church elders

“team phil”

dan thought he’d got the hang of the hole but failed and went backwards

totally non-competitive bants

“don’t even look at me”

dan’s little laugh when he wins a hole

“hole thirteen, unlucky for some but not for philly” phil validates my birth date i’m counting it as a notice

phil’s motivational speech

“katniss is going to come and attack you”

dan tried to fuck up phil’s chances but it backfired

“phil that’s not straight”

“oh no phil, what a floppy ding dong”

dan’s eagle impression

“stop stroking my ball” - dan howell 2k17

“go log power”

“watch me perfectly bounce this up the crack”

“you were so far from the crack”

“you’re so silly!”

the obligatory ribena sip

“wank wank fuck shit”

“ooh, who’s your golf dad”

“i’m going to throw myself out the window”

“the game gets quit”

dan hacked the game and succeeded when he should’ve failed

“you can do it phil, i believe in you”

dan sings when he tastes victory

cocky baby blows raspberry at tolerant biffle

squishy dan face skin

“get the board hoe”

“what’s next, lester family trivia? i bet you’d lose that somehow”

good game sportsmanship handshake can’t wait for the handshake fic

“let’s go have a beer and talk about politics”

“see you on the green, crazies”



anonymous asked:

Sub harry who is just discovering his kinks and your fucking him one day and put your hand on his neck and he says tighter in a breathy little whimper and so you do and that's how he finds out he likes getting choked


okay so he’s come home from a day of recording at the studio and he’s all tuckered out but feeling really needy as well so he practically begs you to fuck him.

He’s so docile you don’t even need to tie him down. He’s laying out all sweaty across the bed, sheer black shirt unbuttoned all the way and his pants and briefs are discarded on the floor at the end of the bed. You’re riding him hard and fast, bouncing on his cock roughly with the back of your thighs slapping down on his, feeling his balls against your ass every time you sink down. His arms are above his head, splayed out limply with his fingers messing at the ends of his mussed up hair, whining softly as you bite down his neck and scratch up his chest, blowing on the stinging red lines and causing him to whimper all throaty and high.

“God, you’re amazing, y'know that?” Harry’s voice is soft and timid, eyes glued to your chest hungrily as it bounces in your perky lace bra– one he’d bought you at a fancy boutique when he was off shooting for the film in France.

“And you’re extremely thick. Did you know that?” You drag your lips sloppily down the spine of the butterfly tattoo, tongue peeking out to lap at one of his puffy nipples.

He answers with a short, wispy hiccup of, “Maybe.”

Your arms are holding his elbows down against the mattress, making sure he doesn’t move to touch you. Your knees are pressed up against his hips to give you balance as you slam down on him, his entire body jolting against the bed, cracked moans and soft keening stuttering from the heavy movement. He looks absolutely enthralling, with his cheeks tinted rose and his big green eyes all doe-like and innocent, swollen bottom lip tucked under his front two teeth as he thrums out shaky hums of gratitude, filled with, “Fuck me so good, darling. No one takes m'cock like you do.” and “You’re so tight, peach. Snug little cunt gonna fuckin’ ruin me for good, innit? Gonna make your baby boy come so hard it hurts…”

You’re hand reaches towards his neck out of instinct, fingers wrapping around the back as your thumb presses softly against his bobbing Adam’s Apple, using your palm to bring him towards your mouth. You keep his throat stuck to your lips, teeth sinking in sweetly and marking deep purple bruises into his soft, tanned skin. Something to look forward to seeing on him tomorrow morning as he’s spread out over the pillows with the side of his face pasted to the cushion, hair in a fluffy, wild halo with the sheets hanging low on his hips, revealing all of the maroon and violet love bites scattered down the tight muscles of his back, across his broad shoulders and speckling his delicate neck.

You’re so caught up in your thoughts you hadn’t realized you’d tightened your grip, thumb pressing down harder into his juglar and causing his breathing to shutter.

You immediately release your hold, apologies spilling from your lips as you kiss at his flushed ears with care, worried to death.

“More.” Harry’s croak is airy and quaking, but insistent nonetheless.

You stare at him for a second, surprised by the new development. But you grant him his wish, wrapping your fingers around his throat and tightening like before. “Like this?”

He nods feverishly, suckling his bottom lip into his mouth, bright, canopy green eyes rolling into the back of his head as the edges of his mouth twitch up into a teeny, satisfied smile. “Jus’ like that.”

You continue rocking against him, other hand cradling the side of his face as you gradually close your fingers further around his neck, relying on his body language and sounds of pleasure to guide you on this new territory. And what a discovery this is.

Harry looks incredibly sexy with his head tilted all the way back against the pillow, jaw flexing alluringly as his ruby lips are parted, heavy whimpers and short gasps rawing his lungs. His eyes are barely cracked open, heavy lashes brushing the tops of his simmering cheeks as he looks down on you with so much lust it burns. He pouts his bottom lip out pleadingly, talking meekly. “Can I have a kiss?”

You respond by flushing your lips against his, tongue dipping in teasingly and pulling out to skim his upper lip temptingly, drawing a deep, needy whine from him, air puffing out shallow and quivering.

“Such a naughty boy. Getting kinkier every day, y'know that?“

Harry returns your comment with a coy grin, tilting his head forward so that your fingertips dig deeper against his throat, bruising himself in the process and smiling as he feels the marks blossoming. He softens his eyes into looking all watery and innocent, but you can see a devilish glint in the specks of gold that shimmer in his irises.

“And you’re a pretty little thing with a tight cunt and a knack for returning my kinks. Did you know that?”

Two Ghosts

Note: This is very different from what I’m used to writing. There’s a small bit of smut, but it’s not the main focus of the piece and therefore not quite as detailed as I’m used to writing.

This was very personal for me and I hope you all enjoy it! Please shoot me a message and tell me what you think. Feedback is always appreciated!


I didn’t really want to be here, if I’m being honest. I hated attending work parties alone. They tended to bore on and on and these particular people seemed to enjoy talking about themselves quite a bit and it was exhausting to listen to for hours. But my company was the one throwing the soiree and I didn’t really have an option in the matter. So here I stood, drink in hand, listening to my boss tell some story that I wasn’t actually paying much attention to. I faked a laugh at his crude jokes and chimed in a few times while nonchalantly checking my watch to see if I had been here long enough to quietly slip out without anyone noticing.

Then suddenly my attention was distracted by a voice coming from behind me. It wouldn’t have mattered it had been two years or a hundred I would’ve been able to recognize that voice regardless.

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Excuse me, Mr. Kim?

Description: As if focusing in class wasn’t hard enough, you went ahead and fell for the last person you expected to…

Word count: 2.5k

Genre: smut

a/n: Yes, I know he’s like 25 or something in real life but this is an au so he’s 28

Warning : If you’re grossed out by the thought of teacher/student relationship, this isn’t your cup of tea..but it’s not that much of an age gap 

You took another glance at the clock that hung above his platform and began to fidget in your chair when you realized that there were only a few minutes left in the class. You had to pretend to be his punctual, vigilant, pure student for only a few more minutes.

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BTS: J-Hope fluff/angst


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Hades and Persephone smut

She struggled against her cuffs and chains. The sound of metallic clinching echoing off the cement of his bedroom walls like Victorian ghosts of old.

The safe word was, ‘pomegranate’. Not that she’d likely use it. It was just a precaution. Unbeknownst to all, even when he had his Queen in bondage, Raphael would never abuse her flesh.

He more so used the chains like one would use pins to hold down a butterfly.

His wide tongue licked up her pale neck and she reflexively sucked in her breath. Her mammoth lover crawled between her spread legs and rested some of his weight there. He loved to remind her who was the stronger. Who would be on top of the food chain if ever the humans wanted to test him.

Licking his way up her neck, once he reached her face he grabbed hold. His hands being large enough to encompass her slender jaw fully he openly confessed to her, “ My Queen… how I love you.”

Part of the rules were that she stay silent. It was one of the only ways he felt he could openly lament and tell her his emotions without fear of repercussion. Even though she was the one in chains, he was the one most vulnerable.

He kissed her then with all the passion of a mad man. Everything he couldn’t say because ego wouldn’t allow, came through that kiss. It was demanding and punishing and just before she thought he could make her mouth bleed from it… he pulled back to lightly nip and lick.

Slowly, he moved down the opposite side of her neck. Licking and biting his way down. He came to her chest and she was still wearing that cotton tank top. With her hands cuffed behind her head, the angle forced her breasts high and proud.

Raph couldn’t fucking stand it. Animalistic urges overtaking his rationality, he bit though the top and the bra beneath. He never was one for patience.

Large creamy mounds exposed to him he paused. Salivating and cursing under his breath he took his time licking his way to his Queens nipples. Staring his female in the eye, he sucked her into his mouth and lightly bit down.

Lighting bolts of pleasure pain hit her nervous system. Gasping, she knew better than to look away from him while he tortured her. It would only prolong the process.

Raph sucked and used his blunt teeth on her for what seemed like hours. She was wanting to climb the walls with the tension it gave her. So electrifying, yet not nearly enough. Her hands in cuffs only frustrated her more. She couldn’t touch him like she wanted to.

FINALLY, mercifully he moved from her breasts to her stomach. He was absolutely intoxicated by her wide hips. The mutant paused to run that long, wide tongue around her belly button before moving lower.

Using his large three fingered hands he removed her panties. An erotic purr escaped his lips as he caught the feminine scent of her arousal full on. His mouth watered with wanting to taste her. With wanting that scent all over him and the taste coating the back of his throat.

Raphael took every nuance of control he had to kiss up her creamy, full thighs. The savage in him was drooling when he got to that sensitive spot right between the thigh and pussy.. it was there he bit down and held. Just so his female knew who that pussy belonged to.

His Queen was finding it harder and harder to catch her breath. It was all too much. She was taken from her home, and brought to his underworld, chained to his bed, and now absolutely fucking tortured with his mouth. She was going to cum or die from the tension of it all….

Either was fine with her.

Like some sort of master of her body, Raph finally reached up and stroked with his finger that precious bundle of nerves slightly above her core. In all of earths natural disasters was there nothing more shattering.

She screamed his name to the old gods and the new. He relentlessly rubbed her clit until she came a second time and was seeing starburst behind her clenched eyelids.

He needed her to be that wet and that ready for him. He wasn’t human. Not in mind, or flesh, and especially… not where it counted.

Like a prize won, he licked her juices from his fingers and smiled. His strong hands gave her no time to recover before flipping her over, ripping his shorts from his body, and taking himself in his hand. The engorged head of him rubbed against her entrance and she could hear his voice above her, “Are you ready to take me my female?”

The only response she had for him was a quick nod of the head. Her hands were still in the cuffs, but the chains gave some so she could efficiently be doggy style before her king.

With slow accuracy he slid home. The girth of him near tearing and the length punishing.. he was gentle as he entered from behind. His titan like size made it so this was one of the only ways he could fuck his woman.

His Queens muscles tightened around him. Squeezing him. Torturing him. Making him see things that were not on this plane.

Finally, when her body grew accustomed to the monstrous size of him, did the real fucking begin. Slamming his body into hers she screamed his name so loud she was sure it echoed up into the NYC streets above. Not being able to withstand the brute force of him, he fucked his Queen up to the headboard of the bed. There she held on for dear life.

Hours and hours passed. Flesh meeting flesh, teeth meeting her shoulder, his manhood buried deep within her… it was euphoric and otherworldly, and altogether just for them. Nothing else could shatter the raw intimacy of these moments, and nothing God could create would ever come between them.

Sometime between her fifteenth orgasm and the twentieth, Raph came himself. He flooded out her swollen pussy and coated down her thighs. Exhaustedly, he pulled her to his chest as he collapsed on his side.

Blissed out, he reached up to the cuffs that held her and released them. Holding her two smaller hands in his own much larger, he was spent, delirious, and fully, totally in love.

Snuggling into his chest, his woman let out a contented sigh before sleep claimed her.

In the morning when his Queen awoke, in adoration, he would feed her pomegranates from his bare hands.

If I Knew Then...

It’s Ichigo’s birthday and I’m doing the thing again. I’m letting Bleach depress me. Sadness. 264 words. Maybe I will write something happy later.

It’s his birthday and the house is empty and all he hears are noises from outside and the warbling dialogue of some show on television. Oh yeah, and the microwave is still beeping. 

Orihime is at a conference in America sitting on a panel, judging confections. Ichigo is happy for her. She dedicated all of her youth to being a wife and mother, and birthdays are just another day anyway. 

He hates the way aging feels especially knowing that he could easily sever his body and soul and mess around like he’s 15 again. But he doesn’t. He just rakes back what’s left of his hair and laughs at himself, at the way his life turned out. Everyone is moving and he is standing still.

The world still moves at an alarming speed.

It’s been twenty years since he heard the roar of a hollow or witnessed the open and close of a Senkaimon. I wonder if she’s still a captain? He talks to himself as he takes a cup of instant ramen out of the microwave. He eats it piping hot because he’s lost the feeling in his tongue.

A butterfly flutters in through the kitchen window all black and unannounced, but it isn’t a swallowtail. He only sees those in his dreams.

It’s noon and he has half a day left to call his birthday, but all he wants is to become one with the couch and sleep. Sleep, maybe even dream about the days he was a hero and they all depended on him.

Lord knows no one needs him now.

Butterflies in Yooka-Laylee serve as the game’s primary method of regenerating both health and stamina, but still act as a limited resource; the player can only use each butterfly for one or the other. As such, the game is designed so that Yooka must catch butterflies with her tongue to gain health, and just touch them to gain stamina, as the latter tends to come up much more frequently than the former.

I want it to work out so bad. I want him. I want the late night calls, the memories, the stories of his childhood, his laughter and my laughter, the sleepy voices, the random bursts of verses, the smiles, the excitement in his voice when he talks about something that he loves, the future plans, his drunken thoughts, and his arms around mine. I want the emotions he gives me, the feeling of waking up knowing there’s somebody like him in my life, I want to keep hearing the way my name rolls of his tongue, the butterflies, the personal part of our conversations, I want to know how his head works, I want to see how he looks at the world, I want to know him, I want to understand him, I want it all.
—  i still write about you #5

I hereby render unconditional obedience to the Circle and its principles… I will be ready to risk my life at any time for the Circle, in order to preserve the purity of the bloodlines of Idris, and for the mortal world with whose safety we are charged.  —— for modern! circle of raziel, the wicked minds and hollow hearts that started a rebllion.

stressed out —— twenty one pistols. // violent silence —— beatrice eli. // wait your turn —— m.o. // new americana —— halsey. // mad hatter —— melanie martinez. // shadow preachers —— zella day. // hold you —— nina nesbitt. // fallingforyou —— the 1975.falling asleep —— the good mad. // flying model rockets —— the front bottoms. // evil twin —— arctic monkeys. // super rich kids —— frank ocean. // kiss land —— the weeknd. // butterflies —— zendaya. // sippy cup —— melanie martinez. // gun for a tongue —— butterfly boucher.


The Designer Who Peered Into Microscopes and Saw High Art

Carl Strüwe took only two kinds of photographs. The first was typical enough: Italian sculpture and architecture he saw on vacation. The second was far less typical: close-ups of diatoms, butterfly wings, snail tongue, whalebone—all taken through a microscope.

By simply zooming in, Strüwe took the familiar and made it alien. The German photographer wasn’t the first to place the lens of a camera into the eyepiece of a microscope, but in the 1920s, he was among the first to do so as art rather than science.

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infinityequalsmyfeels  asked:

Hi! I was wondering whether you know of any Harry Potter AUs that you could rec me? I'm absolutely addicted! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this blog!

harry potter au tag

Vigilant Magic by Cimm_A (2/? | 10,361 | R)

Stiles has moved to London with his father, after his dad is offered to be a candidate for the position of Head Auror years after his mother’s murder. Both wanted a new start and Stiles will start in Hogwarts a school that still uses old school methods. He meets new friends and he meets Derek Hale, who has some serious issues. But he cant stay away from him and he wants to keep Derek from Kate Argent’s grasp and if it mean annoying the hell out of him, so be it. Stiles grows to protect his friends, know his enemies, and find out his magic is so powerful he is being hunted for it.

Wistful Thinking by yodasyoyo (1/1 | 1,837 | PG13)

Unfortunately Derek has had a crush on Stiles for years. It’s not like Stiles has ever noticed him though.

Anchor It (Sugar and Control) by mmmdraco (1/1 | 4,142 | G)

Stiles Stilinski, a 6th year Muggleborn Slytherin in the wake of the war, suddenly can’t help but notice Derek Hale, newly minted Alpha werewolf, especially since he just started having dreams about a black wolf.

Mother of Dragons by Lissadiane (1/1 | 11,985 | G)

Since Hogwarts had opened its doors to werewolves, many Hale children had apparently come through, wary and angry, refusing to socialize with the other students. And one by one, they’d been sorted into Slytherin, obviously, with the odd Ravenclaw to mix things up.

And then along came little Derek Hale, who’d barely gotten his ass on the stool before the hat was calling out Gryffindor.

Everyone thought it was funny, even now, when Derek was in his seventh year. Stiles, though, found it fascinating.

It helped, of course, that Derek was two years older and hotter than the sun.

The Best Possible Time. by Watermelon Wolves (lookididthething) (1/1 | 1,665 | G)

There was probably a good time to sneak into the forbidden forest. There was absolutely no good time to step on a werewolf’s tail. Stiles wanders out on a full moon and runs into FullShift!Derek (Teen Wolf style werewolves, not Harry Potter style). Stiles panics and hides in a tree. Derek is not amused.

Lepidopterophobia by hazelandglasz (1/1 | 1,549 | G)

From a list of prompts : “you walked in on me practicing for datda in an empty classroom, and have now inadvertently discovered that my boggart takes the form of a butterfly, please stop laughing”

tongue of dog and blind-worm’s sting by Zercalo (7/7 | 51,930 | NC17)

In order to keep the identity of the teacher he’s been seeing a secret, Derek’s been withdrawing from his pack and family. Cora, frustrated with his alienation and a little lonely, clings to the first nonjudgmental person who offers companionship – which happens to be that odd Muggleborn Revenclaw who’s always hanging around the Gryffindor common room.

She hasn’t befriended Stiles for Derek’s sake, but Derek just might reap the benefits anyway - if he pulls his head out of his ass and quit the stupid self-sacrificing act.


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A short fluff of Jay and his messy eater girlfriend.

‘Are you even breathing?’ Jay made a face at you as he wiped his fingers with some tissue. You looked up from your burger and pulled it away from your lips chewing on the burger that you had took a bite. Jay laughed once he saw your face, your chin covered with mustard and sauce. ‘You’re such a messy eater.’ He scolded laughing at you who pouted and tried to make a grab for some tissue for yourself. He pulled away the stack of tissues from the paper bag he had brought home. You whined putting down your burger trying to make a grab for the tissue.

‘Jay.’ You called out irritated that he was interrupting you from continuing on to eat. He shook his head and put the tissue in his pockets as you glared at his action. ‘Just eat okay?’

‘Just let me wipe my mouth.’

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Anonymous said to supernatural-fics:

Hi I was wondering if you could do a shy!ReaderxDean where they can talk to Sam just fine but clams up everytime Dean comes into the room. Until one night when Dean corners them and makes them talk about it with lots of blushing. Please, I love your fics!!

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: None

You met the brothers only three months ago, while on a walk with your roommate. There had been three strange murders in your small town, all the victims having their hearts ripped out. It was suspicious yes, but you wondered back then why the FBI needed to be involved.

It wasn’t until you and your roommate were attacked that you learned what was lurking in the shadows. Sam and Dean, or Agents Jovi and Smith as you thought you knew them, saved you. But it was too late for your friend.

Having no family of your own, and nowhere else to go, the Winchesters took you in, teaching you about monsters. Dean kept insisting you go back home, live a life. It wasn’t until you saved him from a vampire that he stopped doubting your hunting skills or your dedication to the job.

There was no going back to your domestic fantasy. And after only two months, you realized you did in fact have a family.

The brothers were very different very different in many ways, and you learned quickly what made them tick.

Sam, the younger brother, you got along with almost immediately. He was conscious of your space and respected your introverted nature. Talking to him was like confiding in a life-long friend.

Dean was different. You were attracted to him since the day you met, which made speaking to him nearly impossible.

You were extremely shy by nature and Dean’s forward attitude and aggressive behavior made your stomach flit with butterflies and your tongue lock up. He always tried to talk to you. He cracked jokes, flirted occasionally, but it only made things worse.

“You could talk to him you know. He’s not going to bite.” You shrugged, pushing the ramen noodles in your bowl around with your fork. It was 10 o’clock at night and Sam, having discovered that you had a crush on Dean, was trying to convince you to talk to him.

“I know. It’s just… hard. I don’t think I’ve said more than five words to him. I’ve tried… but… I just get so anxious.” Sam sighed, organizing several Men of Letters folders and brushing the hair from his face.

“(Y/N), if you don’t tell him, you’ll never know whether or not he feels the same.”

As if on cue, Dean entered the main room, stretching.

“I swear, if I read one more word I’m gonna scratch my eyes out. How about you guys?” You swallowed, your entire respiratory system shutting down. Sam glanced at you warily.

“I hear you. Are you going out?” Dean smirked, slipping his coat on and winking at his brother. You thought you were going to faint.

“Yup. Just gonna get some fresh air.”

“You mean alcohol don’t you?” The elder Winchester scoffed in mock offense.

“Of course not. See ya.” And with that, he was out the door.

Sam just turned to you, giving a look of disappointment. You rolled your eyes.

“Don’t give me that. You know I can’t…”

You yawned, glancing at the digital alarm clock to your left. 2 am. Sam had gone to bed hours ago, and as tired as you were, you wanted to know Dean got back safely. Part of you felt silly doing this, the Winchester was more than capable of taking care of himself. But you couldn’t sleep until he was back at the bunker. Maybe it was that you were slightly jealous of him hooking up, but you convinced yourself it was the need to protect your partner. Your family.

Your love.

You shut that thought down immediately, shaking your head and walking to the kitchen to make some coffee. Buried so far in your feelings and thoughts, you failed to notice the shadow lurking in the corner of the hall. Before you could reach the light switch at the far end of the hall, a figure pegged you against the wall, arms on either side of you. Your breath hitched in your throat and you tried to scream, before a hand clamped over your mouth.

“Don’t wake Sam.” Your eyes adjusted to the light, focusing on a familiar face. You retracted the knife you had pointed at his stomach and he took his hand off your mouth.


“Dean. My name’s Dean (Y/N).” Your face grew red hot and you bit your cheek, annoyed he was being a smartass about your shyness. He waited for you to say something, but you were tongue-tied. Dean sighed, his breath hot on your face, laced with the smell of whiskey.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” You blinked, swallowing. “Because you seem to be fine talking to Sammy, but you clam up whenever I’m in view. I know you can talk (Y/N).” He was annoyed to say the least. You knew he wasn’t trying to be a bully, he was just a little hurt.

“I… You…” Dean stared at you intently, his bright green eyes seeming to read your thoughts. You felt hot and extremely uncomfortable under his gaze. You were the center of Dean Winchester’s attention. Part of you hated it. Part of you loved it.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” You sighed, fidgeting and trying to melt into the wall.

“Dean… I… You’re…”

“That’s not a sentence (Y/N).” You felt tears welling up in your system. This was so hard, and there was no way to express how hard it was to the man in front of you. But you would not cry. Not now. Not when you finally had a chance to tell him how you felt.

“I… I think I… li…ke…” Your voice faltered and you bit your lip, closing your eyes. Your anxiety was peaking and you were pretty sure you would explode. But still you refused to cry, refused to let your shy nature get the best of you, like it always had.

You met Dean’s gaze again, adrenaline shooting through your veins like a hot flash.

“I love you. I love you Dean Winchester.”

Dean blinked, mouth open slightly in shock. Your breath caught in your chest and you saw your friendship flash before your eyes. You waited for the rejection or the laughter.

Dean leaned closer and your heart was on the verge of exploding. His nose brushed ever so slightly against yours, his eyes locked on yours.

“Was that really so hard?” His voice was a breathy whisper, barely registering in your mind before his hand locked behind your neck, his lips on yours.  You felt like you were flying, weightless and free. He kissed you for a couple minutes, before breaking contact.

“I like the sound of your voice.” Drunk on the taste of his lips you grabbed his collar.

“Shut up.” You could feel him smile under your lips and you couldn’t help but grin, your shyness a distant memory.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


Strange Magic: Tongue-Tied

A Strange Magic Rock Star AU drabble. (Ao3 link)

“Love is deleterious to the vocal cords at the best of times.” PG Wodehouse

It was at a party that she met him again.

The Bog King, lead singer of Broken Carapace.

It had been a year since Marianne last saw him, his thin, sharp frame curved into a predatory stance, huge hands clenched into fists and his face contorted in an almost inhuman sneer beneath his sharply angled eyebrows. To be fair, she couldn’t have looked much more friendly, seeing as she was standing there with her knuckles bleeding after she had punched him right in the jaw. But, to be completely fair, he had just been screaming obscenities at her little sister while looming over her, looking like he was about to wring her neck.

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