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La Lengua de las Mariposas (1999) Una pelicula maravillosa! 

Wiki:  In a Galician town, a young boy, Moncho, goes to school for the first time and is taught by Don Gregorio about life and literature. At first Moncho is very scared that the teachers will hit him, as that was the norm then. But, as he jubilantly proclaims after his first day at school, Don Gregorio doesn’t hit. Don Gregorio is not like any other teacher, and he builds a special relationship with Moncho, and teaches him to love learning.

When fascists take control of the town, they round up known Republicans, including Don Gregorio. Moncho’s father is also a Republican, and his family fears that he too will be taken away in the purge if the fascists discover his political leanings. In order to protect themselves, the family goes to the town square to jeer the captured Republicans as they are paraded out of the court house and boarded onto a truck. The film ends with Moncho, despite his continued great affection for his friend and teacher, yelling hateful things and throwing rocks at Don Gregorio and the other Republicans as the truck carries them away, though the last thing Moncho yells are the words for the tongue of a butterfly, espiritrompa (literally “spirotube” or proboscis, in Spanish), a favorite word taught to him by Don Gregorio in an attempt to let his dear friend know that he does not truly mean the words he is yelling.


Scientists Discover “Jurassic Butterflies”

Ok, they’re not actually butterflies, as they predate the emergence of butterflies by about 40 million years.

In reality, it’s a great example of “convergent evolution” - when different species evolve similar survival strategies or physiological features.

The “Jurassic butterflies” used long tongues to gather nectar, hairy legs which help with pollination, and even had “eye spots” - spots on the wings which are meant to fool predators by looking like eyes of a larger animal.

(Made me think of that video: If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras)

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                    & soft , baby cub mewls roll off his tongue , butterfly lids fluttering closed as he traces the hardwood floor idly with a calloused fingertip .    —  i just wanna be …     well , he wants to be many things . noticed , appreciated , adored , worshipped . ‘   i want to be , in general .  ’

  • I'm beginning to think that relationships just aren't for me right now. Like I'm terrible at communicating consistently and I don't have the emotional stability to spend time with someone without developing crippling anxiety from the fear of ruining everything. I value this girl so much as a friend so I'm terrified to let her in. I don't want to lose anyone else. Maybe that's my own insecurity in my reluctance to make things official or even anything more than casual. She gives me such conflicting feelings. I get upset when she snuggles me and kisses my forehead like Tyler used to but I get butterflies and tongue tied when she holds me hand. She looks at me and my heart races and when she touches me I lose all control and everything tingles. My god she's amazing.
  • The problem is that she reminds me of Tyler. He used to be my dream partner until he changed and this girl being that person makes me sad. I don't want to like someone who reminds me of Tyler and it worries me that she will end up the same as him. It sucks when you're attracted to someone because they're perfect but everything ranging from their sarcastic personality to their odd fascination with rap to their tendency to call you sweet names in a high pitched voice to their desire to tickle you and get you to giggle to their wonderfully blue eyes and bronzed skin remind you of your ex.
  • The sex though. Wow. I never really like elaborating on such personal matters but every time I think about a night we've spent together I have to close my eyes and take a long, slow, deep breath to compose myself because I can feel her warm breath moaning in my ear and her smooth skin trailing underneath my fingertips. She has that smirk that presents itself when she's in control that leaves me flustered because we both know I'd do anything as she makes me beg for her to finish going down on me and when she bites her lip because she knows it drives me crazy and I'll gladly make her cum over and over again. I just can't not talk about how perfect she is, wow.
  • But with all things considered, I don't want her to be my girlfriend. The parallels between her and Tyler make me so uncomfortable and I think it would be irresponsible of me to make anything out of this. Heck, I think it's bad I'm letting this even be a casual friends with benefits/hookup thing. We both know that she wants more but we also both know I'm not okay with this being anything more.