butterfly stairs

No one requested this, but I REALLY wanted to write this.

Beverly never really got to visit Derry, the town that seemed to be slipping from her mind. So when her aunt suggested cleaning out the apartment that she once shared with her father, Bev was all for coming back.

Once she got into the town, the memories flooded back her mind. A kiss from Bill, but the thing that hit her like a freight train, was Ben’s face being the first thing she saw after dealing with Pennywise. A face that strangely brought her an immense amount of calming protection.

As she walked out of the apartment, she saw the group of boys riding their bikes, she ran down the metal steps, yelling out each boys name. Bill slammed on his brakes, nearly causing Stan to run right into the back of him.

Beverly ran down the steps, the smile glued to her face as she saw the group of friends that she never realized she desperately missed. With a nod from her aunt, Beverly got onto the back of Bill’s bike, happy to be able to have one more day with them.

As they pulled up to the barrens, Beverly looked around. It seemed like an old movie playing in her mind as she watched the others walking around, asking her how she was and what she had been doing. Giving vague answers as she looked out to vast land in front of her, Beverly never realized how much she missed this.

Hours had passed and it seemed that the day was coming to an end, she knew that her aunt was going to get worried and that Ben’s mom had him come home at certain time. So an offer from Ben to walk her back to the apartment wasn’t given a second thought as she agreed happily.

Walking along the road, Beverly listened to Ben happily go on about the books he had been reading and yet let out a sigh when they reached the apartment that her aunt seemed to be near the end of packing. She looked towards the male, letting a sad smile form on her lips.

“Well, this is my stop.” She teased, hoping to make a smile form on Ben’s lips but she knew that he was thinking about the possibly of them never seeing each other again. Looking towards Ben, she took a couple steps towards him.

“I’m going to miss you.” She whispered, closing the gap between them. Her eyes closed as she pressed her lips against his. A feeling she never felt before flooded her body. Tingles went through every nerve of her body as she pulled away, a hand placed softly on his cheek.

“Catch you later, Ben from Soc.” Beverly said in a quiet tone before taking off up the stairs, butterflies still fluttering madly in her stomach.

I’m guessing this is because I still haven’t gotten one of my meds refilled (picking it up tomorrow don’t worry), but I have the shivers, shakes, sudden racing of my heart, and occasional slight numb tinglyness in my lips

I would like it to stop

Worried Sick

This is my first request so thank you, it made me happy. Please send my in some more, I’m really getting into writing again. I love you, thank you. Anyway here we go, enjoy.

1. Worried Sick

It had been 3 hours of waiting. 3 hours past the time the eldest, and normally most responsible, child should have been home. Harry had been waiting 3 hours at the kitchen table, fighting sleep. Fighting the urge to go upstairs and cuddle up to his beautiful wife and just sleep. But he couldn’t do that, not until he knew the other beautiful girl in his life was home and safe.

It was half an hour later, Harry was nursing his fifth cup of tea, or maybe sixth, he had lost count, when the sensor light blinked on and he heard keys jiggling on the other side of the front door. He remained sat down, wanting to see the state she was in before she could hide anything. He saw her stumble in, almost tripping over heals she could barely walk in. He was relieved to see her in one piece, but judging by her choice of clothing and the mess on top of her head, it was no question what she had been up to.

“Where have you been?” His voice seemed to shock her as she let out a curse and held her heart, as if it would slow it down from the scare.

“Dad, what the hell. You can’t just sit in the dark like that, it’s not normal.” She laughed; acting as if she hadn’t just came home at 2:30 in the morning, smelling like cheap beer and smoke. Harry stood up and pushed the chair in, he clenched his teeth trying to contain the disappointment boiling up.

“Wipe the smile off your face and answer the question.” Her expression went grim and she recoiled from the angry man in front of her, looking sheepish. “We don’t set a lot of rules, Lib, all we ask is you do your part around the house and respect us. You couldn’t even send us a text letting us know you were okay. We were fuc-.” He took a deep breath trying not to get himself too worked up, not wanting to wake the other kids by raising his voice.

“We were worried sick; your mum was balling her eyes out. Did you not think? You know your mum jumps to worst case so you can imagine the things her mind had stirred up. God, I can’t even look at you.” Harry turned his back and massaged the bridge of his nose, taking deep breaths.

“Why should I care how mum feels, mum doesn’t as much as look twice at me anymore. I don’t get amazing grades like Noah in school and I’m not a wannabe football player like Liam so I’m nothing to her. I’m a disappointment to her and she can’t wait till I leave.” The bitterness in her voice sent chills through Harry’s body. How could a daughter say that about her own mother? A mum who does everything in her power to look after her children while juggling work and all with Harry being absent a lot. He whipped around to face Libby again, wanting her to see the distaste on his face.

“Don’t you dare. Your mum loves every one of you the same. And I can’t say I blame her for not wanting to talk to you when you’re a brat and disrespect her all the time. I’ve had enough, both of us have. Your seventeen, you don’t get to waltz in and out of here whenever you want to.” By this point, Harry didn’t care if he was raising his voice, he knew there was a risk of him waking the rest of the house up but at the moment all he could focus on was getting the point across to the teenager cowering in front of him.

“You’re grounded. For the next three weeks you’ll do what you’re told straight away with no complaints. If I hear a hint of backchat, god help me. You won’t be seeing your friends unless its school related and you will be home straight after school every day. You will get your phone after I see all your homework is completed. Am I clear?” His breathing was heavy and he could feel the heat rushing to his head.

“Are you serious? You can’t do that!” He was surprised when she didn’t stamp her foot to add more effect.

“I can and I will. Now get upstairs and get to bed. Be quiet, your mum was up late phoning around if anyone knew where you were or if you had been dropped at a hospital.” She slipped her heels off, not saying anything else and stomped up the stairs, ignoring his demand to be quiet, but he couldn’t find it in himself to argue anymore. So he sat himself at the kitchen table once again and cried.

Harry hated being tough on his kids, absolutely hated it. It was normally you, who dealt with the heavy stuff like this, but tonight he decided to step up, but now he was regretting it. He couldn’t ignore the tears he saw welling up in Libby’s eyes before she disappeared to her room and it broke his heart. The thing he hated more than making you cry was making his kids cry. He knew discipline was important, but he wishes they could have a calm, civil conversation to sort things out.

An arm wrapping around his shoulders bought him out of his head, he turned to see your head resting on his shoulder, looking at him with a sleepy smile. He swore time stopped and he forgot everything that had happened, you made everything better. You and your smile.

“Thank you for sticking up for me, and doing all that. I know it was hard for you, and I love you even more for it.” Harry let out a sigh and buried his head in his hands. “You heard that?” His voice was muffled but you could hear the defeat in his voice. “How much did you hear?”

“Enough, baby. But it’s okay; she’s probably had a little to drink and is a bit out of it at the moment.” He didn’t want you to hear that, he knew how sensitive you were, and that you were more hurt than you let on, but he let it go for now. He moved his chair back slightly and grabbed your waist to sit you on his lap and bury his face into your neck. The lump in the back of his throat made his voice come out grumbly. “That was hard. I can’t believe what she said.”

Harry lifted his head up to look you in your eyes. “You’re an amazing mum, the best one out there. Don’t let our stroppy little miss up there make you think any different. I don’t know how you manage to do it all to be honest. You’re superwoman, you’re mine.” He left a lingering kiss on your lips, and when he was left kissing your teeth from your grin, he moved down your neck with his lips.

He lifted you in his arms, you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist, and he carried you up the stairs. Butterflies danced around your stomach as you thought of what was too come. As you walked silently past your daughter’s room, Harry’s lips now kissing down your collarbones, you heard the loud snores and couldn’t help the sigh of relief that escaped you knowing your baby was home okay.

Harry finally put you back on your feet when you arrived in your shared bedroom, but keeping hold of you. He removed each piece of your clothing and you did the same to him. The amount of love you felt for the man in front of you flooded your whole body and you couldn’t believe how amazing your life had turned out. Harry walked you back on to the bed and showed you just how amazing you were until the sun was beginning to rise.

Date Night (Percival Graves x Reader)

Percival Graves x Reader
Warnings: None
WC: 1124


Request:  Hey I noticed you wanted some prompts so maybe I can help!! Maybe do a first date with Graves and how he’d act and everything?


Note: Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you all enjoy this~ Once again, if there are mistakes, I’m sorry ;-; Feedback would be lovely ♥



You were walking to Madam President’s office when you spotted Percival Graves, possibly the man of your dreams. You gasped and lowered your gaze to the ground when he came up to you.

“Miss (Name), I would like to have a word with you.”

“I-I have to go talk to Madam President.” You pointed to the direction of her office. Percival chuckled and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“It will only take a few seconds, please, this way.” He insisted and started leading you to an empty hallway. When you two were out of sight, he faced you and silently observed you with a sly smirk. You could only stare at his rough, chiseled face…perfect. The redness of your cheeks becoming noticeable only made his smirk deepen.

You came to your senses and looked down at your feet. Percival let out a laugh, bringing you back to looking at his face.

“As a true gentleman, I would like to ask you out on a date.” You took a hold of your hand and kissed it lightly. If it wasn’t for the wall, you would have fallen to the ground in shock. Your mouth agape, eyes wide, and frozen body you couldn’t make out much of a response.

“I-I…okay. W-Where would we meet?” You asked, still in shock. Percival gave you a genuine smile before responding.

“How about I pick you up at your place and we go from there.”

You nodded at his suggestion and you were about to tell him where you lived before he started speaking again.

“Don’t worry about it, I know where you live. Tina told me.” He winked and walked away, leaving you to your own thoughts. It was confirmed he knew you lived with the Goldstein sisters. You straightened down your clothes and began to walk to your initial destination. It was going to be a long day.


The day went rather quick than you expected. You waited for Tina and Queenie in front of the building, hoping they don’t grow suspicious. You were so lost in your thoughts, you didn’t hear them talking to you.

“(Name)! Hello?” Tina waved her hands in front of your face and broke the trance you were in.

“Oh, I’m sorry. How did it go today?” You tried to change the subject. The two sisters gave you a puzzled look and waited for an explanation. Before you can even say a word, Queenie beat you to it.

“Oh wow, she’s finally going on a date!” She smiled brightly and hugged you.

“Queenie! I told you stop reading my mind.” You whined and huffed. She giggled and tightened her grip on you.

“Oh darling, you’ll have to tell us more when we get to the room!” Queenie and Tina started rambling about their day as you three walked to your home.

Just as the door closed behind you, they sat you down with expectant eyes. You sighed and explained to them in detail what happened between you and Percival.

“No wonder Mr. Graves asked where you lived.” Tina shrugged, getting up to starting her dinner.

“Alright, honey. We have to get you ready for your date! We can’t let you go with these clothes, do we?” Queenie pushed you towards your room, and went straight to your closet. She ransacked your closet and finally found the right dress.

“Oh, I love this one! Try it on!” She threw it to you and left the room to for you to change. You stared at the dress with bewilderment, but put on the dress anyway. You weren’t sure how you looked, but hoped it was the right look. Queenie came in the room right away, and inspected you.

“Oh my, this dress is wonderful. You look stunning in it. Mr. Graves is going to love it!” She cheerfully exclaimed. The rest of the hour she fixed your makeup and and hair, letting out small elated reactions.

“There! You look lovely, (Name). I think it’s about that time he’s here. Shoo, we don’t want to see you until the late night.” She winked, and pulled you out the door. You didn’t even have time to bud goodbye to Tina before she closed the door on you. You sighed and started walking down the stairs. The butterfly in your stomach wasn’t helping your nervousness. When you opened the door of the house, the first thing you saw was Percival’s back. He heard the sound of the door and turned around to see you. He instantly gave you a brilliant smile, melting you right there and then. His eyes then moved up and down, taking in your appearance. His smile faltered and he was left speechless.

“You look…gorgeous. That may be an understatement.” You never thought you would get see a day where Percival Graves blushes. You looked down, flushed red. He walked towards you, and offered his hand.

“Let’s go, m'lady.”

You took his hand and you two walked hand in hand.

“W-Where are we going, Mr. Graves?” You asked.

“Call me Percival, we’re out of work now.” He chuckled and continued, “We’re going to my favorite restaurant, would you that be okay?”

“Of course, Mr-ah Percival.” You quickly responded, turning red from your mistake. He dismissed it and kept walking. You two arrived at the restaurant and it was rather, fancy. A waiter sat you both and brought you wine.

“Are you disappointed I brought you here?” Percival asked, pouring some wine in your cup. He was good at hiding his emotions, but you noticed the nervousness in his eyes. You smile warmly at him and shook your head.

“Absolutely not. I just never experienced such a place.” You muttered, looking only at your fingers. Percival felt warmth inside him, he really liked you and he hoped you didn’t think this was all a joke.

“(Name), I took here to tell you that I like you. I was nervous and didn’t know what you would think. I hope you understand my feelings.” Percival gazed into your eyes with genuine adoration. You stared at him in awe, you couldn’t muster out a word. He really likes you.

“P-Percival…I really like you, too. I’m just surprised you asked…me out. I’m just…me.”

A wash of relief took over Percival’s body and he took your hand.

“Of course it’s you. A wonderful, smart, and kind person. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else.” His words hit you like bricks. No one has ever told you such genuine and kind words to you.

The next few hours consisted of talking about each other and eating the delicious dinner. The whole night, all Percival could do was admire your enthusiastic talk about your favorite things, and he couldn’t help but smile.

pat296  asked:

Can you do one on Inej and Nina gossiping about Inej and Kaz's relationship? Thanks!!!

sooo i made this prompt a continuation of another. still would make complete sense on its own, though <33

inej’s birthday part 2/3

(part one here)

Nina smiled at Inej through the gilded mirror as she slid the new hairpin into her hair.  “Kaz was right.”

Inej almost choked on her coffee. “I’m sorry?”

“I originally bought silver. He didn’t say anything when I showed them to him, but his lip did this curl of disgust and I figured he didn’t like them. That’s because gold,” Nina slid in the second pin and smoothed Inej’s frizz, “gold is your color.”

Inej felt her cheeks burning. “He was probably just annoyed by you, Nina. Kaz wouldn’t know what color looks best on me.” She angled her head to observe the finished product of her hair. For the occasion, she allowed Nina to plait it in a way that coiled around her entire head like a crown. Just this once. This way she could flaunt her new sparkling clips properly. 

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Damn Butterflies

Prompt; Will You Marry Me? Requested by @kmmcm

If he were being honest with himself, he was nervous; horribly, terribly nervous. This was an entirely new feeling for the man. Gajeel was more of an on-the-fly kind of person, whatever happened, happened and he would just roll with the punches. But these plans had his nerves on full alert and the butterflies in his gut were going absolutely insane.

He loosed a breath and fiddled with the box in his pocket; the weight, though light, still felt unbearably heavy. The long hours he’d put in at the shop had finally paid off and he was more than excited to finally spend some well overdue and much deserved quality time with his girlfriend. She had been busy making their new house into more of a home and he was beyond ready to take that one step further.

The front door swung open with little effort on his part, his eyes instantly zoned in on the artwork hanging in the living room. She had been hard at work today putting those up, it seemed. The furniture was still scattered but that would have to wait another time, he had bigger plans to deal with this evening.

“Lev, I’m home!”

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allyinwonderlnd  asked:

Hey I saw you wanted some Owen Grady request and do you think you could do like a jealous Owen one please? Like there's a new intern who is always near you or something?

A/N: This is really long and for that I apologize. I decided to use a Vet instead of an intern, I hope that’s okay.

As with all of my writing, this is in honor of my late sister, Heather (2/17/1987-10/27/2014).

I hope you enjoy!

Title: Jealous Owen

Rating: T for one cuss word

“Good morning, girls!” You greeted cheerfully, your (E/C) eyes watching as Blue, Delta, and Echo raced to the fencing to watch you’re approach. “Where’s my Charlie girl?” you asked the three raptors, concern filling you at the absence of the youngest raptor. You loved all four of the raptors but felt closest to Charlie. They each replied with purrs and soft chirps, they’re heads turning to glance at the thick foliage towards the back of the paddock.

“Charlie’s feeling off today, (y/n). The vet is on their way here to check her out,” the voice of your longtime crush and fellow trainer, Owen Grady called down to you. You glanced up and met his gaze from where he stood at the top of the stairs causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach and your hands to get sweaty. You feel your cheeks begin to warm as he smiles down at you.

“I’ll sit in with her until the vet gets here,” you call up to him, your eyes watching as he comes down the stairs towards you. “Gotta take care of my girl, you know?” Owen’s smile brightened as he nodded, his green eyes still focused on your eyes and face. A gentle breeze blew, pulling a few strands of your bangs into your face. You jumped slightly as Owen reached up and brushed them back behind your ear, his fingers lightly brushing your cheek in the process.

You could tell by the slight widening of Owen’s eyes that he was surprised by his own actions but just as quickly as the surprise appeared, it was replaced with his confident, flirtatious smirk. The same smirk that made your body thrum and your lungs forget to breathe. The former Navy member opened his mouth to speak, his hand still resting on the side of your head, his fingers lightly massaging your scalp, something you were sure he was doing unconsciously, but you interrupted, not certain you could deal with the man’s flirting when you were so worked up.

“What,” you begin, your voice shaky and breathy making you clear your throat and break the staring match with the handsome man in front of you, “what is wrong with Charlie?” Owen’s mouth closed and he sighed, his hand dropping to his side as he glanced at the raptor paddock. 

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Just Friends - Chapter 2

Author: Lauren (aka me, one of the admins)
Word Count: 1165
Main Characters: Oliver Wood
Pairing: Oliver x Reader

Chapter 1: (x)

I awoke- for what seemed like hours later- to a slightly snoring Oliver. A soft laugh escaped my lips. My head was resting on his chest as I was laying down on the couch next to him. I popped my head up and looked around. It was now midnight and no one was left in the common room.

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Not this time

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but several people on tumblr asked me to continue my 100 word drabble on how Emma would discover it wasn’t really Killian. 

This is partly cocohook38 fault because they drew an epically angsty fan art of Killian tied up in Rumple’s basement (not in the good way :P.) Rumple’s way of ensuring Killian didn’t walk in while he was impersonating him… Given that premise obviously it will get a little violent before the end…

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“I come bearing coffee!”

“My hero,” Emma responded, glancing up from her paperwork with a grin. Killian placed the cup on her desk and she wrapped her fingers around it savoring the warmth. She took a small sip and grimaced. “How much sugar did you dump in this, Killian?”

“Not to your taste?” he asked.

“It’s like hummingbird nectar.”

“I thought you might like to try something… different.” His eyebrows furrowed.

“Maybe just stick with black next time,” she said, setting the cup down with a smile. His face remained troubled and Emma stood, moving around the desk that separated them. “Killian what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine, love. Relax. You fret too much.”

Emma raised her eyebrows. “I’m just worried about you,” she told him gently. “Killian I know I told you that you can tell me about Ursula on your own time… but just…don’t shut me out entirely. One corner of his lip raised slightly in a flicker of a chuckle.

"You don’t want to know that story, love. I’ve a different sort of reputation to uphold these days.”

“Your past doesn’t define you, Killian. Whatever you’ve done… that’s not who you are anymore. What matters is what you do now.”

“And what… makes you so sure, dear, that I’m not still that man?” She raised her hand to cup his cheek and he smiled flatly at her.

“I trust you,” she said with a small smile, moving forward to kiss him lightly.

He broke the kiss quickly then leaned in to kiss her forehead. “I have to go, love. Errands to run.”

Emma cocked her head to one side and he was already halfway out the door when she called out to him. “What about movie night, you said you could come.”

“Indeed, and I still can. I’ll be there, I have some things to deal with first.”

The door slammed open violently and Killian glanced up, blinking into the light. It was him again, Hook. Cold eyes and lips drawn into a tight venomous line.

“You lied to me, pirate.”

It wasn’t Hook, this wasn’t some time traveling adventure. Hook crossed the room in a few steps and by the time he knelt in front of Killian his features had melted into those of Rumpelstiltskin.

“Of course I bloody lied to you,” Killian murmured groggily.

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Title: Firsts, Seconds, and Then Some

Fandom: Once Upon a Time, Captain Swan

Summary: What the title says. A little silly, fluffy smut with a smidgeon of domesticity. Set about a week after the S3 finale.

Rating: R/Mature (verging on explicit)

Word Count:  ~4,600

Or read on Ao3


The chill evening is wearing on and Emma sits in her usual booth with Killian, both of them finishing off their second beers. Just enough for a light buzz, not enough to make her drunk. So why does the sight of him in his new clothes (purchased to keep him warm in the strange cold snap) make her feel like she’s floating?

Her eyes follow the line of buttons along the front of his light gray shirt to the open v at the neck where, naturally, he’s left enough buttons open to display his chest. (With every passing day the temptation to run her fingers through those tufts of hair is getting harder to resist.) His smile looks more charming than ever over his new shirt and warm black wool pea coat (and the sight of his ass in those new jeans is stamped firmly in her memory).

It’s been six days since they returned from their little adventure in the Enchanted Forest. Six days of flirting in the open and stealing heated kisses behind closed doors. Six days of learning anew how good it feels to have a firm shoulder to rest her head on when she’s tired or stressed, and now nice it is to have tender fingers to tuck her hair behind her ear and caress her cheek when no one else is looking.

Six days of growing heat and need, and God, why doesn’t she just do it already?

Henry’s at Regina’s tonight, after all.


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for all of the days when my hands were held by your smile, for all of the nights when my skin fell to the floor and i found myself inside of a blue and red pill, you made my lilac sky worth the tears and i know it is always like this, this little sadness near the afternoon sun streaks, this little happiness that flutters inside of my stomach, but the butterflies tumble down the stairs and they do not fly like they used to and we are used to such a fate and if cupid had more arrows maybe he could heal the world for his mistakes and if you got lost inside of a maze, i will be right there and we will fall off some cliffs we cannot climb over and we will fall again and again and we will break, but for the days when you were mine and still are, i will be unbendable and i know the trees sniffle as we say that love is something unaffordable, but it is true. you keep us high in efforts and i know the lovers have tried to keep the lies something more than believable, but it is not always so. so they whisper these sad tales of forever and i can tell, sweety, i can tell. you believe in them as much as the moon beams every night and it is not every night, but you still pray that it is true and i know death comes into your bed and hogs your pillows and it dreams with you and leaves the sand in between your toes and pulls you under the ocean of lost spines, but if you could love again, if you could believe that there is still hope and faith is all we will ever have, i know all i do is hang onto your arms, i know all i do is cry a little song to help us sleep and i know we have been better, but tonight it is not so bad to be upset, to be sad, to be you. i know life was supposed to be a love story that we used to read in third grade and love will be the end of us and i know love will always change definitions as much as the clouds change reflections, but if i could call you mine tonight. if the lovers falling at your feet found a way to leave your smile and your lungs run out of air and you can only live in coffins that comes knocking at 10 pm, my darling, my darling, i will have you know that no matter where you go, heaven or hell, hades or earth, i will find a way to place the flowers back into your burning garden, if they burn your bridges, i will build those motherfuckers back and we will walk on the gold left from their lips and we will wrestle with the sleeplessness of restlessness and if that leaves you by morning, i will guide it back by night and a wise woman once said that a bad day is not a bad life and i will have you know that your soul has mentioned to me that spending time with you as poet to poet has made my mornings this much sweeter and if i could gently grab your heart out of this ice chest and placed it back into your breastplate made from pokemon sticks and sad little quotes about not knowing love well enough, i would want you to know.

you have always been that heroine wearing your cute little armor and you always knew how to keep my heart safe. you are the dragon. you are the tower. you are the iron walls. you are the throne. you are the skipped rocks. you are the skipped heartbeats. and if you wanted to hear something else, listen a little longer inside of your mirror– there’s still something.

—  something pure about you.
// k.c.
Not this time

She’s been here.  

Emma makes her excuses and asks Killian to wait for her in the diner. In a few minutes her lock picks have granted her access to his rooms upstairs.  She steals a scarf from his closet and hurries back down the stairs. With butterflies in her stomach she peeks into a window.  Killian still waits at their booth, calmly sipping his coffee.

With a few whispered words of a locator spell, the scarf begins to glow.

It tugs at her insistently… away from the diner. Away from the man in the booth.

Not again.  

Not this time.

There’s a good possibility I won’t be able to leave this one at 100 words… I might have to write a longer one for ‘spinning yarns’, lol.