butterfly staircase

Forget Everybody Else.

A/N: I really wanted to read a Hogwarts!Phan AU and then I thought hang on…why don’t I just write one myself? Even if you don’t like the HP universe you may enjoy this so give it a go!

Title: Forget Everybody Else.

Genre: Hogwarts!Phan/AU/Fluff/Angst/Smut

Warnings: Smut, nothing too heavy…I didn’t even intend to do any, but I seemingly can’t write a fic anymore without it…

Description: Tired of hiding their relationship, members of opposing houses Ravenclaw Phil and Slytherin Dan make the decision to come out – and at what better time than during the school’s annual Yule Ball?

Word Count: 3220


The broom cupboard was getting too small for their secret make-out sessions.

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body: as poem, as girl, as bedroom, as bed


“It wasn’t a war story. It was a love story. It was a ghost story”


It’s not what you do with the gun - it’s how you hold it after. Candy had a dog and then he didn’t. In an elevator, two strangers looked at each other then looked away. There is always something more interesting in the distance.


Imagine walking into the room of a weeping man. Imagine a girl without hands who begs by a mosque. Imagine a dead butterfly on the staircase, a thumbprint on its wing. It’s not what you do with the poem - it’s how you hold it after.

A gun is just another kind of body anyway. Somewhere far, gun is just another name for girl.


I wanted to write something vulnerable. I wanted and it was vulnerable. In dreams, I try to scream and all that comes out is a low breath. It doesn’t matter what I’m screaming about, just that I can’t.

I’m scared of a city that sleeps, where the stray cats go once the shops close up, the darkness that leaks out, dripping under the streetlights.


Sometimes, I worry we’re all just waiting by an elevator, pushing that button again and again.