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Titled: Black Spring.

“I said to my soul, be still, and wait…So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing. ”- T.S. Eliot

Song I listened to while coloring: Black Spring Monolith- Struggle to Subsist.

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The First House - A.K.A Your Rising Sign/Ascendant

This is the first part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

Aries Rising: A leader, you are very headstrong and bold. Because of this you come off as selfish and arrogant to those around you. You have a natural birth chart because it is said that you have earned it in your past life, meaning that you are quite lucky than most signs. Your best qualities are being courageous, having a need to succeed, and having lots of energy.  

Taurus Rising: You are very concerned with keeping everything together so stability is important to you. You aim for having a secure home so you will do what it takes in order to achieve it. By others, you are seen as a person who is patient, takes their time, and stubborn in their ways. 

Gemini Rising: Dual personalities partake in the Gemini ascendant as well. There are those Gemini risings who are either bubbly and talkative, or there are those that are witty and clever. You are very curious, and want to learn about everything and everyone. You thrive in chaos, and are able to focus on more than one thing at a time, even if it looks like you are not paying attention at all. Best quality? Social butterflies. 

Cancer Rising: This sign is a very thoughtful and caring one. People tend to pour their problems and feelings on you because you are able to understand their feelings more so than others. It is easy for them to take advantage of you so learn when to stop being everyone’s therapist. Like a crab, you only come out of your shell when you see fit, but when you do you can become pretty social. 

Leo Rising: Off the bat you attract attention whether it be from your charisma or looks. You would make a great spokesperson since you are very grand in your gestures and are demonstrative. You have a sunny vibe to yourself and are courageous and full of pride. Usually creative, you may be talented in the arts. You guys are natural romantics and love to dream, so much so, that you ensure in achieving those dreams. 

Virgo Rising: Like Cancer risings, you are reserved and take your time opening up to new people and places. Because of this, people believe you to be critical and detached. You are very intelligent. You care about your body, so you can be picky in what you eat, and you enjoy exercise. You stress out a lot because you aim for perfection, but remember, nothing and no one is perfect, so it’s okay to be easy on yourself.

Libra Rising: This is the Ascendant of beauty since it is ruled by Venus itself. You have a natural soothing charm that easily attracts people to you. You enjoy being in a relationship for the sake of not being alone, learn to be independent so you are not taken advantage of, conflict can be good. Looking presentable and fashionable is important to you. 

Scorpio Rising: The aura of the Scorpio Ascendant is strong and let’s others know that you are there. You are either loved or hated. Your privacy is important to you. You are very strong and can overcome mental/physical problems more than others. An ambitious sign, you can be competitive and want to be very successful in what you are trying to achieve. 

Sagittarius Rising: You are very enthusiastic, adventurous, and have a strong desire to explore. You have a need for freedom and independence when it comes to your overall aspect in life. You do not like routine. Spiritualistic and philosophic ways of life are more interesting to you. You have a natural charisma that makes you appear larger than life. 

Capricorn Rising: You take everything seriously, and very competent. The way you are and appear to be is important to you because you believe you look successful, you will be successful. However, you have strong feelings of doubt and are good at hiding them. Very mature for your age, you are smart in your decisions whether it be in wealth or your career. 

Aquarius Rising: Off the bat you are a unique individual and everyone seems to know it. Since you are a very idealistic and humanitarian, you have a keen for being educated in many subjects, so people may come to you for advice. You get a kick out of shocking people because it’s simply just entertaining for you, for example, being the devil’s advocate. You can be stuck in the past or future, so don’t forget to pay attention to the present. 

Pisces Rising: Very “go with the flow” type people you move through life like a fish swimming through a gentle wave. You are irresistibly charming because you are dreamy and soft-hearted. Making decisions is hard for you. One day you can be shy and the next day you can be an outgoing person. You are sensitive, compassionate, and vulnerable. 

• • • • •

I am curious as to what your guys’ rising signs are so please, if you reblog this, add your ascendant to the tags or comments!

- Astrologia xo

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CAN YOU WRITE A LITTLE BLURB ABOUT BEST FRIEND HARRY. omg maybe their first kiss or a cuddly night in

Maybe you’re staying the night at his house. You hadn’t intended for things to get a little flirty, but he’d poured you both some wine and one thing had led to another…

And now you’re sitting next to him on the couch, a lot closer than you would normally sit, and you’re giggling.  You’d been watching a movie but now you’re talking over it, having a friendly little debate.

“Fuck off, y/n. I’m a great kisser.” Harry says, voice loud and a smile tugging at his lips.

“Says who?!”

“Like, everyone I’ve ever kissed!” 

“Well what the fuck do you expect, Harry? They’re not gonna tell you you’re shitty!”

“They would, too.”

“You really think so? You think someone’s gonna look at you and be like ‘yeah you suck at kissing.’“

Harry laughs, a loud belly laugh that echoes through his living room.  “They might!” 

“No.  No one is going to say that to you.”

“You would!”

There’s a brief moment where you take in what he said, and he searches your face to see if maybe he crossed a line.  But you smile still.  “Yeah I probably would.”

“I know you would! You’d be so honest with me if I was shitty.”

“No you’re totally right!” You say.  “I would tell you.”


“Yeah!”  You realize at that moment how close you’re sitting to one another, and you mentally slap yourself when you glance down at his lips. You let out a nervous giggle, praying he doesn’t notice.

“Kiss me,” he says.  There’s nothing seductive about the way he says it.  In fact its very matter-of-fact and playful, but your heart flutters nonetheless.


“What?! I want to know.  Completely honest.”

“Oh my god.”

“Please? I’ll rate your kissing if you rate mine!”

You scoff.  “I know I’m a good kisser.”

“And who’s told you that? Everyone you’ve kissed?”

You can feel your cheeks turning red and you roll your eyes at him.  “I mean, yeah.”

He snorts. “Yeah, exactly!  C’mon then.  Pucker up.”  He leans in like he’s going to kiss you but you pull back with a giggle.

“Wait! Are we just like… going for it?”

“Yeah…?” He giggles.  “Do you want like, a full on presentation?”

“NO its just weird,” you say, squirming a bit to reposition yourself so you’re facing him.  “Like we’re gonna kiss.”

“We’re gonna kiss,” he repeats.  “Ready?”

You laugh, glancing down at his lips.  “Yeah.”

“Okay.”  He leans in, hesitates, lets out a breathy giggle, and then just goes for it.  It lasts about two seconds and feels like a normal kiss, but you can’t stop the butterflies  from rising in your tummy. 

When he pulls away, his cheeks are about as red as yours.  He laughs.  “Well?”

You smile, subconsciously licking your lips.  “That was just a peck,” you say.  “I can’t tell if you’re a good kisser or not.”

He laughs. “Oh I see, you’re trying to get a proper snog.”


He laughs, and the expression on his face tells you that maybe, just maybe, he’s looking for another excuse to kiss you.  “D’ya want me to kiss you again?”

You giggle, shifting uncomfortably.  “Yeah, one more.”

“Just one?”  The question hints at seduction, and he raises his eyebrows subtly.

“Chill out, Styles.  It’s just a kiss.” You giggle.  “Ready?”


You lean in, this time fastening your lips together.  His bottom lip is between yours, and you feel his tongue graze your lip ever so slightly.

Oh god, you’re doing it.  You and your best friend are making out.

You open your mouth and grant him access, and his tongue teases at yours.  Peeking out, licking into your mouth, then pulling back.  You can hear his breathing through his nose getting heavier, and his hand finds it way to your back, pulling you closer.  His tongue licks into your mouth once more, and it becomes apparent that you both were looking for an excuse to do this.

A few more moments pass when you pull away, flushed and giggly.  You smile at him, biting at your lip.

He lets out a long breath, making a soft “phew” sound before giggling.  “So?”

You smile, reaching up to stroke at his hair.  “I give you a ten out of ten.”

He gives you a smug little grin.  “Yeah?”

You nod.  “Definitely.”

He leans in and gives you another soft, unexpected peck.  “I’d give you an eleven.”


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Hey! (Love your account!) so can you do a imagine where the reader is Pewdiepies best friend (who also does YouTube) and meeting Jack or Sean for the first time? Thanks!!


The only thing Felix told you is that he would bring a special guest on your beloved podcast ’Shut up and listen’. At first you figured it would be Marzia, granted by how fondly Felix spoke of this mysterious guest you were only left to assume it was her. The last thing you expected was to see Jacksepticeye in your small studio at 5pm sitting comfortably on a stool next to you with the tip of the mic brushing against his nose. Eyeing him carefully you felt butterflies rise in your chest, a smile picking at the corner of your lips and you turned away from him just in time before he, or Felix, could notice.

After the podcast you decided to treat the boys for some coffee, though nothing fancy as they were both jet lagged and ready to fall asleep at a moment’s notice – whilst they appeared to be somewhat cheerful on the podcast, it was evident that sleep deprivation and stress from the long ques at the airport had taken their toll on them. So you took them to Starbucks and decided to order the most basic drinks you could find. One, for comedic purposes and to see them scowl, and two, because a small part of you hoped they’d like it since that overpriced coffee was beyond delicious.

As Sean went to sit by the window you and Felix were left alone in line, in silence, as both of you carefully read the menu. He was still oblivious your ulterior motives. After a while of waiting Felix lost interest and glanced at Jack, then back to you. Noticing this, you prompted to ask, “You know…I seriously thought you’d bring Marzia. I was already planning on asking her for fashion tips, but…Not saying I’m not happy to meet Sean, but just…why him?”

Felix shrugged, “He insisted.”

You raised a brow, “On what?”

“Meeting you. After I mentioned that I was heading to LA for a couple of days he was pretty eager at dropping hints that he wants to go too.”

“…Oh.” You smiled, a soft blush pinching your cheeks. “That’s very—“

“-Weird, I know.”

I was going to say sweet, but what the hell…

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Star Vs. the Forces of Evil Character Signs

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Star Butterfly: Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Rising

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Marco Diaz: Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Rising

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Pony Head: Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aries Rising

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Ludo: Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising

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Tom: Taurus Sun, Leo Moon, Scorpio Rising

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Queen Moon: Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Libra Rising

King River: Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Aries Rising

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Toffee: Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Capricorn Rising

Titled: All the Pretty Little Horses.

Excuse me while I have babies on the brain.

Inspired by the lullaby All the Pretty Little horses.
(Can listen here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWoPsyY8CZY)

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Hunting Eggs.

Authors note: It was requested to write a few Easter related blurbs and I have no idea how to write them…. So I am sorry about this piece, it is far from the best… but I mean…. I gave it a shot. I am not the best with this children fluff, haha. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their Easter festivities (If celebrated), and may everyone have a lovely and safe weekend!! Xx

All prompts/ Blurbs can be found HERE

At ten at night and the house is ultimately withdrawn, your little boy is fast asleep and out of trouble, no longer causing mischief and doing everything in his power to stress you out. Your little girl also fast asleep, cuddled up to the purple blanket Harry gave her before he left two weeks ago for many radio interviews and what not. 

You overhear the front door open and you smile to yourself, the butterflies rising in your stomach, the all too familiar footsteps echoing against the hard wood floors' 

“Hey, you’re still up.” Harry chimes, sliding his jacket off and throwing it over the couch, promptly bending down and kissing your cheek, 

“Yeah, the Easter Bunny needs to make his rounds.” You gesture towards the Easter eggs scattered around you and the two baskets that you got the children for their Easter egg hunt with the family. “How was the trip?” You grin as he sits down beside you, sneaking an arm around you. 

“So-so. Kinda sick of interviews at the moment,” he sighs, his hand playing with the ribbon that is meant to decorate Olivia’s basket with. “Need some help?” Harry proposes, observing as you’re rather drowsy and would much prefer to be tucked into bed, instead of having to get everything settled for when Olivia and Henry wake up in the morning. 

“Just scatter these eggs everywhere, I’m sure Olivia won’t even understand that the Easter Bunny came considering Henry will wake up before her and take all the eggs.” You sigh, knowing that Henry, who is five, is far more excited than his younger sister, who is three, about the Easter bunny. 

Olivia doesn’t fully understand and Henry is bound to take advantage of his little sister’s lack of comprehension. 

“Henry, he’s a little bugger.” Harry chuckles, “Olivia will have more fun at the egg hunt— which reminds me, Liam said to tell you that he’s got the Easter Bunny coming.” Harry yawns, continuing to play with the ribbon with his free hand.

 *** *** 

At first, you hear the patter of little feet scurrying across the floorboards’ and with a sluggish smile you reach over and pull yourself closer to Harry’s body, his soft snores humming as he mumbles a few incoherent words. You close your eyes for a moment, taking in a deep breath as you try to wake yourself up, knowing that in less than five minutes your two children will be racing in with excited expressions. 

Your fingertips trace circles on Harry’s bare skin, the duvet draping over his lower back, leaving the rest of his torso exposed as he sleeps. He tucks his arm under his pillow, moving slightly within his sleep. “Baby…” you whisper, your fingers continuing to pursue his warm skin. 

He lets out a small groan, a tiny indication he’s gradually waking, but he’s not fully there yet. “Harry, baby, the kids are up.” You whisper, kissing his cheek and you hear a huff escape his dry lips before he moves and changes his position in the bed, going back to sleeping. 

You chuckle to yourself just as you overhear the door creaking open, “Daddy’s home!” Henry reveals rather noisily and excitedly, his sister sleepily behind him as she holds her purple blanket clasped in her small hand. Henry jumps on the bed and Harry instantly moans, his body feeling the bed dipping. 

“‘ey, buddy.” Harry drowsily mumbles, his eyes just now opening as Henry crawls closer to Harry. Harry positions himself on his back, allowing his son to sit on his legs, 

“daddy we missed you.” He bounces cheerfully, as you lean over your side of the bed to pick up Olivia who has been peaceful while patiently waiting for you to grab her. 

You set her down on the bed and she immediately crawls to her father, not giving you the sloppy kiss she usually does when she sees you first thing in the morning. “I missed you, too.” Harry presses a kiss to Henry’s forehead, “aw, darlin’ and you too, come love on daddy.” He opens his arm, allowing Olivia to crawl herself beside Harry, nestling into him. “Are we ready for the Easter hunt today?” Harry challenges, watching as Henry widely smiles and nods his head. 

*** ***

“Niall, Harry, stop yeh cheating! It’s for the children only.” Liam scolds the two as they help their little girls with collecting the scattered eggs. Niall scoffs and places another egg into his four-year-olds basket, peering over at Liam with a grin. 

“Mate, she’s three. Just helping her get some eggs.” Harry chuckles, as the other children scramble around frantically, shoving each other playfully to find the perfect eggs and to find the greatest one at that. 

Somewhere around the area, there’s the ultimate egg that every little kid wants to get their hands’ on. Every year the parents’ make playful banter over which little one will find the egg, typically the boys’ like to place bets on which one of the sons’ will end up with it. 

“Ye’ and Sofie’s Daddy wants some chocolate.” Niall jokes, holding his daughter’s peach coloured basket in his hand, encouraging her to seize the small trail of eggs at her feet. 

Niall and Harry currently being the ones with the youngest, both girls’ being just over the age of three, born only a month apart.
To say the least what their little girls’ want, they definitely get, even friends’ and family dote on the two girls’ like they’re royalty. 

Of course, Niall and Harry love it. 

“Careful sweetie.” Harry benevolently clutches Olivia as she stumbles over her own feet, “don’t get your pretty dress dirty, mummy will get upset with me.” He continues, guiding Olivia away from the uneven grass. 

She swings her basket from side to side, gradually finding a few small eggs that the older children have neglected. 

“Oi, Harry. Wanna find that glorious egg? Heard it was caramel this year.” Niall picks up Sofie as she rubs her eyes, giving up on collecting Easter eggs, much preferring to take a nap on her Daddy’s shoulder. 

“You know that is frowned upon.” Harry glances over towards Niall, attempting to stop Olivia from dropping her eggs from her basket. 

“And?” Niall raises a brow, “mate, let’s have some fun. The girls’ would appreciate it more than the boys and ya know it.” Niall presses with a grin. Harry sighs and nods, knowing that the boys’ have already managed to take all the decent eggs, leaving the girls’ with the mini ones. 

Harry picks up Olivia, and she too nestles into Harry’s neck, just like Sofie is nestled into Niall’s. 

“Daddy, I’m sleepy.” Olivia mumbles, her little hand still holding her basket filled with a few small eggs. 

“I know sweetie, here sleep on daddy.” Harry presses a kiss to her rosy red cheek before tenderly taking the basket from her hand. “What are we even looking for?” Harry glances towards Niall as they both wander along the verdant area, watching as the other little ones spread around everywhere, searching high and low for the ultimate prize.

 Niall shrugs, “your wife said it was a bunny.“ 

"Y/N knows where it is, I figured,” Harry mumbles childishly, beginning to wonder just where exactly you slipped off too once the hunt began. Harry only assumed you went off with the other wives to grab a glass of wine or to gossip with his sister as she’s perched on the decking, observing everyone from the wooden chairs. 

Harry and Niall scope the area with their sleeping girls’ nestled into them, eventually giving up and leaving the egg hunt for the children. 

You place your wine glass down on the table, Harry’s Mum describing a story about her weekend shenanigans from last week. You smile over at Harry as he unobtrusively wanders over, showing off Olivia as she’s cuddled into him. 

“Aww did you bore her with your terrible egg hunting skills?” Gemma jokes, only causing Harry to roll his eyes at his sister’s playful banter. “I told you to let me help her get eggs.” Gemma pouts, opening her arms, desiring to hold her niece. Harry tenderly places Olivia in her arms, kissing Olivia’s cheek before stealing your glass of wine. 

“What we talkin’ about?” He smiles at his mother, taking a sip of your wine as Niall sits down, cradling Sofie. 

“We were discussing your mother’s story until you interrupted.” You smile while he takes the seat beside you, continuing to drink your wine. 

“Okay, so what is the story?” He curiously asks and you shake your head, his sister chuckling to herself. 

There are just some stories he does not need to hear. 

“We were just about to talk about you two collaborating.” Gemma gestures between Harry and Niall, bringing up the question that has been circulating for a while. 

“Me and him? Nah, don’t like the fella.” Niall shakes his head, 

“Feeling is mutual.” Harry agrees playfully, the two of them grinning, still refusing to tell anyone about their plans, even if there are any plans. The seem to relish in keeping people guessing and speculating, especially Harry, he does it constantly. “Can I have my daughter back yet?” Harry looks towards his sister and she shakes her head, her eyes staring down at her niece.

“Nope, I want to hold her forever.” She grins, just as the other parents join the small circle, bringing more wine and stories to share while the children play and hunt Easter eggs.

Rescue || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

It had been a normal morning, one that you probably wouldn’t have ever remembered, the days all blurring into one another and disappearing just like they had come. Not a single thought would cross your mind about this specific day, that was until you met him. The morning had been quiet, the echoes of voices passing the coffee shop you worked in, not fully reaching your ears but just enough for you to recognize them.

It was slow that day, many people being at work as it was a weekday, disappearing from the shop they would usually occupy on the weekends. It had happened in a blur almost, throwing off your groove and causing you to stare at the front door of the coffee shop. The boy stood there, his back pressed to the door while he panted, the breaths coming in rapidly.

His eyes were wide as he looked around the shop and he quickly made eye contact with you. A few customers had been startled by his initial entrance but didn’t even bat an eyelash now. They ignored him just as they would any teenager that entered the shop, and that left only you to notice his appearance. He looked straggled, his clothes messed up from where he had been running.

“Are you okay?” You asked, concern overtaking your voice. Something must have happened in order to make the boy as startled as he was. You weren’t sure what had happened but if you could help in any way you knew you had too.

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