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Romance Prompt, by title

Titles from here: Romance Novels, Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Prompt, by theme:

   Mediterranean Baby
   The Baby Pregnancy
   The Baby Barbarian
   Blackmailed Baby
   The Greek Baby Boss
   Becoming the Baby Count
   The Baby Doctor Seduction
   Mistress Man’s Baby
   Secret Secret Baby
   The Surgeon’s Baby Surgeon
   Pregnant for the Rage
   Double Baby
   A Irresistible Good Baby

High status:

   His Pregnant Prince
   The Sheikh’s Marriage Sheriff
   Purter the Playboy
   The Prince’s Virgin’s Virgin
   Storm Jake
   The Consultant Count
   Virgin Viking
   The Prince’s Round Brothers
   Prince Dad Sheikh?
   Butterfly Earl
   Sin Secret Ray
   Count Sergei’s Proposal
   The English Millionaire Investigator
   The Sheikh’s Convenient Desires


   Mistress Wife
   Husband Bride
   Marriage Valley
   Her Marriage Marriage
   The Husband Man
   Missingbroom Bride
   The Man’s Marriage Touch
   The Billionaire’s Marriage Valley
   The Savage Bride
   Consultant Bride


   The Strange Consultant Surgeon
   The Doctor’s Children’s Proposal
   The Man for Dr. Husband
   Dear Dr. High-Kungly Seductive Mistake
   My, Hot Doctor
   Surgery Seduction


   Winning for Christmas
   Christmas of the Year
   Christmas Pregnant Paradise
   Christmas with her Blackmail
   Desert Santa
   The Santa Wife
   Impossible Santa Wife
   The Boss’s Secret Conspiration to Christmas Wish
   Mission: Christmas to Knith


   Forbidden Texas, Texan
   Midwife Cowpoke
   Pregnant Cow
   Cattle Lover
   Under the Cowboy
   In the Mountain for the Tender Seduction


   The Sexy Affair
   Dangerously! Seduction
   Private Part
   Inheritance Sex
   The Sex Lovers
   Naked Hot Ranger
   The Virgin Date of Sexy
   Sex Revenge

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The Doors: Morrison Hotel (1970)

Morrison Hotel isn’t my favorite Doors LP in terms of having song after amazing song (their debut and L.A. Woman are pretty tough to beat), but it’s probably my favorite when it comes to ATTITUDE!

Here they were revived as a hard-drinking-and-brawling, bad-ass blues-rock combo, recovering much of the focus lost on the pedestrian Waiting for the Sun and the excessive The Soft Parade, within the first 90 seconds of the iconic “Roadhouse Blues.”

Even the not-so-timeless songs like “You Make Me Real,” “Peace Frog” and “Land Ho!” (what an awesome mid-section) generally succeed on the strength of their raucous, feisty intensity, and the closing “Maggie M’Gill” captures the brooding, growling Lizard King at his most menacing.

By contrast, the infrequent diversions into softer sounds showcase some of Morrison’s subtlest and sweetest crooning – not so much during the baroque flourishes and fiery crescendo of “Waiting for the Sun,” but certainly amid the hazy reveries of “Blue Sunday” and “Indian Summer.” 

All in all, though it was Morrison’s name used in the title, I think this LP marked the rebirth of Jim, Ray, Robbie and John as The Doors: a band to be reckoned with among classic rock’s “greatest generation, even though their tragic demise loomed ever closer.

Or, as the blues singer sagely put it, so presciently and sagely: “The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near,” before casually shrugging his shoulders and concluding: “Let it roll, baby, roll!”

Flirting 101

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Summary: Castiel x Reader: Castiel tries to flirt with the reader, using pick up lines he got from Dean, and failing adorably. 

Word Count: 2062

Triggers: None just fluff

Y/N = Your name 

You’d been pages deep into your research for your ongoing case when Castiel walked through the door. Looking slightly awkward as he stopped short of where you were lounging on the couch. Just like it always did, your heart did that little leap into your throat as your eyes found his shockingly blue ones across the room. And, just like you always did, you played it off with a small friendly smile. Pretending his arrival didn’t throw your whole world out of balance as you forced yourself to stay comfortably as his friend.

“What’s up Cas?” You said, internally patting your own back for your smooth acting as you put the papers down on the coffee table in front of you. If hunting ever failed you as a profession, you could always go ahead and become an actress. You got the whole friendly-and-definitely-not-drooling-at-you act down to a T.

Castiel let his head fall slightly to the side as he looked at you with a mildly confused look. Like a goddamned puppy unable to understand the meaning of your words. His brow furrowed as his eyes left yours to look up at the ceiling of the Men of Letters bunker before returning his piercing gaze right back to you after nothing but a short reprieve.

“We are underground, so a lot of things are up…” Castiel somehow managed to phrase the words as a factual statement and a question at the same time as he looked at you, finally stepping slightly closer to where you were still seated. Though he was still halfway across the room from you. “Is there something in particular I should see?”

“No.. It’s just a greeting… Y’know, never mind. Hi Cas,” Your attempted explanation failed before it even left you as you watched the adorable furrow in Cas’ brow only deepen at your words. Your simple greeting easily bringing a small smile to the lips of the angel before he once more got that pensive, slightly awkward look that he’d had when he entered the bunker library.

“Hello (Y/N). I… I have something I wish to discuss with you. No, I mean ask… I have something to ask you,” The angel in a trench-coat in front of you was fumbling through his words, looking increasingly uncomfortable as he spoke. The way he was acting caused you to automatically sit up a little straighter. Whatever he had that he needed to ask you had to be important if it was causing the usually stoic angel to act so strangely. And in your business, important was usually just a synonym for weird, strange or really fucking bad.

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look at he do yonn (featuring the top half of Charlie’s head) ((Taken from HU’s Instagram Story))

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A music playlist that thoroughly explores the facets to Saeran’s characterization~ The Unknown and Saeran ones being relevant to the events in-game and Secret Ends, whereas the rest of the songs are based around Ray’s views through V’s Route.

Note that there are a some tracks that 90-95% responds well to him, a few lines may throw you off a little but the rest is still pretty consistent to him. Happy listening~🎶🎶

Boxing Day // Blink-182 **Saeran**

Lost in the Echo // Linkin Park **Unknown**

Throne // Bring Me The Horizon **Unknown**

Skin to Bone // Linkin Park **Unknown**

One Step Closer // Linkin Park **Unknown**

Burning My Soul // Dream Theater **Unknown**

Lies, Greed, Misery // Linkin Park **Unknown**

A Light That Never Comes // Linkin Park feat Steve Aoki **Unknown**

Psycho // System Of A Down **Unknown/Saeran**

A Shipwreck in the Sand // Silverstein **Saeran**

Snowblind // Styx **Saeran**

Fighting The Gravity // Blink-182 **Saeran**

Message Man // twenty one pilots **Saeran**

By Myself // Linkin Park **Saeran**

My Demons // Starset **Saeran**

The Enemy Inside // Dream Theater **Saeran**

Car Radio // twenty one pilots **Saeran**

No Roads Left // Linkin Park **Saeran**

Somewhere I Belong // Linkin Park **Saeran**

Robot Boy // Linkin Park **Saeran**

The Warmth // Incubus **Saeran**

Rainbow // Sugar Ray **Saeran**

Fairly Local // twenty one pilots **Unknown/Ray**

Infinite // Natewantstobattle feat Arin Hanson **Unknown/Ray**

The Enemy Within // Rush **Ray/Unknown**

The Other Side // The Birthday Massacre **Ray/Unknown**

Trees // twenty one pilots **Ray**

Golden Lark // Styx **Ray**

To Live and to Lose // Silverstein **Ray**

With Eyes Wide Shut // Blessthefall **Ray**

Probably All in the Mind // Oasis **Ray**

She is Love // Oasis **Ray**

Tear in my Heart // twenty one pilots **Ray**

Light Up // Styx **Ray**

All Night Dance Parties in the Underground Palace // Alesana **Ray**

Need You Now // Henry **Ray**

Butterfly // G-Dragon **Ray**

My vita games so far 18 games

Durarara 3 way standoff
Amnesia Later crowd
Amnesia world
Amnesia memories
Clock zero ex time
Ray Gigant
5 koi no Prince
Marginal #4 idol of supernova
Diabolik lovers vandead carnival
Diabolik lovers more blood limited V edition
Diabolik lovers dark fate
Root Rexx
I doll u
Reine de flures
Psychedelica of the black butterfly
Possession magenta
Prince of stride

One the way: red of another

Ray: “We made you guys drinks and everything you brought us was a pouch of juice and a warm E-Cola?”

Geoff: “Ryan isn’t complaining, shut up.”

anonymous asked:

T, X, J, H and C for kuroo? (So sorry if that's too many letters! Just choose the ones u feel the most comfy writing for) <333b

T (Toy)- He doesn’t really mind toys. Personally he doesn’t really care for them, the vibrations honestly make him a little bit nauseous, but if his s/o’s into that certain thing, he doesn’t mind using a toy or two on them. His personal favorites are the “Hitachi Wand” and the “Venus Butterfly”.

X (X-Ray)- He’s got a pretty decent package going on. He’s a solid six and a half inches, and moderately girthy. He really doesn’t pay much attention to his dick besides when he has to pee, so he couldn’t really tell you how long he is exactly. Half of me wants to believe he’s one of those guys to say “I got a whole foot down there”, but really he’d only ever say that in a mocking tone towards his close friends to agitate them. When he gets hard his dick turns upwards towards the band of his underwear, and once he got a hard on during science and unfortunately had to fix it. Nobody saw, besides his lab partner who said, “wow Kuroo, I know you like chemistry, dude, but this is a whole nother level of like.”

J (Jack-off)- He’d honestly like to jack off more, but never seems to find anytime for it. He’s always either playing volleyball or studying, and he has very, very little personal time in between. One time, he got so frustrated while doing precalc homework he somehow gave himself a boner, then gave up and jerked himself off in his desk chair.
(When he came he freaked out because if he got anything on his homework he was done for.)

H (Hair)- He literally couldn’t care less about how messy his pubic hair is. Kuroo has really thick hair on his head, so naturally, it’s thick all over. If he was a girl, he’s honest he’d be mortified, but as a guy (with no certain expectations from society) he just lets it grow. It’s literally a jungle down there, and the first time his s/o comes in contact with it, it’s kind of repulsing. They tease him on how he should spend more time trying to tame that monster rather than trying with his bedhead, but he just laughs it off. (Although, he may have considered putting gel in it once, just for the shits and giggles)

C (Cum)- He shoots a whole bucketload and he really hates himself for it sometimes. When he was first getting into masturbation, he didn’t really realize how much he could actually cum, so he would do it on his bed. One night he tried this and to his demise, got a huge spot on his bed wet. He couldn’t blame it on anything since his mother banned him from taking drinks to his room because he’d hoard bottles, so he just sat there, frantic, trying to figure out a way to clean it up. He ended up switching out the sheets and throwing it in the wash the next morning, and to his luck his mother never questioned it. So, to that day on, if he ever decides to matsurbate, he does it in the shower.