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Passing the Torch by Jhonny-Maniac (deviantart)
Class is in session! Jack’s the perfect hero to teach the next generation of animated heroes!

All my fave cartoon characters in one room. Marco is the host.

I draw all of them in my style so hope you like it. if you like it, please reblog for motivate me to do more. Also you can find who is not invated to the party.

Biggur: imgur

Disney XD heroes on their first days being heroes:
  • Dipper Pines: Whoa... cool, a mysterious journal. I am totally into this.
  • Randy Cunningham: Suh-WEE-HEEET! So BRUCE!! I'm the Ninja! You bet your cheese I'm into this!
  • Penn Zero: What? No way! I ain't doing this! Count me out! I am not into this!

Some sketches of different protagonists being possessed by Bill Cipher because why not? I may or may not have a thing for characters being possessed by some supernatural being uwu… I kinda imagine each character that is possessed by Bill Cipher (except Dipper) wearing some kind of clothing that matches with Bill’s color scheme and the protagonist’s clothing style. My favorite one is Possessed!Star’s clothing and wand because it fits her when she is possessed by Bill…then again that’s just me.

Anyway, I will tell you what characters I used to be Bill’s unfortunate victims (Clockwise):

• Dipper Pines + Bill = Bipper

• Randy Cunningham + Bill = ????

• Star Butterfly + Bill = ????

• Twilight Sparkle + Bill = Twill

• Wirt + Bill = Birt/Will

• Steven Universe + Bill = Beven/Stevill

• Penn Zero + Bill = Benn

• Wander + Bill = ????

So far these are the names I came up with (except Bipper and Will/Birt) if someone decides to combine the two names together for whatever reason. The ones with the question marks are still pending but I don’t know what to name them so feel free to suggest some names because I got nothing for now.

Disney XD Heroes in problematic nutshells.

Randy Cunningham: Misinterprets sacred knowledge so he can misuse ancient powers.

Penn Zero: Does other people’s jobs for them instead of giving them an opportunity to learn from their own mistakes.

Star Butterfly: Her birthright makes her a danger to herself and everyone around her… especially everyone around her.

Wander: His lack of problems is a problem in and of itself… 

Dipper: His curiosity will kill everyone’s cats.

Oh wow guys look what I did~ Heck I fell in love with this crossover!!

Except for RC9GN and PnF, the other styles were mah first few attempts. Also (fake) logo because reasons.


Hello guys, this is something I challenged myself to make during all the month of August. You’ll see I was really surprised when I learned that one of Penn’s talents was dancing so I challenged myself to draw him daning with a character from each show I follow/followed in the past 2-3 years? But I have to admit it was pretty difficult to draw him with someone form Detentionaire and DTMG as a  compensation I made 2 tiny comics (besides of a tiny comic with Randy ‘cause he deserves it).

References for this were token from Pinterest. Enjoy.


I did one of those hex fusion things with everyone’s favorite current DisneyXD teen heroes!

I got inspired after riot–rebel posted their Randy and Star fusion.

I used elements from Randy’s current satchel in season 2 for the devices/bags of their’s, but its not in his model sheet so I needed to state that.

I’m wondering about their mixed personalities, but haven’t thought them all through, other than the Star+Randy one, which has a description in the image caption. Drop some ideas to me if you have some.

Sorry for the crazy idea.