butterfly potatoes


sorry for potato graphics!

anyway, the pride march was a lot of fun! I only got screenshots of day 2 because I’m intensely stupid and didn’t even think to get any on day 1

also big thanks to my guildies from Order of the Round Table [ORT] who were able to make it! and also thank you to those who couldn’t make it but wished us a fun time anyway <3

@scordarsi @buttercreambear @sunshine-soda

(idk who else, if anyone, has tumblrs I can ping for this?)

One thing I love about fandoms is how they make some little things happy, funny, or heartbreaking.

Black cats, ladybugs, Butterflies, Potatoes, flags, pasta, maps, blue flowers, stairs, colours, cake, chairs, buckets, puppets, cabbages, boomerangs, mushrooms, bananas, fish fingers, jelly babies, jammie dodgers, knocking, sweaters, caps, journals, triangles, natchos

dragon breeds AKA
  • Tundras: some kind of lion walrus.
  • Mirrors: lizard dog. very pure
  • Guardians: big buff beard mom
  • Faes: tsundere anime butterflies
  • Snappers: sweet potatoes. sneep snops. the SNOOPS
  • Spirals: noodles.
  • Skydancers: dancing chickens perhaps
  • Ridgebacks: take a closer look at that snout
  • Nocturnes: smol
  • Coatls: a cat of some sort.
  • Wildclaws: [Jurassic Park Theme Song]
  • Imperials: big weird dog
  • Pearlcatchers: smaller weird dog + ball