butterfly pendants jewelry


A sneaky peek at my two latest creations. 

The first contains a sprig of locally harvested buddleia flowers, otherwise known as the “butterfly bush”, a section of a tortoiseshell wing, and an amethyst. It comes together as a charm to “bring the butterflies”. 

The second features a polished Australian opal, and a piece of coral that was found washed up on a beach by a good friend of mine. To finish off the sea theme, I added a cluster of sea salt crystals. 

These will both be in the Etsy shop once it’s up and running. The sea jar may be a bit more pricey due to the opal, but I promise it’s a beautiful piece. This photo doesn’t capture its full fire!

The Etsy curio shop is officially open! Please take a peek, I hope you find something you like. :3 

I’ll gradually be adding more listing over the next few days, so keep checking back for updates! Eventually I hope to have a listing schedule arranged. 

I will be stocking a range of curio pendants featuring a variety of interesting objects including - bees, butterflies, moths, bugs of all kinds, herbs, flowers, gemstones, mini tarot cards, and more curiosities as I find them! Each is made with love and a touch of magic. :) 

A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported this little idea of mine! 
Check it out