butterfly on your head

  • Hufflepuff aesthetic: sitting after a long day; pulling your blanket back on when it falls off in the night; broken cinnamon sticks; jumpers that are too big; putting on warm socks; your pet resting their head on your lap; butterfly kisses; extra creamy hot chocolate; humming in the morning;
  • Gryffindor aesthetic: being breathless after running; spinning fast on office chairs; untying your hair; having dirty feet; finishing big breakfast; holding hands; fire crackling; having red lips from berries; burning the tips of your fingers on hot drinks; brushing your hands through fur;
  • Slytherin aesthetic: making perfect paper creases; sucking on ice; rooms with high ceilings; looking up at the stars; getting up for a drink of water at night; brushing your hair behind your ears; heels clicking on polished floors; dancing home alone; driving fast; jumping high on trampolines; charcoal on fingers; blasting music on headphones; being light-headed after a sleep in;
  • Ravenclaw aesthetic: covering your eyes with your hair; cold wind on your face; brushed teeth; finishing a long book series; wearing extravagant clothes at home for no reason; sipping lemonade through straws; multi-tasking; hot showers; staying up late; quiet music; the taste of mint; perfectly sharpened pencils;
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(A Johnlock ficlet)

(I didn’t do anything celebratory after 800 followers. So thought I would write a fluff ficlet. Also it is a compensation for all the angst post I frequently make.:D So here it goes.Hope you like.)

Sherlock moved restlessly in bed. The thought has been killing him for days. And his mind cannot do anything about it. And is coming up with no answer.

He sat up. The red digits of the table clock showing it was 4.30 a.m.

He has to know. He has to.

He opened the laptop and put a query on the search bar.

How to know if you are in love?

The search engine came up with millions of answers.

Sherlock started to read them

‘Whenever you see that person, your heart flatters like a caged bird, butterflies start flapping in your stomach. Your knees go weak. Your head goes dizzy…’

“Who writes these things? Teenagers?”

Sherlock closed the laptop with a thud ,frustrated.

“Of course teenagers write these things. No grown up man has the time to spare time about stupid things called love.” he grunted in his throat, and laid in the bed. Looking at the ceiling. Just over which John was having a peaceful sleep. Not knowing that Sherlock is losing his own sleep over the thought of him.


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Playtime: Tom Holland x WOC Actress

 Just a lot of fluff. 

Tom was playing his Xbox and intensely so. You stared at him adoringly as his beautiful brown eyes focused on the game. You pushed his hair out of his face and he smiled at the feeling of  your soft touch but his focus never left the game. 

You had the sudden urge to kiss him all over his cute face but you didn’t want to interrupt his game. Fuck it, you thought and you placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. You couldn’t stop yourself, so you placed small kisses on his face. “What are you doing?” He asked while still playing. “Your face is so cute that I just want to kiss it.” You admitted. He blushed continued on with his game while you placed butterfly kiss on his face. You rested your head on his shoulder and watched him play. 

He looked out of the corner of his eyes and saw you staring at him with a cute smile on your face. He paused the game and looked down at you, “Are you okay, love?”

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What dating Luhan Would be Like:
  • he’d be so nervous to ask you out
  • Luhan would probably mumble his confession and you’d be trying to figure out what he said because it had sounded a lot like “mmm food”
  • he’d see your confused expression and say “you, I love you”
  • for your first date he’d take to a lazer tag arena
  • the two of you would be a lethal team and you two would end up staying at the arena for about five hours because different groups of people would want to challenge the two of you
  • the two of you would be undefeated
  • he would hold your hand all the time when the two of you were in public and would love when you began to swing your arms
  • he’d laugh shyly and stop to pull you into a hug
  • his hugs would be so warm and loving
  • he would nuzzle his head into your neck leave little butterfly kisses there
  • Luhan would kiss you so softly at first, barely touching your lips but eventually his kisses would become deep and passionate
  • Luhan would be so gentle with you
  • but he wouldn’t treat you like you were some toddler he was forced to take care of
  • he would sometimes be working really late at the studio and call you, begging you to come see him
  • he’d be sitting on the floor of the dance room with his head in his hands and you’d hug him from the side and pull him into you
  • he’d explain a new move they were doing reminded him of one he’d done with EXO and he’d really miss someone from the group for a moment
  • sometimes he’d call you just so he had a chance to see you that week
  • he would always have you dance with him
  • the dancing would be pretty bad like Luhan would just turn on some music and would begin doing horrible dance moves that could be considered arm flailing with the occasional ballerina twirl and you’d be laughing so hard but eventually join in
  • Luhan would love having you sit on his lap when he was listening to music at the studio
  • he would value your opinion so much and would always be very nervous when you started listening to his new songs
  • sex with Luhan probably would be gentle but satisfactory at first but oh man, once the two of you had gotten comfortable together and he figured out what you liked… good luck
  • he’d be so loving and supportive and just being around him would make you feel better because he was so calm
  • everyone could see how much he loved you, especially when he looked at you
  • that boy would love you so much you would be so much of his world
The Only One Pt.4 (Jimin scenario)

Paring : Jimin / you (female)

Genre : Vampire AU / angst / romance

Words count : 1700+

A/N : Enjoy! 

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13 Pt.14

Originally posted by forjimin

You walked back and forth in your room, your heart beating fast, your hands were shaking, a smile was printed on your face, you felt butterflies in your stomach, the conversation of earlier was running in your head over and over, “oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening.” you were practically freaking out because of what he said to you.


“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

You looked at him shocked, you opened your mouth but you couldn’t say anything.

“I know this sounds strange because we met a week ago. You’re a beautiful girl and I .. I was lonely and I really enjoy having you around. Um.. I hope that you accept my feelings,” he let go of your hand and stood up, you just stared at him with a slightly opened mouth, “just think about it. I have to go.” He grabbed his keys and walked out of the house leaving you frozen there, it took you a couple of minutes to actually realize what had happened.

_end of flashback_

“I feel like I’m dreaming!” You let out a small scream of happiness, good things happened one after the other in a short amount of time, finely things were good again, one man fixed everything in your life.

It was almost midnight and you hoped he would come back earlier just this time so you could tell him how you feel.

Jimin in the other hand was sitting in his car somewhere in the dark, his eyes were closed, thinking about you as always.

What if she says no? What if she doesn’t like me back? What if she leaves? He opened his eyes as that last question popped in his head, “what if she leaves?” He was terrified by the idea itself, so he drove home right away.

As soon as you heard the door open, your heart skipped a beat, he let out a breath when he saw your things in the same place he left them.

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Mukami: kissing away the tears. Requested by amyohtheotaku.

Cradling you to their chest, slowly they rocked you back and forth.
You couldn’t help it, you suffered from depression and would have break downs at random. But no matter where they were or what they were doing their rushed to your side.

Pressing his forehead against yours,
“I have you darling.” He softly whispered, as he grabbed your chin tilting you head back.
Softly, like a butterfly’s wing grazing your cheek, he kissed away you tears with care.
“Let’s do something anything just the two of us. And no one else.”

Softly he sung to her as you trembled in his arms.
Kou could clearly see the torment in your heart and understood as he tried to distract you.
“Kitten-chan do you wish to see some kittens?” He asked, “I’m sure I can get you cuddled by 20 kittens.” He suggested as you numbly nodded,
“First we need to get rid of these tears.”
Smiling he left lingering soft kisses where your tears were.

Teleporting to an open field full of flowers.
Yuma sat with you in the shade of a beautiful tall tree. As he kissed your lips numb, your tears mingling with the sweet kiss.
“No more tears ok. Don’t think about it just focus on my lips.”

“Where…does it…hurt?” He asked as he nuzzled you,
“My heart.” You sobbed, as he began to softly lick away your tears and slowly moved your shirt down.
Pressing his lips to your skin just above your heart.

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I don't know if I'm alone in this but...

I absolutely love how when you’re nearing the very end of a fantastic book and your eyes start feverishly flickering across the lines and you’re drinking it all in as swiftly as you can and your head spins and you feel butterflies in your stomach and then suddenly you’re on the last page and you’re reading even faster than you were before and you get to the last line… the final word… and then cHILLS.

You’ll feel your heart flutter once again at the sight of her and wonder if your internal organs have been replaced by the wings of a thousand butterflies.

You’ll be repeating to yourself in your head that it’s not socially acceptable to say you love someone on the day you meet them so instead you’ll write “I think I love her” on a scrap of paper you’ll leave in her room and let fate decide when she finds your timid declaration of love.

You’ll be out of money, out of a car, and on the edge of losing your home. You’ll be crying to her on facetime that night because you haven’t felt her touch in over a month and you don’t know when you’ll be able to get to her. The next morning you’ll tell your sister that you have a positive outlook and she’ll stare at you like you’ve lost your marbles but you’ll realize that it’s because of her.

She’ll be on top of you, tears streaming down her face and dripping onto yours and you’ll realize that the shudders going through her body are a physical representation of how fucking incapable she is of expressing just how much she loves you because it’s not a measurable amount..it’d break the scales.

You’ll be juggling job searches and school applications and paying rent and credit scores and it’ll hit you that the things you’d swallow a bottle of pills over just a year ago are now merely bumps on the path to your future together and that as long as she remains the light at the end of your tunnel, that -
you. can. survive.

You’ll stare god right in the eye and tell him that if loving her was a sin that you want no place in heaven with him because if he wasn’t the one who sent her then he has no claim to your soul.

—  Written by me, for her, inspired by this.

Aries - I could swear your heart might outgrow your body someday.

Taurus - There is a time to forgive and a time not to. I hope you’ll learn the difference.

Gemini - There’s every chance in the world that things will be better tomorrow. 

Cancer - Please tell me you’re not going to leave it all this way.

Leo - Find the thing that gives you butterflies, that makes your head spin, that makes you feel a little less hopeless, and do it over and over.

Virgo - Getting to sleep is its own hurdle these days, I know. But you will make that leap.

Libra - Be brutal. Be passionate. Don’t poison yourself with the fear of being tough.

Scorpio - Dare to be vulnerable.

Sagittarius - Things rarely ever happen all on their own.

Capricorn - Pay attention to the way people act when they think you’re not looking. 

Aquarius - It’s all yours. This whole damn world is, if you want it.

Pisces - You don’t have to have some wild, fantastical dream to be deserving of life.

—  next week’s horoscopes, s.s.
How to Organize Your Butterflies (and get rid of the nerves before your big audition)

Ladies and gentlemen, I can thank Sutton Foster for my college acceptance. As most of you know, I had to go through a series of crazy, nerve-wracking auditions in order to get accepted into a college music program, and I finally have! I must say, before going into the audition room at this particular school, though, I was ridiculously nervous I felt I could just about vomit, but as I walked into the room, a piece of advice from the awesome Sutton Foster came to mind: Organize those Butterflies.

Getting rid of the nerves is simple, when put into Foster’s terms:

1.) concentrate on where they are (are they in your head, chest, stomach?)

2.) Take the butterflies and push them down to your toes. You should feel a slight tingling sensation.

3.) Take them again and bring them up through your body and to your fingertips.

4.) Now send those butterflies out and away. If you do it right, the tingles mentioned before should stop.

5.) You literally just took control of your nerves. Now you can go into the performance room with a clear head.

I know it sounds weird, but I feel like without this technique I never would’ve even been able to make it through the theory test, so thank you to Sutton Foster for sharing this invaluable technique. If ever you’re feeling the pressure, try this technique yourself. It may take 15 seconds, it could take five minutes depending on the person, but it definitely helps, I promise!