butterfly in the typewriter

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prompt (when you can): enjoltaire + tattoos AHHHH

this is real short bc i was struck by an idea the second i read this but i dont have lots of time to write a 2k thing sry but here u go:


Everyone knows Grantaire has tattoos. He’s got a full sleeve on his left arm of flowers, mostly red and pink, mixed in with green leaves and vines. There’s one on his foot of kitty paw prints, and supposedly he’s got a French cockade tattooed on his ass cheek, but there’s debate on which one or if it’s real.

His right arm is dedicated to his friends: a moth courtesy of Combeferre, a sun for Courfeyrac, brass knuckles for Bahorel, a paper crane for Feuilly, a band aid reading “BOSS BITCH” for Bossuet, Joly, and Chetta, a human skull for Jehan, two interlocking hearts for Marius and Cosette (the second heart was added when she joined the group, because of Marius), and a butterfly for Eponine. There’s also two words tattooed over his heart in blocky typewriter letters. Everyone’s seen it, but nobody knows what it means.

What nobody knows (except Courfeyrac and Combeferre) is that Enjolras also has tattoos. Not nearly as many as Grantaire, and they can all be hidden by a shirt, but he has some: a triangle for his friendship with Combeferre and Courfeyrac, “Les Amis De l’ABC” in a flowing script on his shoulder blade, and three words over his heart in blocky typewriter letters.

Grantaire’s two words are “Be serious.”

Enjolras’ three words are “I am wild.”

Nancy Drew [x] | #25NDOutfits | Day 17: Favorite Main Character

Nancy Drew has been my favorite character for years. I’ve looked up to her as I’ve read the books and played the games. I honestly wish I could be as witty, smart, perceptive, well-spoken, creative, resourceful, classy and kind as she is. I think we all can look up to her, and I try to emulate her actions every day. To create a look inspired by this character, pair a polka dotted coat with a simple dress, knit tights, a cloche hat, a satchel bag, and ribbon-tie heels. Cute bow earrings, a magnifying glass necklace, a butterfly locket, jeweled bracelets, a stack of silver rings, and a typewriter key ring complete the look.