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Last year was all peaches, and strawberries, and you. This year I’m trying to lose myself in the sweetness of mangoes, the tang of citrus. See I’ve spent this year learning about the meaning of flowers and wondering when I stopped being able to use my words. When everything turned into a string of metaphors that leads me back to your mouth. So maybe the butterflies are hatching, and we’re all so susceptible to the power of pollen that when allergy season starts, we’re all falling in love again. And maybe winter blues don’t feel lonely because they echo back your name, but the warm months do because it’s the time of the year I didn’t get to have you. So I’m out grocery shopping, and I’m forming poems about how I don’t know if your mouth tasted like strawberries or if strawberries taste like your mouth but either way, I can’t stomach them anymore. I’m weighing mangoes. I’m zesting oranges over my cuts. I’m planting 98¢ roses and hoping they’ll bloom where our love couldn’t.
—  Mango Season, Angelea Lowes

whoa a world where dragons are just like butterflies like they hatch out of eggs and are huge larva capterilla things with tons of legs and plate armour and then they cacoon like huge gemstoney type of things from cave walls and then dragons flop out and they squat, scaely moth butterfly like things with vivid patterned wings and antea and whispers and manbills and compound eyes


The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is one of the most iconic transformations in nature. So what exactly happens during this complicated process?

Step 1: Egg

All butterflies start as tiny eggs—each about the size of a pin—that female butterflies deposit on leaves in small clusters. Eggs typically gestate for about a week or two, at which point they hatch into butterfly larva.

Step 2: Larva

Almost all insect species go through larval stages. Fly larvae, for instance, are commonly known as maggots. Butterfly larvae—more commonly known as caterpillars—are more charismatic than most of their cohorts.

Caterpillars are notoriously voracious, consuming grass, leaves, and other plant material as they grow up to 1,000 times their original birth weight. While some species binge and blow up in just a few weeks, others take longer to develop. The wood-eating Carpenter Worm is actually a caterpillar that can take as long as three years to grow out of its larval state.

No matter how long it takes, each caterpillar is eating to prepare for the next stage in its life cycle, when it will put those calories to use to power a startling transformation

Step 3: Pupa

The next stage of a butterfly’s life cycle takes place inside a chrysalis, the last expression of the caterpillar’s exoskeleton. While it may not look like much to the naked eye, there are incredible processes occurring in this motionless casement. The caterpillar will break down entirely on a cellular level, and then reorganize itself into a new form. The result is an adult butterfly that emerges from exoskeleton after a period of several weeks.

Step 4: Adulthood

Adult butterflies leave behind their chrysalis and take to the air on their new wings. Once they reach this stage of life, butterflies spend most of their time looking for a mate, and they may not have long. On reaching adulthood, many butterfly species live for less than a month.

When butterflies succeed in finding a mate, another batch of fertilized eggs is produced and the cycle begins anew.

To learn more about butterflies—and see species from around the world live in a tropical vivarium—come visit The Butterfly Conservatory, open through May 29.



2019 won’t know what hit it.

My heart knew it was home the first time it heard
your name. It knotted itself up like a cherry stem
and I’ve been fighting off tangles ever since. Even
with my eyes closed, in the dark, with an eighteen
hour drive between us. There’s no mistaking the
sound of hatching butterflies. I don’t think you’d
recognize yourself in my poetry. You’re always the
slowest metaphor. I wrote you in the softest light
to show you that I never noticed your sharp edges.
Even now, after getting stuck in all the bramble
and thorns, I still don’t regret getting close
enough to touch the petals. I know what you
sound like in the dark, when you’re trying not to
cave in on yourself. When the whole world comes
to a standstill, you’ll still have me spinning in place.
Call this love dizzying, gravity defying. Even if I take
whiteout to my poems, I can’t hide the fact that I’m
always moving in your direction.
—  Hidden Love Poem, Angelea Lowes

Transformation par Liviliosa
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Drunk on the Taste of Your Lips. - fearless_seas - American History RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The night before John Andre's execution, he finds solace in learning of Benjamin Tallmadge's broken heart.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Relationships: Nathan Hale (1755-1776)/Benjamin Tallmadge

Series: Part 2 of the Early American History | Stories They Won’t Tell

Words: 6,188


October 1st, 1780.


         Benjamin Tallmadge did not see the drawing until the prisoner lifted it up to him from where he sat. The prisoner set the charcoal stick down on the table, the ash leaving the creases of his fingerprints and smudges across the paper. He wouldn’t admit he recognized who it was at first. Their was a horse with a mane of blonde, and somehow although there was not color to the art, Benjamin recognized the light shading. Every hair in place, and his eyes caught on the gentleman riding the mare. The man’s hands were tied behind his back and strands of rope hung off under the rawing of his wrists. As he stood, under his collar he began to sweat, not raising a finger to loosen the buttons around his neck. Ben shuddered, mind hammering to the notice of the familiar facial features. The same as the prisoner he was guarding at the desk.

         John Andre let out a chuckle, “Quite a comical parade, is it not?”. The second guard at his right, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Hamilton, did not smile in reply, and neither did Ben. Silence perpetrated the room. A stranger fear pierced through him as if the cutting of a knife, the state of tension between love of natural beauty and the consternation of natural meaningless or absurdity. It was not surprising when the guilty verdict rang out across the courtroom, and it was not surprising when there was a pang of guilt that riveted throughout his chest. Tomorrow was the day, his life will hang as an unfinished sentence with a dismal comma sliced after the words. He could be thirty-one next year, he gambled with dice, on what mattered most. He lost.

        Out of the corner of his view, the edges of Hamilton’s rose lips were screwed up, tight with pity. Ben’s ear twitched and he diverted his secret glance, the constriction in his shoulder building and he shifted footing. He could feel his eyes water and he blinked rapidly to mask; what use would it be? Would his tears somehow change the jury’s verdict? Would his pain somehow steal from the Andre’s death? He’ll rendezvous with death, at some disputed barricade. The silhouette of life’s shattered dreams, broken hearts and tearful streams. Ben was always too sensitive, overthinking every little piece; at least that’s what he was once told.

         He once wondered why he didn’t look as any of his four brothers did. His mother always told him that there were no nightmares underneath his bed, they were all inside his head. Somehow, with every bed time story, the wisps of his mother’s resemblance to himself told him stories of beautiful girls he would one day marry. Her lips failed to mention to him about boys with sunshine trapped in their hair, ice in their eyes and laugh that seemed to stop time itself and crack the empyrean. He would trade every one of his joyous memories for one last moment with that boy.

         Nathan Hale.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a tag/rec list for fics where Steve is Cap, but remains in his smaller/shorter form? Thanks in advance - for this and for all your work on this beautifully entertaining tumblr! :)

yes, loads

Decoys by littlerhymes

Steve steps out of Erskine’s machines looking almost exactly the same as when he stepped in.

There are a lot of uses in wartime for a man who looks like a ninety-pound weakling, but who can punch his way through a door.

Lepidoptera by LavenderProse

“I was chosen for a program. A project. They wanted to make…better soldiers. There was a serum, they injected me with it…put me in a—a cocoon, I guess you would call it. The metamorphosis metaphor wasn’t lost on me, trust me, only instead of a butterfly, all that hatched was the same old caterpillar.”
The serum fails, but that is not the end of Steve Rogers. In fact, that is only the beginning.

Special Operations by Odsbodkins

Steve steps out of Erskine’s machines looking almost exactly the same as when he stepped in.

There are a lot of uses in wartime for a man who looks like a ninety-pound weakling, but who can punch his way through a door.

The Tower by noncorporealform

Peggy Carter recruits Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to fight against Baron Zemo, a man who desires the powers of the entity that has taken a liking to Steve Rogers. Horror AU set in World War II.

Archie Andrews x Fem!Jones!Reader- Liked her for years, Loved her for Longer

Thank you so much for the request anon! I hope I lived up to your expectations ^^ This was super fun to write, so thank you for this one!! If you have any issues please, let me know and I will try to right my wrongs~!

Second person as usual!

Warnings: A couple swears, Grundy mentions

Words: 2833…

The plot ran away with me oops


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Ed and you had met in a writing session. You were an aspiring singer/songwriter and had landed a writing gig with Ed. You had been super nervous but as soon as you entered the room Ed had made you feel as home. You hit it off instantly and wrote some amazing songs together. One of which that ended up on his album.

It had been a few months since then and you two were dating. When the album was released the fans loved the song you wrote together and in turn loved you two together. You had been expected some backlash, but for the most part everyone was really nice about everything.

You were touring with Ed at the moment, writing songs when ever you both had a chance. Tonight you were playing in your hometown arena and your parents and friends had all come out to support Ed. You however stayed backstage to watch because thats where you felt most comfortable.

“This next song is my favourite to play.” Ed said, the crowd cheered, “I wrote this one with someone who is very special to me. She so talented and honest, I think it shows in her work.” Ed was playing up the song, he did this almost every night, but it felt different somehow. “I was hoping she’d come out and play it with me.” Butterflies hatched in your stomach as the stage manager gave you a guitar and a microphone.

“I can’t” You protested, but your feet lead you onto the stage and the crowd went crazy at the sight of you.

Ed was smiling and his eye lit up as you got closer.

“Please give a warm welcome to Y/N!!”

You sang the song and the crowd knew every word. You were on cloud 9, and you knew why Ed loved playing so much.

“One more time you this lovely lady.” Ed said and pulled you into a hug. “I love you” He whispered in your ear, “you were amazing.”

When you got off stage, your phone started blowing up, twitter was going crazy. People loved it. They loved you two together.

Anon Request


A good night for finding babies!

1-3: A very hungry caterpillar (moth TBD) ate most of a plant that was growing on my patio

4-5: I have heard of the “leaf-roller” moths and I guess this is why they’re called that.

6: EGGS!!! Looks like the hackberry/tawny emperor’s eggs. Going to see if I can hatch them to find out for sure!

7: A chrysalis! I saw a pale green wedge attached to a dark green leaf about 7 ft up in a hackberry tree. I’m guessing Asterocampa genus (hackberry/tawny emperor butterflies)

8: Hatch-a-thon 2017 commences!

9: Sleeping butterfly! Saw two–outer markings match with hackberry emperor, we’ll see what comes out of the chrysalis

April 20/21, 2017

The only way I can describe

You once asked me
to tell you how much I
loved you, but I
could only think of
one response.

“It tastes like moon dust”

You laughed for a moment,
then asked me what
I meant by that.

I told you it was the way that
roses bloomed under
my ribs,
and how butterflies hatched
from their cacoons in
my stomach.

I told you it was the way that
you feel when the sun
warms your skin on
a summer day,
and how the ocean swallows
you when you float
after her waves.

I told you it was the way that
music filled you with
happiness when the monsters
were whispering in
your ear,
and how your blankets were
the only protection
you ever needed.

I told you it was the way that
I couldn’t stop smiling
when I was with
and that the moon
covered me with the
thought of you
before I fell asleep.

“That’s what moon dust tastes like?”

You asked as you held
my hands like
they were baby birds,
just learning how
to fly.

“Yes… That’s what it tastes like.”

Your hands in mine,
lips crashing together like
waves on the shore.

We are moon dust.
Silent Proposal

Summary: Can you write a phanfic where Phil takes Dan out to dinner (or any place you prefer) and forgets his ear pieces and doesn’t know Phil is going to propose so Phil has to sign will you marry me to Dan?

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third Person

Words: 1773

All my deaf fics can be found here (each is an independant oneshot)

A/n: Hey look I’m back! Any more prompts for this series will be welcomed with open arms (I actually squealed at this prompt because it was so cute so thank you to the person who prompted it!) ((And the sign language at the end is actually American Sign Language but the sign for I love you is much cuter in ASL than BSL so deal with it ;3))

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Cruise - Unexpected and Unwanted

Part 1

This is part one to the series Cruise, so creative I know~ This series will have three to four parts depending on how I write out the plot. And I’m sorry to the anon who had to wait so long for this! I hope it is okay for you and didn’t disappoint~

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Suho x Reader


You opened your eyes as you awoke from your sleep, you rocked gently, almost making you slip back into your much needed slumber. You had loved it here already, the serenity of being out on the ocean on a luxury boat, being able to feel like you could reenact the titanic…If you actually had a Jack. It was nice, sure you had come here alone but it was much needed, a getaway for one. Perfect. What more could you ask for?

You limply rose up, stretching your arms as you yawned. You were debating whether to have another hour of sleep, that was until you saw the time. 10:00 AM

You sighed knowing it wasn’t possible to get more shut eye, you needed to get up and get ready for the day ahead. You threw your legs over the side of the bed and jumped up, walking towards your en suite to wash up.

You walk out of your bedroom, not forgetting to take your camera with you to take some aesthetic pictures. You arrived at the main deck only to be welcomed by the shrill sounds of young girls screaming, something that everyone wants to hear in the morning. You tilted your head, trying to spot what was making the small crowd of about five girls scream out of excitement. That’s when you saw him. EXO’s one and only leader, Suho. You couldn’t help the smile that formed on your face nor could you help the rapid beating of your heart. Butterflies had somehow hatched in your stomach and were flapping their wings violently, creating several tornados deep within you.

He was so handsome, you couldn’t deny that. You weren’t a crazy EXO fan but you were crazy enough to know all their names and ages. You adored their songs but you could never forgive your self if you ended up being a crazed fangirl at your age, not when you were a reporter and came face to face with idols on a daily basis. But you had never seen anyone as big as EXO, and you sure as hell weren’t expecting your favorite member to be on the same cruise ship as you. What were the chances? Apparently very high.

You debated going over there, it looked as though he could do with a break from all the screams aimed at him. Then again would you be any better? You’d like to think you could keep your cool but, it’s Suho. And at the rate your hearts beating it’s a given that you were seconds away from fainting right there and then. You decided to sit on a sun chair besides the pool and wait for the crowd to disperse. Like that would happen any time soon.

You laid there, a mental battle going on whether you should wait or join the young girls. You decided to take some photos to maybe get your mind off of it all. You took one of the sky, the sun beaming around the edges of the photo. You smiled down at it, you didn’t like to brag but you had quite the knack for taking pictures, you have done since you were little. It’s what got you to where you were today, a well known reporter who always took good photographs without fail.

You took another glance at Suho, a couple of girls had left him be now leaving three others standing there. It was obvious he wanted them to go away and you began to wonder if it was a good idea to even approach him. Shaking your head you stood up from the sun chair and walked to the edge of the boat to take yet another photo. This time the sun was reflecting against and ocean waves creating quite a picturesque scene. You were definitely going to print that one.

You looked at Suho in wonder, surely he wouldn’t notice if you took a quick snap of him right? You thought it over, your fingers anxiously tapping on the camera lens.Come on Y/N…It won’t hurt anybody… just a quick one

You readied the camera and zoomed in to where Suho was laying, you made sure to get the right lighting although it didn’t really matter, he looked just as handsome without it. His black sunglasses stood out on his face and you so wished he wasn’t wearing them. Even when laying down his jaw line was still prominent and his brown hair was lazily hanging over his forehead, you couldn’t help but bite your lip as you felt like a total creep. What if someone caught you? Click Too late now.

You looked down at the camera, perfect. It was by far one of the best picture you had ever taken of someone, it’s just a shame that it was never asked for. You noticed it was too quiet, the fawning of young girls had disappeared and to your amazement, Suho was by himself. Your heart took over and your feet unconciously walked towards him, you cursed yourself, unable to stop your legs from moving. Although you couldn’t deny the little bubble of excitement within you, you also couldn’t deny that the family of butterflies from before had multiplied.

You finally arrived at your heart’s destination and mustered up the courage to speak to him. “H-hello! Erm I’m a fan of EXO and I never thought I’d actually see one of you, I just want to say that your voice is amazing and carry on being the best!” You internally cringed at your words but surely he must’ve heard worse. He lifted up his sunglasses and peered at your face, almost judgingly. You immediately started to feel self concious under his gaze and bit your lip, looking anywhere but where he was. You noticed his eyes moving from you to your camera. Shit. The photo! You said to yourself as you struggled to hide it from him. Maybe that was too obvious.

“Ah so you were taking photos of me a minute ago? Without me being aware? Whilst I’m trying to relax on holiday? Jesus least the other girls had the decency not to shove a camera in my face.” He looked generally annoyed making you flustered. You hadn’t meant to cause this, you just thought it was harmless. You tried to apologise but he cut you off half way through.

“Just get out of here you saesang, I can’t go anywhere without at least one of you following me around. I advise you don’t try to talk to me again and be warned that if I see you taking another photo of me there’ll be security measures. It’s like I need to learn everyone of your names just so I can get a restraining order on you all, disgusting really. Why can’t you just be like normal fans?”

You forced away the tears and bowed deeply, if you wasn’t welcome before you definitely weren’t now. You muttered another short apology and left him alone, making your way back to your cabin.

You couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of regret and sadness, you had never pictured yourself to be a saesang, purely because you would never be one. You couldn’t understand them, why they are the way they are and to be called one by your favourite idol… It didn’t feel right at all. It almost made you believe you were in fact one.

You sniffled into the pillows and brought your arms up to your cheeks to wipe away any stray tears. It was early afternoon now and you were starving, if you were going to risk being seen by Suho again you needed to put on a good face and prove yourself that you weren’t in fact the weirdo he believed you to be. You glanced at the camera on your bed side table…“You can sit this one out, you’ve gotten me in enough trouble as it is.” You said to it with a light smile, then turning towards the bathroom to have a much needed shower. It was going to be a long holiday, one you may wish you never went on.