butterfly cuff

I love it when people genderbend the whole ship and not just one person to pull a no homo. Dean and Cas turn to girls? Sign me the fuck up.

But you know what I hate?

I hate this fanfic trope with Rebel Deanna and Church Girl Cassie where the main plot point is We Can’t Be Together Because God Hates Gays

You know why?

Because if anything, Cassie would not be that sorta person who just lets idiots tell her that god hates people for something they can not control. She’d fucking learn Greek and Hebrew just to read the original texts and not have to deal with mistranslations, and she would prove everyone that there is literally no place in the whole fucking thing where it says that being gay is wrong, because excuse you, there are at least two instances of gay relationships in the bible, thanks, and the whole “One shall not lie with a man as he lieth with a woman” is totally off, it literally says not to sleep with a man in the bed of a woman, because her bed is her own and some days even her husband is not allowed there. Wanna fuck a bro on the floor? Go ahead.

And after shocking the entire town speechless, she’d hop on Deanna’s motorcycle and they would ride away into the sunset.

tattooeddean hold my butterfly ear cuff while I fight these people