butterfly collecting

How does your intuition communicate with you? Does she politely interrupt your train of thought by clouding your vision temporarily with cut-throat hypothetical scenarios of the consequences if you choose to ignore her? Or does she scream loud enough for your heart to react and skip a beat? Like an electric shot through your system, as a means to force you to stop in your tracks? Tell me, does she simply remain silent and instead intertwine her fingers through your gut like guitar strings and clench into a fist, causing you to have a string of an untimely collection of butterflies anytime you subconsciously drift into thoughts of danger unknowingly to yourself and the situation? Do you ever contemplate why she tries so hard? She’s prone to relax but recently she’s become sensitive to the unfamiliar vibrations of your current environment. She’s only trying to protect you. Listen.


Visitors to Special Collections often ask, “So, what’s the most valuable book you have?” They might not expect the answer to be the two rather battered-looking volumes pictured above. But this 1797 first edition of James Edward Smith’s The Natural History of the Rarer Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia including Their Systematic Characters, the Particulars of Their Several Metamorphoses and the Plants on which They Feed (whew!) is a treasure.

The first publication about American butterflies and moths, the set contains 104 gorgeously hand-colored plates of butterflies, moths, chrysalides, and plants. Unfortunately, because the plates are so beautiful, these sets have often been taken apart so the plates can be sold individually for more profit.

Gift Picture and Head canons ^_^

So a friend of mine was having a really hard day so I thought it would be nice to do some art to cheer them up. 

One of my personal favorite head canons is that after Hawkmoth is defeated (assuming that Gabe has gotten his act together and we get the redemption arc I am desperately hoping for, cause I love long drawn out redemption plots) after a year or two of salting Marinette would end up totally getting over everything and bonding with her fashion idol/mentor where as Adrien will continue to be snarky and bitter for ages (understandably so) 

So like- as they grow up Gabe and Mari end up getting along really well because they have a lot of similar interests and personality traits while Adrien is just- “I don’t know Dad, do we have time to go to the theater with you this week or will you be too busy collecting butterflies? What? You want to know my favorite color? But I could have sworn I mentioned it at all those  family meals you didn’t show up for because you were hanging out in your secret lair.” 

Bonus Sketch cause I couldnt’ help myself: 

Anyways enjoy your present @sinfulpapillon and feel better ^_^

Grown-ups love figures… When you tell them you’ve made a new friend they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you “What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies? ” Instead they demand “How old is he? How much does he weigh? How much money does his father make? ” Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him.
—  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Cabinet of curiosities by Gabriela Minks
Via Flickr:
Feathers, moths, butterflies, bones, locks of hair, dried flowers…

Hartwin Fic: Going Home

Spoilers ahoy! 

Later, when it’s all over and they’re on the plane back, Eggsy says quietly, “Where we gonna go?" 

Harry looks at him in some surprise. "Ah,” he says. 

In the flurry of his rescue and the fight against Poppy, he had forgotten the news about his house being destroyed. At the time it had seemed rather insignificant. Now, however, he sees it a bit differently. 

He supposes he will grieve, later. The loss of material possessions is minor, even though he will miss some of them enormously. It’s more the idea behind the house, the way it was always there from his earliest days at Kingsman. It was his sanctuary, his shelter from the world when a mission went wrong and he needed time to put his head back on straight. He imposed order on the chaos of the world with his neat rows of photographs and collections of butterflies. He installed a dead dog to reign over it all and remind him of the cost involved. He studied newspaper headlines until he knew them by heart, the mundane and the other story, the one never told, never reported on, never shared – the story only he and Kingsman knew about. 

All gone. 

Eggsy’s face is pinched and anxious; no doubt he blames himself somehow, because he was living there, because he moved in when it seemed Harry would never return and reclaim the house as his own. As if Eggsy could have stopped it. As if Harry himself would have had any greater success. 

“It will be all right,” he says. He’s tired and sore, and in desperate need of a real drink. There will be liquor in the plane’s galley, of course, but right now Merlin is there with Jack and Ginger, their heads together in quiet discussion. There’s no need to disturb them just yet. 

Besides, this is something he and Eggsy must deal with. Among other things. 

Those other issues can wait a bit, though, Harry decides. Right now the only question before them is the one Eggsy just asked. Where will they go? 

“For now I imagine we will stay at HQ,” he says. His debrief alone will take weeks, something he is most definitely not looking forward to. “Then when we are ready, a new house will be procured.” No doubt it will be in the same neighbourhood, the same quiet but tasteful exterior. 

But with one major difference this time. 

He smiles at Eggsy. “It will be our choice." 

Eggsy’s eyes widen. There’s the beginning of a shadow around his right eye, where he was hit in the face. It’ll be fully bruised by morning, swollen almost shut. "What do you mean?" 

"I mean,” Harry says, “that we will get to choose the house together.” He hesitates, abruptly aware that he’s possibly presuming way too much. “That is, if that’s what you want." 

"Fuck yeah it is,” Eggsy breathes. “I just didn’t think, I mean…” A tentative smile touches his lips. 

Harry says nothing. He remembers the moment he first walked out of his cell, when Eggsy’s arms wrapped around him, when he felt truly alive for the first time since waking up after Kentucky missing an eye and half his sanity. He thought nothing could compare to that feeling, to having his arms around Eggsy again. 

Turns out he was wrong. This moment here, sitting on the Statesman plane with Eggsy beside him, his arms around Eggsy, is the best he’s ever felt. 

At last he’s going home.

Lams, for @hamiltonandfluff​‘s anon:

  • who hogs the duvet: John, if only because he tends to depression-oversleep whereas Alex tends to be more of a anxiety-insomniac. Alex usually retaliates by putting his freezing cold hands and feet and nose right on him.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Canon Alex does this, and then gets annoyed when John takes a while to respond. But if John doesn’t get his daily text, he’ll get worried and text Alex a bunch to make sure he’s okay. 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Alex grew up without much money, so he had to become creative with gifts by necessity. Though can “coupon for free dick pic” really be called creative.
  • who gets up first in the morning: Alex, see above. He’s obnoxiously chipper about waking John up too.
  • who suggests new things in bed: I think Alex at first, but once John gets over the worst of his hang-ups, it’s pretty equal.
  • who cries at movies: Under normal circumstances, Alex. But Drunk John puts him to shame.
  • who gives unprompted massages: John tries this when Alex is working at home and looking stressed, and Alex jumps in his seat so much that he nearly breaks his computer. So while Alex does like his massages, they generally have to be prompted. Alex will totally do this to John though.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Alex visibly worries about John more, and when John’s in a bad place he has to restrain himself to keep from hovering. But Alex also gets sick much more often and while John hates that, he also really likes the moments where Alex is physically unable to go off and do work or whatever and just has to sit there and let John take care of him.
  • who gets jealous easiest: Hahaha. John. Definitely John.
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: John’s from the South, but Alex was that kid who hung out with the teacher during recess. So it depends if you think bro country or Gloria Estefan is more embarrassing. 
  • who collects something unusual: John probably still is that natural history geek at heart, so their apartment ends up kind of looking like an Etsy witch’s, with porcupine quills and a deer skull and a butterfly collection and a frog preserved in formaldehyde that Alex makes John put in the closet whenever they have company (or whenever they’re making out on the sofa. He swears he saw its eyes move once).  
  • who takes the longest to get ready: Both of them care about their appearance, but John’s side of the closet is much bigger, so he probably deliberates for much longer over what he’s going to wear.
  • who is the most tidy and organised: They’re both pretty messy, but Alex has worked retail so he probably has more basic housekeeping knowledge than John, who grew up with maids and shit. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays: It changes throughout their lives- at first, neither of them is particularly psyched about holidays, since neither of them feels like they have much of a family to celebrate with. But once John reconnects with his family and once they start a family of their own, they kind of work with each other to help each other get excited for the holidays again.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: Man, I don’t know or care much about spoon politics. They do what they want.
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: They’re both pretty competitive, but John’s the most likely to be a giant baby if he loses. It’s not a good look.
  • who starts the most arguments: Alex, simply by virtue of the fact that he’s the one who’s more likely to put their issues out in the open. A fact which is the instigation of more than one argument itself.
  • who suggests that they buy a pet: John, definitely. Kid grew up with a small zoo of pets. Alex is fine with it, though he still thinks it’s gross that John lets the dog lick his face.
  • what couple traditions they have: Hmmm. They probably have regular meet-ups with the rest of the Revolutionary Set. But in terms of couple-exclusive traditions, I think it’d be something like Alex writing John poetry or John doing Alex’s portrait each year.
  • what tv shows they watch together: They’re forbidden by their neighbors from watching CSPAN together anymore. But they’re both fans of those Troubled Male Anti-hero shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men or whatever.
  • what other couple they hang out with: They’re tight with the Schuylers, so Eliza & Molly Pitcher and Angelica & Maria Cosway. They also hang out with Laf & Adrienne a lot, and Hercules & Beth invite them to dinner at least once a month.
  • how they spend time together as a couple: Well, this isn’t a broad question at all. A lot of bouncing ideas off one another for their respective jobs, a lot of gossiping about their mutual friends, a lot of trying to just be there for each other when their brains start attacking themselves.
  • who made the first move: In the canon timeline, I feel like it would be John, because he would probably be more aware of his own sexuality and Alex would probably be hopelessly transparent with his crush. Modern AU, I think it could go either way. If I had to choose, I’d still say John- John likely would be more quiet about his sexuality and Alex would likely be more open, so John would know that he could ask him out whereas Alex wouldn’t be sure. Also, Alex would still be hopelessly transparent with his crush.
  • who brings flowers home: John, because he is a good Southern boy.
  • who is the best cook: Alex likes cooking, but John generally has more time so he usually does it. His sister sends him their mother’s peach pie recipe when he tells her that he’s been cooking more, and that’s his favorite thing to make.