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Just a One Time Thing*

Anonymous: Heey so i just found your account and it is amazing! An idea just came into my mind: could you write one where harry and “you” had a one night stand a while ago and now you meet again out of a sudden or at an event and he remembers you? :)

warning: smut, smut and daddy kink. :)


You were on a first date. 

And you were bored. So bored.

“So what about you?” Your date asked you. You shook your head and laughed apologetically. 

“Sorry, what?” Your date sighed and asked you again. 

“How did you first get into banking then?” He asked as he took a sip of the expensive wine he brought. You raised an eyebrow. 

“I’m just the secretary. I have no idea about banking.” You replied. He frowned and took another sip. “But, I first got into ‘banking’ when I saw the job opening online and applied.” You added with a slight chuckle. He gave you an unnatural smile, almost ashamed.

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“The elf had regained consciousness - sort of. He leaned against Blitz, giggling silently and making random signs like, Butterfly. Pop. Yippee. Blitzen clutched his stomach and stared into space as if he were thinking of interesting ways to die.”

(Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer, Chapter 53, Rick Riordan)

About my affection for tie-tack, butterfly clutch style pinbacks–I love these because that little circle you’re gluing things to is so small. You can turn a flat bead into a pin. A coin–a penny would make a lovely pin, just glue a tie tack to it! Or one of those flat acrylic sparklies you can get by the bagful. Anything can be a pin! 

Once you realize that ALMOST ANYTHING CAN BE A PIN the world opens up to you. Imagine it! A graham cracker? Can be a pin! Okay, not a very durable one, but still. A twig? A small flat rock? A boxtop? An old key?

And imagine what a conversation starter it could be. Imagine walking down the street and encountering a friend. “Friend,” they say, “are you wearing an eccentric arrangement of parakeet feathers as a brooch?” And you reply, “Feathers. Yes. Of course. Because I’m certainly not the sort of person who would attempt to wear a small live bird as a pin, right? That would be outrageous!”

(DISCLAIMER please do not attempt to turn live birds–or beetles or turtles or mice or newts or frogs or any other small animals–into pins. Just enjoy the fact that you could if you wanted to.)

I’m not kidding, though, about the fact that once you have a packet of pinbacks and a tube of E6000, the world is your oyster full of custom made pins.

If this idea excites you, I also suggest that you consider adding a pair of round nose pliers, a pair of chain nose pliers, and a spool of 20 gauge wire to your inventory, and then hit Youtube for some info on making basic loops and also wrapped loops, because once you can do that, a whole world of awesome design possibilities (including the discovery that nearly anything that’s not too heavy can be an EARRING) will open itself up to you. I’m not even kidding about that.

LIMITED stock sales for gold metal pin badges♡

  • army bomb metal pin, 30x22mm, $7 / RM20 
  • wings metal pin, 25x25mm, $8 / RM24
  • young forever metal pin, 33x22mm, $9 / RM28

these fanmade metal badges are attached together with a butterfly clutch, they’re soo beautifulTT i honestly don’t think my iphone camera is doing any justice cos the colors are gorgeous and the quality is top notch. the pin is actually layered with real gold, very well made.

if you buy 2 or >2 metal pin badges i will include free stickers and adjust the shipping cost, it will be less ^^ for those who plan to buy >2 metal pin badges, i will also include free photo cards, let me know if you’re interested!

will ship in two days, price already include worldwide standard shipping with tracking number~♡

see photos below

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Can you even dare to look or bear to think of me,

This loathsome gargoyle,

Who burns in Hell, but secretly yearns for Heaven…

First Serve (Kihyun Fanfiction)

Originally posted by kihyeun

Genre: Sports AU, romance, fluff, angst.

Summary: He was your biggest competition, the one you could never beat. You were not just another tennis competitor to him, you were the girl who he wanted to know more about. He wanted to uncover just what you were behind your tennis racket.


The Clan (Minhyuk Fanfiction)/ Intermission (Wonho Fanfiction)/Follow Me (Changkyun Fanfiction)

Chapter Four

     You couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything this week. You were generally a focused and organised person, however, you were the definition of absentminded and forgetful after that afternoon at the park. No matter what you did in attempts to stop yourself, the image of Kihyun with his wet pink hair and shy smile after the kiss you had shared was permanently painted in your mind. You couldn’t help but think of how cute his eyes disappeared when he smiled brightly, or how right it felt when his large hands held your waist, or the feeling of his lips on yours spilling with undying love. You couldn’t get him out of your head.

     He tried to contact you by sending you messages and calling you multiple times everyday, but you ignored him. You’d come to terms with the fact that you’d developed feelings for him and you were prepared to shut them down as quickly as possibly. The only way to do that was to cut him off completely. In order to become a top athlete, you need to exterminate each and every emotion. So turning your heart into stone so nothing stops you from succeeding was the only option.

     Rummaging through your wardrobe, you searched for a tennis outfit to wear to practice. The window in your room was open, allowing the wind to blow in, carrying an angelic voice with it. It was immediately cut off by the sound of your neighbour calling out, “Be quiet! It’s too early in the morning!”

     You cocked your eyebrow, your curiosity getting the better of you as you walked out to your balcony in your pyjamas, finding a flustered, red faced Kihyun on your front lawn apologising profusely to your elderly neighbour. Freezing in shock, you became speechless; what was he doing here?

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Kwamis and Holders: Nooroo/Gabriel

This is the first in a series of posts I’m writing on the relationship between the kwamis and their holders! Just a series of general thoughts and speculations and observations. Enjoy! :)

With those big purple eyes, sweet voice, and adorable wings, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to be cruel to adorable little Nooroo…and yet we can see quite clearly that Gabriel Agreste is not interested in being his friend.

It’s pretty obvious what Nooroo and Gabriel’s relationship is from the Origins episodes—Gabriel forces Nooroo to call him master, and he has no choice but to listen. It is not an equal relationship, and given that Tikki disappeared when Marinette took off her earrings in Origins Part 1, I also wonder if Nooroo disappears when Gabriel de-transforms, because he doesn’t associate himself with the Hawk Moth identity?

Like—here’s the thing. We can assume from the visual cues given to us that Gabriel’s ultimate goal as Hawk Moth is related to his wife (the Klimt inspired painting of Adrien’s mother, the portrait in the brooch, the photo next to the Peacock Miraculous in Gabriel’s secret vault).

And obviously, he wants the ultimate power given to him by Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Miraculous, presumably to bring his wife back. But that’s a means to an end. I feel like there is a distinct possibility that Hawk Moth is an identity Gabriel puts on to get the power to achieve his ultimate goal, but at the end of the day, that’s not who he is. It’s just a tool in the Gabriel Agreste box.

Of course this might not be the case. Nooroo might be hanging around Gabriel when he’s not transformed, and as funny as it is to think about what kind of snacks Nooroo likes to crave and what his personality is like when he’s relaxed and having fun, I can’t imagine Gabriel spending unnecessary time with Nooroo beyond pumping him for information. Nooroo was obviously taken from someone; whether he was stolen from Master Fu’s box, or taken from a previous holder is something we don’t know yet.

And yet then again…that might not be the case at all. Because he clearly senses people’s feelings outside of his transformation, or at least he has heightened senses. Like okay—we haven’t really seen much by way of heightened civilian abilities for Marinette and Adrien, but their functions are different; they create and destroy, whereas the whole POINT of the Butterfly Miraculous is to grant wishes.

So it stands to make sense that the holder of the Butterfly Miraculous would have a heightened sense of empathy outside of uniform, so that when they hone in on someone who really wants to achieve something or accomplish something, they can transform and make it happen.

If that is the case—perhaps Nooroo is actually out there. But then, where does he hide? What is he up to in Gabriel’s free time, if he isn’t hidden away? I doubt they have conversations (though if someone would like to speculate about this in fiction, I would love to see it—they would certainly have an odd relationship)

Another thing I’m very curious about is the whole empathy thing. Does Gabriel/Hawk Moth just feel a vague buzzing of emotions of Parisians? And then feel ripples of anger/frustration/whatever before choosing to hone in on a specific person? What about the emotional signal of his own son? Does Adrien’s signal get muddled when he transforms into Chat Noir? How does Gabriel handle having all of these emotions coming through?

Does Nooroo act as a sort of unwilling buffer? Like some sort of radio tuner that has to only filter through positive or negative or jealous emotions, and Gabriel goes through them and decides really quickly that the furious gym teacher at the college in the 6th arrondisement is a better target for an akuma than the furious pastry chef at the five star Michelin restaurant down the street.

An actually, the whole concept of akumas, as Hawk Moth makes them happen, actually, is something I’m really curious about. Because Nooroo has stated that the Butterfly Miraculous makes it possible for the holder to grant wishes, and obviously the intended purpose is not to turn people into monsters who don’t remember anything afterward.

How did his powers work before? Obviously Nooroo didn’t create monsters before. But the little white butterflies—would they enter inside the people before and just stay there? Do they create a sense of loyalty? Can the Butterfly Miraculous holder speak to them in the same way as Hawk Moth can to the akumatized victims? Or is it like a one time gift, a granting of a wish, and then the wish grantee can live the life they wish to lead?  

I’m also wondering about Nooroo’s holders in the past. I’m convinced that Nooroo would have gone to people who already had a lot of influence, who had a lot of smart, capable people around them, who they would have wanted to help. Given the nature of power structures in the past, I feel like this would probably lend itself to world leaders and leaders of artistic guilds.

For example: I believe some of the people who would have had the Butterfly Miraculous would have been people like King Arthur (I truly believe he must have had the butterfly miraculous), Akbar the Great (who had a court filled with artists, musicians, and courtiers), Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I, and almost certainly several influential patrons during the Renaissance.

I am positive that Nooroo’s been a part of many artistic movements, architectural movements, and other important moments in history, and because Gabriel is himself a fashion giant, it makes me think. I wonder, after all is said and done, if Gabriel could wield the Butterfly Miraculous in a positive way, in the way it was always meant to be. He could start his own atelier, find budding young designers and artists, use the power of both his influence and the Butterfly Miraculous to change the industry entirely, bringing all sorts of innovation to the playing field.

Maybe he’d be grumpy about it, but he’s a powerful man, and if things ever turned around, he and Nooroo could actually be a powerful force for good.

Of course, this is me being a total optimist. We know that Gabriel forced himself upon Nooroo and is forcing the kwami to share his powers with him, so he’s corrupting the powers and he doesn’t actually deserve to be able to use them the way they should be used; especially when he’s actively been using them for the better part of a year to turn people into monsters so that he can get his hands on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Miraculouses.

But I can’t deny that it’s an interesting idea.

At any rate, I would like to see more on screen interaction between Nooroo and Gabriel, to learn more about this strange relationship, and to eventually free the poor little butterfly from his clutches, because as everything stands now, it’s a power and a relationship that Gabriel Agreste simply does not deserve.

353. Butterflies...
  • Louis: ...fill your stomach as you pace back and forth, the white, lacy dress clutched between your hands. Thirty minutes ago Louis arrived at the church. 20 minutes ago you arrived at the church and now in two minutes, you'll be walking down the isle. Coming face to face with the boy you have fallen head over heels for and becoming Mrs. Louis Tomlinson. "Are you nervous" One of your bridesmaids ask. You nod. "I've got butterflies in my stomach" you respond and she giggles. And as the doors open after all bridesmaids have gone through, the butterflies dissipate and all you can do is smile at the thought of Louis becoming your forever in less than fifteen minutes.
  • Liam: ...the symbol of change. Change is good. Change is what keeps the world revolving. People make changes everyday. They change their clothes, they change their hair, last name. You're changing your address. Liam had cautiously asked you a month ago to move in with him. Your flat was dingy and kind of hopeless and Liam's was beautiful but empty. You've accepted his offer, but your nervous. You're not one to change or to do things out of the norm. But you're thinking it's time to spread your wings and open up to new ideas. Like a butterfly. You clutch the box in your hand and bring it with you as you enter the new flat. Liam grins and helps with the box. "Welcome home:
  • Niall: ...not exactly butterflies, more like butterfly kisses. Butterfly kisses are shared in messy king sized beds, in kitchens during late night snacking, around family and on car rides. They're done in private or in front of thousands. The small gesture from Niall to affirm that he's here and he loves you more than life itself. He can't always be major pda with all the cameras so this is all he can truly provide. Niall never will admit to doing it, especially since the boys have picked on him before for being too loving towards you, but the boys have noticed. They've said it's a shot to their masculinity, but Niall could care less. All he wants is to show his affection. Even if he's showing it but fluttering his eyelashes onto your cheek, or your neck.
  • Harry: ... Just one. A large one. Smack down in the middle of his stomach. An intricate pattern that has you enticed the moment you see it. The tattoo that hasn't got a specific meaning to it, It was done because Harry liked it, yet it holds special meanings to you. It's where you can rest your head during movie nights and what you fall asleep on when you're cuddled on top of him. It's what you trace with your tongue during a sensual moment and what you trace with your finger after a time of pleasure. The butterfly on his stomach as captured more tears, more kisses and has seen so much love between the two of you than anyone has ever witnessed. Although it might seem stupid to others, to you it's you're favorite thing in the world.
  • Zayn: ... fly around the two of you as you walk through the butterfly garden. Intricate colors and designs cover every one of them, not one the same. Just like humans. You're eyes are filled with awe as one lands on your hand and flutters it's wings. Zayn smiles at it, taking in it's beauty. It's rare that the two of you could do something like this, like Zayn would want to walk through a butterfly garden, yet here the two of you are and Zayn is more than pleased. The butterfly offers strength and support. They're there to lead you through tough times and even though you and Zayn are not going through any harsh conditions, the two of you keep it in mind, promising to come back to watch the soothing insects flutter around the room if anything were to happen.
  • Honestly i did this for Louis's and Harry's... ~AlliXx
Heroes never die, so does their villains

Jeremy wasn’t sure about his new task. Him, a descendant from an alignment of superheroes, fated to keep his city peaceful? He couldn’t believe the tale. All because he had eyes on a pendant that happened to have super powers and a companion. These phenomenons only happens in anime, right?

He looked around the crowded surroundings, clutching the butterfly-shaped gem.

This could all be just a mistake, right?

Well – aside to the fact Jeremy had a passion for self righteousness and justice – he didn’t seem to find himself worthy of such power. It had their risks, and responsibilities. These people all have valor to someone to another. One loss can cause a long of despair, and it chains down infinitely.

The thought of losing someone like that was enough to crush him.

Too distracted at where he was walking, he bumped on someone, causing him to fall from the behind.

vincent looked at his braclet having been distracted for a second before he grunted  being bumped into . he turned”  hey be more..”  he stopped seeing the other he blinked at the others form they were.. cute” he shook his head   and took out his hand gently “  hey you okay ?”  he tilted his head a bit looking at the other  with his purple colored eyes and raven colored hair , he wore a black shirt that fit his frame well and semi ripped jeans , a tattoo on his arm barley notice able had  a snake climbing up it

Day 2: Xmas on The Ark

Alright, guys! Here we have day 2 of the series! I really hope you guys like it, and I’m sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes ahead of time. 

Enjoy! :)

The large metal door opened slowly as deep brown eyes peered out from the other side. They widened from their narrow gaze at the sight of the person standing on the other side.

“Hey, Princess.” Bellamy smiled, reaching out to tuck some stray hairs behind her ear as he greeted her with a kiss. He reached for her hand to pull her into the apartment, shutting the door behind them.

She was quickly met by two thin arms encircling her tightly.

“Clarke, you’re here!” Octavia exclaimed gleefully. “Merry Christmas!”

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L’ébauche (part two)

| Part One |

The light is fading quickly as they enter the Tuileries, headed westward into the purples and pinks of the sunset.

Her stomach kicks up a dusty flutter of nerves that has her reaching reflexively into her purse, drawing out her slowly dwindling pack of cigarettes. Muscle memory brings one out and to her lips, her lighter poised to flick into life when she remembers she has company. A stranger, one who is interested in her. One who she’s already mulling over the possibility of kissing before the night is over.

She hears her mother - What man would ever want to kiss someone who tastes like a smokestack, dear? Daniel had never cared, but he’d smoked, too.

She glances over at her companion, drawing the cigarette from her mouth long enough to ask, “Do you mind?”

But he just shakes his head, looks out at the path before them, and says, “No.” Relieved, she lights up, stashing her lighter in her purse just as he says, “Those things will kill you, y’know.”

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“E-vay the Butterfly Escapes the Clutches of Starbucks” by My Left Hand

Okay but in all seriousness, I got my cat from the vet and she’s all good! Now she is just back home and very very loopy from medication, but safe and sound all the same :) 

And I- 

…am at work haha