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This was so fun to think about, seriously you’re awesome and I love you anon ♥️


• *looks in the mirror five seconds after the spell hit. gasps* “I’m HIDEOUS!!!”

Wayne Enterprises employee, smiling brightly: “Good morning Mr. Drake-Wayne. How are you today?”

  • Damian: “I don’t know but you’re fired.”

• He gets so fed up with having to push Tim’s bangs from his eyes that he resorts to borrowing Cass’ sparkly butterfly hair clips to keep them up and out of his face.

• “Why am I only an inch taller than I used to be? I still can’t reach Pennyworth’s cookie jar even on my tiptoes. You need to grow more, Drake.”

• He finds out why Tim wears long sleeves so often, but he doesn’t say anything to Tim about it. He does file it away for future conversation, though, and he monitors Tim more closely even after the whole incident is over.

• “Damian, why are you chugging an entire carton of milk?”

  • “Because Drake is too small for me to tolerate any longer. I’m a beanpole. A toothpick. A runt amidst a litter of bats.”

• *goes outside for an hour* “HOW THE HELL AM I SO SUNBURNED??? WHAT ARE YOU, A VAMPIRE???”

• He’s sad when his pets don’t recognize him and run when he tries to pet them. As a solution, he douses his entire body in catnip. Turns out Tim never told him he was allergic to catnip, so that was an interesting discovery.

• He has to drink at least four cups of coffee a day or else he gets sick because at this point Tim is addicted to coffee.

  • Same goes for normal food. Eating ramen noodles with goldfish and butterscotch pudding is fine, but he ate one (1) apple and his body tried to reject it.

Ives: “Hey Timbo, what’s up?”

  • Damian: “Uh….Hello, associate of mine. Feeling very fleek today. Everything is cool beans. Crackalackin.”


• “Why are my pecs so huge.” *cups them* “They feel like rock hard muscle melons. Like a cantaloupe filled with pure power. What strong breasticles.”

• He’s amazed by the amount of muscle on Jason’s body and spends most of his time trying to see what stuff he can crush with his bare hands.

  • *breaks a stick in half* “I AM ALMIGHTY.”

• He braids Jason’s white streak and pins it back with some pink hair clips Steph gave him.

  • *poses in the mirror* “I’m a buff zombie princess.”

• *on the phone with Roy* “Hey Roy, so remember that secret I told you once and demanded you never to tell anyone else? Yeah, that one. Would you mind explaining it to me in explicit detail, slowly so I can write it all down.”

• *gentle gasp* “I’m allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in this body.”

  • *later that night after his fifth shot of appletini* “DO YOU EVER JUST THINK ABOUT THE MUPPETS AND CRY??? KERMIT THE FROG MAN, KERMIT THE FROG.”

• He has to wear sunglasses and a hat whenever he goes out because he has to make sure no one in Gotham recognizes the late Jason Todd.

• The first time he sees what Jason’s body really looks like under all the armor and layers, he’s shocked. Jason doesn’t take his shirt off in front of people much because he’s embarrassed by all the scars. Tim tries not to look at them because he knows Jason doesn’t like sharing this detail with anyone, but occasionally he finds himself absently tracing the autopsy scar under his shirt. He has a new respect for Jason after this whole ordeal.


• “I feel like an overcooked noodle.”

• Adjusting to how flexible Dick is turns out to be quite the experience. He does the splits with no problem. He swings from a tree branch and lands on the ground as fluid as a leaf. He does four backflips in a row.

  • Jason, cartwheeling through the room: “Watch as he flips with the greatest of ease, the rad noodle man on the flying trapeze.”
  • Dick, in his tiny Damian voice: “That’s not even how the song goes!”

• “Why does my mouth taste like ketchup and ice cream 24/7. What do you eat, Dick.”

• At first he thinks it’ll be nice for once, being able to walk around Gotham without worrying about people recognizing him as being a dead man. Turns out, it’s almost worse when he can’t go to a McDonald’s without a bunch of paparazzi and fan girls following him around and begging to take a picture with the hottest Wayne boy.

• He goes to the police precinct for work and is on edge the whole time because this is the first time in years he’s been surrounded by cops who don’t want to arrest him.

Catcaller: “Hey, nice ass!”

  • Jason: “Thanks, I got it from my brother!”

Dick from the next room: “If you smoke in my body and give me cancer I’ll kill you!”

  • Jason, with a lit cigarette in his mouth: “It’s a metaphor, you see. I died once and I’ll die again because I’m not a fucking coward.”

After he’s back in his own body: “Hey, I wonder if I can still do all that flipsy shit.”

  • Later: “So, Master Jason, tell me again how you shattered your collarbone?”


• He eats one (1) cheeseburger, but unfortunately forgot about Damian being vegetarian so he winds up getting violently sick because the body he’s in doesn’t accept meat anymore. So that was a learning experience.

• “Why does it physically hurt to smile. Who hurt you, Damian.”

  • “A bunch of assassins and a psychopath for a grandfather.”

• Damian may be athletic, but he’s nowhere near as stretchy as Dick is used to. He tries putting his leg behind his head and nearly breaks his pelvis.

  • One upside is he’s far smaller and lighter in Damian’s body, which makes swinging around on the trapeze a breeze. He’s like an Acrobat Barbie doll.

• He has to call Tim for help when he can’t reach his cereal on the top shelf.

  • Tim, walking into the kitchen half asleep and confused: “Are you one of Santa’s elves?”
  • Dick, sobbing on the floor: “I CAN’T REACH MY FRUITY PEBBLES”

• He starts crying again later that afternoon because “THIS WEAK ASS BODY CAN’T EAT SRIRACHA WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW???”

He stands in the middle of the room and watches all the adults bustle around: “I am a bean. A tiny chihuahua. A mere flea in a world of elephants and woosles.”

• “If there is one upside to all of this body-swapping, at least I can finally use the Dora the Explorer baby toothpaste without being ridiculed.”

Jon: “Hi, Dami! What’s up?”

  • Dick: *to himself* “Hmmm what would Damian say…Oh, I know!”
  • To Jon: “Salutations, comrade. Photosynthesis. Lackadaisical. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.”

Cotton candy and tattoos

This is for the Punk Evan and Pastel Connor au!!

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Evan cracked his knuckles, leaning up against the lockers that he and Connor shared, waiting for the boy himself. Connor had no ride home so every day Evan would take him home on his motorcycle. They made quite a pair, Connor and his pastel clothing and cheery demeanor riding the same motorcycle as Evan, school bad boy.

They were an odd couple, Evan knew that. Connor with his sparkly earrings and passion for pink cotton candy and parties, Evan with his tongue pierced, his leather jacket and his mile long list of people he’d like to punch. But what one lacked, the other one had. They filled in the cracks of each other.

Although he wouldn’t admit it, Connor’s presence calmed Evan’s often overwhelming anxiety, and having someone to go home with was helpful, so he would happily wait for the tall, cheerful man he called his own.

He was about to go looking for Connor, who got lost often, when he heard a pained cry from a nearby hallway, followed by a whimper and cruel laughter. The voice the noises belonged to was undoubtedly Connor.

I’m a flash, Evan was in the adjacent hallway, fists clenched as the sight before him unfolded. Connor was pinned against a locker by some jock Evan didn’t recognize. His friends surrounded the pair, egging him on to hit the already bruised boy. Slurs and jeers pervaded the air as the butterfly clips in Connor’s hair grew wet with his own blood.

Connor knew blood was getting on his clothes, a pale pink sweater and light blue jeans he knew Evan liked. He supposed it was better to fixate on the blood on his clothes than the beating he was receiving. He knew skin was splitting because the boy punching him wore several rings, but he hoped Evan wouldn’t think him too ugly when they were done with him.

And what would Evan think of this? Evan was tough, wouldn’t simply lie like a corpse when the boy who had been grabbing his ass in the hallways started to beat him up for fighting back.

Connor watched his own blood drip to the floor and felt himself slowly black out.

Suddenly, a pair of leather clad arms were pushing his attackers off of him, pulling him- no, carrying him away from the scene. Someone was bellowing curses- who was it? Yes, it was Evan, Evan carrying him away, Evan spitting insults and threats like watermelon seeds at the group of boys.

Soon, Evan was just murmuring soothing words in Connor’s ear. “H-hey, baby boy, it’s gonna, gonna be ok. I’m he-ere, alright? I won’t let anything bad ha-happen to you.”

Connor blinked, eyes wet. “Evvy, I’m sorry,” he mumbled, clinging to Evan’s jacket.

Finally having reached the parking lot, Evan gently set Connor on the motorcycle. “For what, sweetheart?”

“M sorry because I, I got blood on your favorite sweater and I didn’t even fight back! It’s all my fault,” he finished, wiping at his blood soaked face.

Evan sighed, explaining gently that the only people Ev was mad at were the people hurting Connor. “It’s not your fault, baby,” he said as he got on the motorcycle, wrapping his arms around Connor.

“Let’s go home and watch a movie, hm? I have some leftover strawberry ice cream with sprinkles, I know you like that,” Evan whispered.

The taller boy gave a weak smile. “Only if you’ll cuddle me.”

In response, Evan kissed him on the cheek and revved the engine.

Babydoll Nymphet Tips💞

-Keep a journal and try to write everyday, about your day

- Keep your room clean and neat, if you are feeling kinda bummy the environment your in isn’t really helping if it is really messy

- Moisturize!!! Your skin needs it!!

-Also, Exfoliate! Try to exfoliate at least once a week. You don’t need to spend loads of $$ on it, you can make your own using Coffee Grounds, Brown Sugar, and Coconut Oil

- Keep your jewelry really simple, simple necklace, and ring(s). Stick with solid colors ( Gold, Rose Gold, Silver)

-Butterfly hair clips are super cute ( and give a 90s vibe if you’re into that) you can usually find them in Dollar stores or maybe Walmart/Target

-Put castor oil on your eyelashes, it’s helps them grow ( so you can bat your eyes at cute guy walkin down the street (; )

-Flower Clips are also adorable, Im not 100% sure on where to find them but i do know that you can diy them

-Eat lots of fruit and drink loads of water,, i can’t stress this enough your body needs it

Traiterous Heart (In A Heartbeat fanfic)

So, I’ve watched @inaheartbeat-film and holy shit, it’s so adorable, I pretty much melted into my chair. So, ofc, here’s some fanfic, and ofc it’s fucking long because I cannot, for the life of me, write short things. Enjoy :) part ii will be coming soon as well. 

None of the characters belong to me. Also, I made up background characters for storytelling purpose. 

read here on ao3 

prompt me! my fandom list is on my blog. 


part 2 here

Sherwin’s mommy wears daddy’s heart on a necklace, and his daddy wears mommy’s heart in the pocket of his shirt every day, and Sherwin thinks this is how it’s supposed to be. 


Their kindergarten teacher reads them stories about a knight and a princess falling in love, their hearts jumping out of their chests and holding hands after the knight saves his princess from the evil dragon guarding her, and Sherwin listens to their teacher explains that hearts know true love. 


When he’s in 1st grade, his auntie gets married to her boyfriend, and Sherwin is very happy when he watches her walk down the isle, her heart jumping up and down on her shoulder while her fiancé’s heart waits anxiously next to him. When they embrace at last, Sherwin sniffles and hides his face in his mommy’s skirt. She smiles down at him and pets his hair. “One day, when you’re all grown up, and your heart has picked a nice girl for you, mommy’s gonna cry at your wedding, too.”, she tells him sweetly, and for some reason, Sherwin’s chest feels a little weird. He isn’t sure why, and as soon as he’s got ice cream at the reception, he forgets about it anyway. 

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All Teeth, No Claws


We’re both bobbing for apples and it gets super competitive very fast

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: Implied Smut

Down then up. A gasp for air, and then the splashing of water at your feet. Over and over again, the sound leaving no distinction between different patrons, apart from the elated giggling of children, or the taunting growls of competitive teenage boys. You didn’t like apple bobbing for the same reason you disliked the hype surrounding sport; people just got too aggressive about it. Apples with teeth marked indentations flew to your feet, some even hitting your calves if the person whipped their head strong enough.

Time was dawdling along slowly, and every passing minute served to add to your regret. Regretting that you had even suggested you help out with your uncle’s apple bobbing stall at the Halloween fair. At least you were getting paid.

And it helped that your friends were stopping by shortly, to keep you some company. As your thoughts drifted to them, they manifested in three tall boys. But, only one really caught your eye in that instant recognition.

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90s Inspired Lookbook

The types as kids

ISTP- the alpha of the playground who always wanted to play tag. Didn’t like to play hide and seek because they thought it was boring.

ESFJ- Social status queen, wouldn’t let you into her clique unless you had enough silly bands. Probably the rich kid.

ENTJ- Ripped you off by selling you overpriced rolls of gum. Became the rich kid. They probably always had a watch on.

ESTJ- Was off reading a book, or leading her “soldiers” into battle against ESFJ’s clique to overthrow it.

INTP- The kid with the huge army guys collection who sat by himself playing with them.

ENTP- The crazy kid who always had ripped holes in their jeans and dirt on their face. Yelled and quoted movies often. Played dare or dare with ESTP.

ESTP- the kid who would always say “dare me to do something.” And when they thought the dare was too dull they asked you to take it up a notch.

INFJ- The one who barely talked, had maybe one friend, most likely the INTP. Hated barbies and the color pink.

ENFJ- had those weird robotic pets and treated them as if they were real. Wore those color bead necklaces from the dollar store.

ISTJ- The kid who loved math. Would occasionally jump in to play tag, typically lost but could whip your butt at the spelling bee.

INTJ- The very aloof kid who won every race and never talked. Were willing fight if you messed with them.

INFP- The girl who would get her feelings hurt if you didn’t pick her first for dodgeball. Always wore those colorful butterfly hair clips.

ISFP- drew pictures in the sand box and cried when ISTP messed them up. A superb finger painter.

ISFJ- the girl who picked her best friend first to be on her team, even though she sucked, but she didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Always asked if you were okay if she caught you crying.

ENFP-The kid who read all the jokes in the newspaper first and told them to a bunch of kids. Basically had a miniature comedy club.

ESFP- the kid who got every lead role in the school play. Had really trendy snacks and always had a temporary tattoo on. Definitely was in ESFJ’s clique, but had a mind of her own.

modern richies style consist of:

-his big ol mop of hair covered in about 15 butterfly clips because sometimes his hair gets in his face and it bothers him so he has small sections pinned up
- has small little star earrings don’t @ me on this
-smudged eyeliner is like his go to because he thinks he looks badass with it but in reality he just looks tired
-still has thick rimmed glasses but everyone thinks it’s bc he wants to be trendy but like …he’s fuckin blind m8
-he stole stans strawberry lip smackers bc it ‘smells like it taste rly good’ but in reality he wanted his lips to look really pink and pretty
-this boy is covered in so many bandages?? help him???
-has old flowers in his hawaiian shirts thanks to mike and he loves digging around in his pocket and seeing what flower it’s going to be
-has ugly cuticles but beautiful nails courtesy of Beverly who puts glitter polish on him which makes him happy bc he stares at his nails in class
-people also think he’s trying to be trendy by wearing ripped jeans but in reality he just fucks his jeans up easily and is too lazy to get new ones
-has a bunch of rings and bracelets (all gifts from the losers)
-has a red kanken backpack that’s absolutely destroyed with food stains and writing and covered in pins but it’s his prize possession
-wears only two shoes, crocs or birkenstocks, paired with either those packaged hanes socks that are a little too big or those huf socks that have the marijuana leaves on them

sunlit baby blue bedroom, picking dandelions, running through sprinklers in wet grass, fluttering white butterflies, lemonade stands, chlorine scented skin, sidewalk chalk scrawlings on the front steps, a barbie jeep in a sunny backyard, watermelon lip smackers, plastic butterfly hair clips, blockbuster dvds, capri sun and fruit snacks, air conditioner humming, barefoot on hot pavement, skip it, america online, nickelodeon’s day of play, bouncy balls in the driveway, a rumble of thunder in the sky

big mood: being seventeen in 1995 as I’m spread out on my bright pink canopy bed, glittery blue butterfly clips in my hair, a baby pink crop top on with matching baby pink sport shorts, overlined lips, icy blue eyeshadow as I’m flirting on the phone with my twenty five year old boyfriend, as don’t speak by no doubt plays faintly in the background

Harry Potter but more nineties...

The Harry Potter was largely set in the nineties, right? I know that there are a few references to nineties fashion (Lavender Brown’s ornamental butterfly hair clip for example) but it could be a lot more nineties…

-Harry not looking that out of place in his baggy jeans and jumper in his later years of primary school because it was the early 90s and every kid wanted to dress like The Stone Roses

For non-Brits, that’s this lot…

-Dudley playing loud Acidhouse tunes out of his boom-box

-Dean loving the heck out of Oasis and Blur in the mid-nineties, and introduces Ron to both bands. Ron prefers Oasis, and ends up copying Noel Gallagher’s haircut

-Hermione dressing a little like Julia Roberts in her muggle clothing, but trying out a little black choker in her sixth year for a bit. It wasn’t really her thing.

-Lavender and Parvati putting up posters of Take That in their dormitory, and singing all the songs so much that Hermione puts a silencing charm on both of them until they agree to stop singing after 10 o’clock

My eyes, THEY BURN!…

-Tonks dressing in a mix between Riot Grrrl and Elastica, and giving Ginny a pair of her old Doc Martins to wear

-Michael Corner and the Ravenclaw boys being enormous fans of Kurt Cobain during their first few years at Hogwarts. In their last few years at Hogwarts, they got into Radiohead.

-All the Muggle-born students being very confused as to why Professor Lockhart looks like the guy from that ‘Henry the fifth’ film their parents made them watch.

That would be very confusing…