butterfly charm bracelet


Summary: Jensen’s daughter is the victim of a hit and run.

Character: Jensen, mention of daughter

A/N: This is pretty angsty for me. I don’t know where the hell it came from lol.

Jensen kneels in front of her lifeless body, unable to comprehend the amount of fresh blood that’s coating it. The unnatural pose it’s contorted into is making bile rise up into his throat, he reaches out to move her but quickly snatches his hand away. He’s now worried that one small movement will rip him out of his traumatized state, resulting in a full fledged panic attack.

The incessant stabbing in his chest refuses to quit as he watches the red fluid drip out of her mouth. Her eyes once lively and vibrant are now painfully vacant as they stare off into the dark, quiet street. The new butterfly charm bracelet he surprised her with is still intact as it hangs around her mangled wrist.

Jensen’s agony filled mind screams at him, he needs to end this nightmare where he loses his little girl. The hopelessness of this tragedy is already turning him into a different man, a weaker man. A flurry of distressing thoughts weigh on his soul and he now knows that his life will never be the same.

Gripping his iPhone desperately, Jensen wills himself to dial 911 because he’s only delaying the inevitable. As if those three numbers will officially seal her fate, he lets the urgency slip away as his heart continues to break. 

Jensen crumbles at his horrific reality, knowing his gorgeous angel will never take another breath. That she’ll never again nuzzle her little nose into his neck. And never again call him daddy as he tucks her into bed. He refuses to accept the fact that his beautiful world is now beyond destroyed. Jensen refuses to believe that his light, his love, his heart, his everything is gone.