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A Fresh Bouquet Chapter 18, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Reborn into the world of Harry Potter, Poppy Evans has only one goal; make sure she's not the only magical Evans alive by 1982. And maybe save that smug Potter while she's at it. Regulus Black didn't fit into the equation; he wasn't suppose to be so distracting.

In true Evans style, the mother of his child just cannot let it go without a little dry comment of, “disillusioned enough to try blowing up said half-blood.”

Scowling, Regulus cocks his head back towards her, carefully adjusting his grip on Sol until the tiny human is resting against his chest, face pressing into the crook of his neck and with butterfly breaths ghosting over Regulus’ skin.

“What part of ‘in hiding, faking my own death, do you not understand?” he hisses, one hand supporting Sol, the other gently running up and down the baby’s back, touch feather light. Because fuck, what if he hurts him? He has no idea how much pressure a baby can handle, he knows practically nothing of babies, so gentle as possible it is.

nap dates together.

you live together, but hey, why not take out the fresh sheets and the nice pillowcases from the linens closet. spritz them with lavender fabric freshener. drape the curtains to hide away the afternoon sun.

change into soft silky pyjamas or the old lazy t-shirts and comfy undies. slide under the cool blankets that rest on warm skin. rest heads against chests and match heartbeats to breaths. butterfly flutter drooped eyelids brushed by chapstick kisses.

I’m officially posting my very first tag post ! I was tagged in the #myaestheticself post and I was so excited to do it because I had so many ideas! A few words to describe my aesthetic would be: Woodland cottages 🌲Nature 🌿🦋🐝Woodwind instrumental music 🎼 Foxes 🦊 Flowers 🌷🌻 Writing 📝 Tea ☕️ Candles 🕯 and Holistic Healing and Herbalism🌱

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Some K-pop songs recomendations.

Okay so, I decided to do this because I got really recently to 1.4K followers ??? That’s crazy, thank you. And also because I love talking about my favs, hehe. I’m going to put here the idols that I listen to the most and name my fav songs of each one of them. Btw, this is probably going to be really fucking long.

After School: Because of youFirst love, Flashback

Ailee: Heaven, Home, I Will Show you, Rainy Days, Why You Think I’m in Love With You

Akdong  Musician: 200%, Give Love, How People Move, Re-Bye

Amber: Beautiful, Borders, I Just WannaNeed to Feel Needed, On my Own

AOORA: Body Talk

BEAST: 12:30, Beautiful Night, Breath, Butterfly, Curious, Fiction (+ Orchesta ver.), Good Luck, Lullaby, Ribbon, Shadow, Virus, When I..



CLC: Hobgoblin, Meow Meow

CNBLUE: Cinderella, Between Us

G-Dragon:  Untitled

Hi Suhyun: I’m Different

Highlight: Plz Don’t Be Sad, Calling You, Dangerous

Hyuna: Freaky, How’s This, Red, Bubble Pop!, Roll Deep

IMFACT: LollipopTension UpFeel So Good

Jay Park: Mommae, Sex Trip, I Don’t Dissapoint, All I Wanna Do, Aquaman, Me Like Yuh, Drive, On It

Junhyun: Flower, Too Much Love Kills Me, Wonder If

K.A.R.D: Oh Nana, Rumor, Don’t Recall

KNK:  KNOCKSun, Moon, Star

LEE HI: Breath, My Star

LR: Beautiful Liar

MAMAMOO: I Miss You, Décalcomanie, New York, Um Oh Ah YehYou’re the Best

MINO - Body

MONSTA X: Shine Forever, Perfect Girl, Broken Heart, Ex-Girl, All In

NCT U - Without You, The 7th Sense

NCT 127 - Mad City, Baby Don’t Like It, BACK 2 U (AM 01:27 ), Cherry Bomb, Sun & Moon, Whiplash, Summer 127

NCT Dream: Chewing Gum, My First and Last, Dunk Shot, Trigger The Fever

Nu’est: Overcome, FACE, Love Paint


Red Velvet: Candy, Happiness, Russian Roulette, Some Love, Wish Tree, Ice Cream Cake, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Dumb Dumb

Ryeowook: Like A Star, The Little Prince

Sechskies: Be Well, Sad SongPom Saeng Pom Sa

Seohyun: Don’t Say No, Magic

SEVENTEEN: Don’t Wanna Cry, Highlight, Don’t Listen, My I, Swimming Fool

SISTAR: Lonely, Loving U

SISTAR19: Ma Boy

Tiffany: I Just Wanna Dance, What Do I Do, Heartbreak Hotel


TROUBLEMAKER: Trouble Maker, Now, Attention

TVXQ: Champagne, Something, Mirotic

VIXX: Shangri-La, Dynamite, Fantasy, Love Me Do, The Closer, Error, Chained Up, Hot Enough, Milky Way, Super Hero, Eternity, Rock Ur Body, Voodoo Doll, Only U, On and On

WINNER: Baby Baby, Fool, Really Really, Sentimental, Different

I draw my first Star vs. fanart and what do I do? Cross it over with homestuck bc of COURSE I would, DUUUHH

I chose Marco as a Page of Breath (untapped potential who needs more confidence in himself) while Star is a Rogue of Light (robin hood-like thief/rebel who needs to understand the consequences of her everyday choices). 

RFA + Vandy + Saeran Gif Aesthetics 010, featuring:



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This is for my amazing partner @analogically-prinxiety . I am desperately in love with them and wanted to give them something so here have this fluff 💙💙💙

The idea for this actually came from an anon a while ago. I had asked for a term of endearment that Lo might call Virgil and this sweet anon suggested butterfly because Anx is responsible for the butterflies in your tummy, and while it didn’t work for the scene I was writing then it’s perfect for this… And for how I have been feeling the past few days

Patton knocked on Logan’s door before swinging it open and freezing in horror. Logan was sat at his desk chair, shirtless, and with electrodes and wires coming from his chest.

“Are you okay?” Patton asked, coming to kneel down next to him, hands fluttering over the tangle of equipment .

“Yes Patton. I believe I am quite well. I simply experienced something odd and am trying to gather the necessary data to understand it.” Patton visibly relaxed, sitting back on his heels.

“Well, what did you experience?”

“A sudden increased heart rate. An odd feeling in my chest, as if it were under pressure, it also felt cold and burning hot all at once. And my stomach was, well I’m not sure how to describe it.”

“Like butterflies were flying around in there?” Patton asked, which Logan thought was a very odd thing to say until he took in the grin on Patton’s delighted face.

“ I suppose that is one way to put it.” He said, nervously eyeing the increasingly excited side.

“And were you perhaps talking to someone, or thinking of them, when this happened?”

The answer was yes. He had been showing Anxiety his latest plan and ruminating on just how aesthetically pleasing his friend was when he had first felt the, uh, butterflies. The rest of the symptoms had appeared when Virgil had began praising his plan. It was unexpected, he had brought the plan to Virgil because he had a particular knack for finding flaws in things, but the praise had made him smile.

Beeping interrupted Logan’s thoughts as once again his heart rate increased and he got the odd feeling in his chest.

“Are you feeling it right now ?”

Embarrassed Logan quickly pulled the electrodes off and put his shirt on. “It’s not important,” Logan brushed him off.

Patton stood to leave the room, aware of Logan’s discomfort, but paused in the doorway. “Well whoever your little butterfly is, you should tell them how you feel,”

With that he was gone, leaving Logan to puzzle over what he had learned. Was Virgil ‘his little butterfly’ ? He chuckled imagining what Anxietys reaction to the term would probably be. Was it possible that the way he felt for Virgil was anything more than platonic?

The more he thought about it, the more he was sure that the answer was yes. However he still was not sure what to do about it. Logically, the answer seemed to be to march right up to him and tell him about the butterflies he caused.

Logan did not do that. It now seemed that he got the butterflies everytime he so much as thought about him, meaning that being in the same room as Virgil was overwhelming, now that he was aware of his feelings. Every time his butterfly so much as looked at him he was done for.

It took a very anxious Vigil asking him why he was behaving so odd for him to confess. He struggled with the words at first but soon they were tumbling from him in torrents. The butterflies flies were tripled as he watched Virgil’s eyes grow wider and wider, unsure what it meant.

He finally stopped talking, running his tie through his hands as he waited for a reply. Virgil opened his mouth several times, stuttering and fidgeting nervously.

“Me too” he finally said in a rushed mumble. The pressure in his chest had reached critical levels and he simply had to do something to relieve it. He reached for Anxiety, pulling him close to his chest, wrapping his arms around him.

The pressure was eased somewhat, but the butterflies were . wreaking havoc on his stomach. Experimentally he pressed his lips to Virgil’s forehead. His Butterfly let out a breath of a gasp, tilting his head up to look at him.

Logan was sure he was getting there, it it still wasn’t enough. He cupped a hand over Anxiety’s jaw, brushing a thumb over his bottom lip.
“May I?”

Virgil swallowed, but nodded, and each took a steadying breath before Logan fit his lips over his Butterfly’s.

All of a sudden the world felt soft, and sweet and right. What could only be described as joy radiated from him as Virgil’s lips moved against his, butterflies racing through his whole being when Anxiety fisted his hands in his shirt, raising onto his toes slightly to kiss him harder.

“Awwwww” Patton exclaimed from behind them, unable to help himself. The two broke apart to look at him, Anxiety blushing deeply and hiding his face in Logic’s neck. “Logan, Virgil is your butterfly?”

“Yes, yes he is.” He said proudly, wrapping an arm proudly around his shoulder, and grinning even wider than Patton’s.

Netflix and Chill

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Request: Can I request a first kiss ethan/reader? Love your work!! Binge reading all of it right now haha

Summary: Fem!Reader and Ethan are having a movie night together and things get just a little too friendly.

A/N: This is such a cute request, hope you all enjoy this one! One thing, as always anything in italics is the inner monologue of a character, but there’s also a song in this fic, so the lyrics are also italicized! Hope that’s not too confusing for anyone! Thanks for reading my fic!

Wordcount: 520! Kinda short, but it gets the point across :)

Request some more things please! I love writing for you guys!

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