butterfly boys

The Ballad of Star Butterfly
Brian H. Kim & Patrick Stump
The Ballad of Star Butterfly

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Face the Music.


I was fortunate enough to get involved really early in the process for this musical number, and I wrote the first pass of the song to the episode’s black-and-white storyboards. @arythusa and @amelia-lorenz, who boarded this two-parter and wrote all the lyrics to the songs, are endless fountains of creativity. 

Lessons learned about Patrick Stump: 1) he is very, very funny; 2) he is a freaking pro in the studio. Before we recorded each chunk of the song, he would listen to my temp vocal and then slowly pace around the live room and work everything out in his head, make a few tweaks so that the melody would best suit his voice, run those changes by us, and then we’d be off. 

And then later, I brought in my good friend Michael Kohl (who has a particularly wonderful YouTube channel with his band Extra Lives) to re-record the guitar parts and add some sick solo lines.

This whole process, from top to bottom, has been my favorite of my whole SVTFOE experience thus far, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

“Someone stop those two kids! They’ve done unspeakable things….”

OK this started off as a fun doodle but now I sorta want to tie this in with the mercenary!Toffee au. Moon would be his tag along, they would’ve ‘teamed up’ in thier late teens, maybe? Toffee finding a despicable child born with wielding a powerful magic wand?

Given dark magic who’s history has progressed since Eclipsa’s reign? HELL YEAH!
So I’m adding Moon into the mix.


Starco week 3 - Day 1: Bad boy Marco x Princess Star
“I’m just your problem” from Adventure time. Done this on the weekends and I’m proud to say that I had this idea since Bad Boy Marco was a thing :3
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