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pls do bts as classmates to make me feel better about school starting


  • the class clown
  • super popular
  • head of the drama club
  • talks during the lessons
  • balances pencils on his nose
  • highkey annoys all the teachers
  • says dumb stuff when he gets called on which makes everyone laugh 
  • i’m not saying this vine is him but that vine is him
  • slacks off during class because he always has the plug™ for answers on upcoming tests
  • “knock once if it’s A scratch ur nose if it’s B and blow a kiss if it’s C” 

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  • the artsy cute guy who always smells like coffee
  • zones out during lessons
  • sits in the back with his headphones in
  • hides his phone behind a book and watches netflix
  • doodles instead of paying attention
  • either he’s sketching 
  • or writing names in a death note
  • no one knows
  • on rare days he’s in a really good mood and dropping funny sarcastic comments every now and then
  • has a tight knit group of friends
  • eats lunch in the music hall 
  • intimidating but once u get to know him he’s super sweet
  • orders pizza during class
  • has no fucks to give


  • one of the cool rebel kids
  •  u get forget he’s enrolled because he’s never there
  • strolls into class late every day 
  • chews gum really loud
  • “okay but how will trigonometry ever help me in the real world
  • u can hear the music through his earbuds from a mile away
  • throws a party at his house every weekend
  • never studies but somehow has all As
  • because he’s actually really smart
  • acts like he doesn’t care about school but secretly stays after school in the library reading 

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  • teacher’s pet
  • has color coded notes with neat diagrams
  • and more highlighters than any normal human should possess
  • raises his hand to answer every question
  • reminds the teacher about homework before class ends
  • captain of the academic decathlon team
  • voted most likely to succeed
  • tried to set the frog used for dissections free
  • [throws it out the window]
  • namjoon it’s DEAD
  • is seokjin’s plug™ for answers


  • social butterfly 
  • so perfect and angelic it’s sickening
  • “sorry i was late, i was taking my neighbor’s kitten to the vet when i saw a homeless man who need a bus ticket, so i gave him mine :)”
  • voted prettiest smile, nicest hair, and most likely to be a backup dancer for beyoncé
  • didn’t even run but somehow became class president 
  • the only one who actually likes group work
  • popular but isn’t stuck up
  • flirts with the female teachers which gets him all As
  • wow mrs. you look gorgeous today ;)
  • has tea on everyone 


  • the weird guy that all the girls have a crush on
  • lowkey thinks he’s better than everyone in the class
  • and let’s be honest he is
  • denies he’s rich yet wears designer brands
  • has 20/20 vision but wears glasses to look smart
  • looks like he has his shit together 
  • but procrastinates and is internally screaming half the time
  • in every social group
  • goes from the jock table to the nerd table to the preppy table all in one lunch period 
  • always tries to leave as soon as the bell rings
  • teacher: the bell doesn’t dismiss you, i do
  • taehyung: then why is there a bell ??

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  • the socially awkward jock
  • in every sport offered
  • including bowling
  • but unlike his teammates he’s not an asshole
  • quiet and keeps to himself
  • but once u get to know him you’ll need ear plugs
  • well mannered and polite to everyone
  • teachers pray that he ends up in their class
  • backpack looks like he’s hiding bodies in it
  • and he probably is
  • falls asleep in class 
  • because he stays up all night playing overwatch
  • but never gets in trouble
  • accidentally calls the teacher mom
  • several times

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🎵"Let’s hope this time we can get this band back together again!“
You join the underground cabaret today
(Well hey there, tell me your name)
You try to run and tell the word
But you’re stranded in a darkened cave
(Oh, Henry, we hate you the same)

So listen up my friend
There’s more than meets the eye
You power up the studio
And bring them to life

Now play the beat that trickles
Through the halls
Or else your life is nevermore
Don’t worry chum
It’s not the music that dies
Now listen up!

Our life support machine
Was brought to life by remarkable hands
Forget about the hell we’ve seen
The time has come to revive our band

So bang the drums to a rhythm
Captivating the beat
And press the keys on the piano
For the ritual please

The song’s alive with the night
With your help we’ll revive
The devil’s advocate
Is staring right through your lies

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out of this hell!

We’ve been stars since the rhythm days
But our instruments have all grown tired
And in the end our only dream was to dance
They took the dance away and we got retired

But that was long ago
We have a new change of face
We turned it up a couple notches
With a brand new pace

You think they all just erased us
Betrayed us, enslaved us
But the deed is done
And now we want to get out!
Now listen up!

Ain’t it nice to be underground
With a good ol’ friend like me (Friend like me)
So you notice the sign, we ain’t lying
But sit down and take a seat

There’s an exit for sure
But that’s for shmucks
But a little bit of ink
And a couple of bucks

We can reopen the curtains
And show off the strut
But for goodness sake
You gotta just believe!

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out!

Go to sleep my little sheep
It’s time to rest your head
Whether alive or dead
I am the keeper of the key
That will set us all free
I bring the demon back to life
(Bring the demon back to life)

There’s a song that I sing that shows us the light
Even in the lighter side of hell
We sing with delight
Play the notes that I require
This will please my desires
You have given me the tools
To restart this fire!

There’s a twisted fate
That controls us and betrays us
My friends have a death wish
And all of this is him to blame!

Now we’ve brought him to his knees
Your only hope to escape this
Is to embrace this
We need your help
To keep this demon at bay!
Let’s end this today!

"You’re the conductor of this performance now, Henry!”
“Will you take their word, or ours?”
“Golly I hope this works!”
“You turned on this machine. Now you have to believe!”

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen?)
You see the magic of art (Of art!)
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen in here?)
This magic was fueled by your heart (Your heart!)
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue (Untrue!)
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this world of grey
Welcome to the gospel of dismay!

Welcome to the gospel of dismay!🎵

Song Inspiration: Gospel Of Dismay by DAGames➡ https://youtu.be/2Jco30RGuHo

Help me, my AU ideas are taking over again!

I actually had this done DAYS AGO, but I had homework to finish so I cpuldn’t finish it once I was done with my work first! Now is here and I must say, I’m SO HAPPY how this came out! I really needed to get my head out of school simce i’m always stressing over homework 24/7…

If you know what the game Bendy and the ink Machine and their characters then you can predict who these trio play as. XD

(if not, Tom’s- Bendy, Star= Boris, and Marco= Alice Angel)

(if you have any other AUs for me to do with svtfoe, let me know! ;3 )

Art © me

(I did this not for any profit, but because I love the show and game.)

The idea came from the classical style from the game Bendy and the Ink Machine © TheMeatly

Tom lucitor,Star Butterfly, and Marco Diaz are from Star Vs The Forces of Evil © Daron Nefcy

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God bless you :3

Butterfly wings

When Lance was a kid his mom would say his skin looked like the wings of a butterfly.
Something that was beautiful in how the colours stood out over the base.
She would tell him that he was her little butterfly painted by the angels.
She would tell him this everyday he came home crying because of the teasing from the other kids and the pitying looks from the adults.
When Lance turned ten he stole his sisters makeup and used it to cover the pale areas that were visible on his face, neck and arms. Just to see what it would be like he went to town and for the first time ever blended in. He felt absence of confidence coming from the makeup. But he didn’t want to upset his mom. However getting makeup off is much harder then putting it on.
That’s why hours later his Mom found Lance in the bathroom desperately scrubbing at his skin as she called him for dinner.
He broke down and began to cry begging her not to angry for trying to cover up.
His mom just smiled and kissed his temple telling him that if he wanted to cover up he could or if he wanted his skin on show that was fine too, that he was perfect ether way.
So Lance started wearing makeup and gained a new kind of confidence that he never had before. He was louder and happier even flirting.
When he went away to the Garrison he took enough makeup with him to last until Christmas telling himself as long as he had makeup then everything would be ok.
But the night they found Shiro, Lance didn’t have his makeup with him.
He went to space without it.
With every day that passed the small container he always carried for touch ups became emptier and emptier. He knew it wouldn’t last forever but tonight of all nights to run out.

Lance stared in the mirror at the pale splattering that stretched over his eyes as he desperately rubbed at his skin praying to be able to cover up.
But it was no good.
He was out of makeup.
He wondered if Allura had any and if she would mind him borrowing some. But if he asked then she would see.
What if she laughed?
What if she told the others and they treated him differently?
He couldn’t take the teasing again he just couldn’t.
He put his hands on the sink trying to will himself to calm down. If he could just get to Allura’s room then he could steal her makeup and look normal.
Wrapping his blanket round his head allowing it to trail along the floor behind him Lance tip toes through the hall way.
At this time in the morning most of the other paladins were usually in the kitchen having breakfast or for Keith getting in some training before grabbing a quick bite to eat. This didn’t do much for Lance’s anxieties through. Just the thought of being outside his room without makeup on caused his chest to tighten with panic.
This was so much worse.
He felt like every cell in his body was on edge, vibrating with fear of being caught.
When he reached Allura’s room he had to wipe the sweat off his hands before getting the door open.
Allura’s room was huge.
Much bigger then all the paladins rooms combined and filled with various alien nick nacks and photos from Altea.
Lance felt bad about being in her room without permission, but he told himself it would be worth it in the end.
However after almost an hour Lance had found nothing.
No concealer.
No powder.
He felt his chest tighten as the tears began to fall.
What was he going to do?
The team already thought he was nothing but a pretty face, he’ll be even less then nothing if they realise he’s not even that.
As his breaths came less frequently and quicker Lance slowly slipped down to the floor holding his throat with his hands.
He didn’t hear the door slide open.
He didn’t hear the gasp or the sound of footsteps running over to him.
But he did hear his name.
“Lance?” Allura asked panic clear in her voice. She put a steadying hand on his shoulder trying to get him to look up at her. “Lance tell me what is wrong! Are you hurt? What happened?” She asked sounding like a worried mother.
Lance’s only response was a slow shake of the head.
Allura recognising the panic attack hugged him in her strong arms humming a calming tune.
After a while the tears stopped and Lance found himself able to breath normally again. He stayed in Allura’s arms letting her rock him gently back and forth closing his eyes and listening to the calming sound.
“Pretty song” Lance whispered.
“My farther would sing it to me when I was young.” Allura answered a note of pain to her voice. “Ready to tell me what’s wrong?”
Lance shook his head earning him a sigh from the princess.
“Well…is there anything I can do to help?
Lance was quiet for a moment “do you have any makeup I could borrow?” He asked nervously playing with the hem of the blanket.
“Of course. But I do not understand, you often boast about how perfect your skin is.”
A bitter laugh escaped Lance’s throat. “My skins ugly.”
Allura was so surprised by this answer she pulled back just to try and see if the blue paladin was joking. He had to be joking…right?
“Lance why would you think that?” She asked gently.
Lance slowly, very slowly looked up. The blanket falling off his head and showing his face to the older woman.
Allura couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her lips as she stared at Lance.
His face began to crumble “I knew it! I knew this would happen!” He sobbed curling in on himself.
“No no lance I didn’t mean anything bad!” Allura rambled quickly. “It’s just I did not realise humans also had marks of beauty like Altean’s.”
Lance sniffed looking up at her “marks of beauty?” He asked.
“Yes” she tapped the pink marking on her cheek “on Altea it was a sign of beauty to have markings such as yours on your face. They called them marks of the Drioborn bug… I believe you have something similar on Earth. Butterfly I think they are called.”
Lance smiled for a moment “yeah butterfly is right.”
After his little heart to heart with Allura, Lance though still self conscious didn’t outright hate his skin anymore. He borrowed her makeup as to feel more confident but eventually he opened up to the team allowing himself to love who he is as much as his team does.


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we made this on an impulse at ALA earlier this year, and i’m really happy that we did! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Tom: me

Marco: @misunderstoodbadboy

Rachel Amber - Life is Strange Before the storm

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