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Rain or Shine (Part 2)

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2k



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You giggled as Draco slid his hands across your sides, blowing raspberries onto your stomach. The fire was crackling gently, the warmth of the room causing you both to have stripped to your underwear. The room of requirement had shown itself to you as Draco had pinned you against the wall, wishing he had somewhere private to take you.

“I want to show you how much I love you.” He whispered delectably, his fingers tickling the nape of your neck. “But I don’t want to show you in a cupboard, or dusty storage space.”

Then the walls had started shifting, the sound of stone scraping against stone startling you both. The room had given itself to you both in that moment, providing you with a comfy safe haven to be with each other in private.

Draco brushed his lips against your wrists, smiling at how clean they were. The scars were still there, but much fainter. The scarred flesh was no longer raised, instead only thin white lines remained. He looked back up to you, hovering a moment only to fall back down and put his face into your neck. His hands still wandered, devouring every inch of your body.

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She’s A Goddess

A/N: I was never going to post this, but I got distracted and started editing it. I just remember how uncomfortable Inuyasha got when Sota was asking him about “love” and I wanted to put him in that position again. (opens tab back up to Feudal World doc)

Summary: Miroku’s son needs some advice.

I was minding my own damn business, with the girl in a pouch that sat heavy on my stomach (getting too old for it, but she screams if I try removing her), before Miroku’s youngest comes up to me, a walk in his step that resembled more of a slug than a human. My oldest is trailing behind him, skipping excitedly…. about what? Well I guess I was about to find out. I lift a piece of the corn wheat from the top of the growing crop, and chew on it…why-? Because I’m hungry and my wife’s making sure none of us eat until the damn festival starts.

“Inuyasha!” She viciously swats my delicious, sweet, innocent, bread roll, from my hands, “Sango, Rin and I are slaving ourselves cooking for tonight! So just hang tight! I don’t want you to spoil your appetite.”

She’s trying to starve us to death is what she’s doing.

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-requested by Samantha-

-this picture is mine-

-yeah, I’ll be good in bed but I will be bad to you-

Samantha p.o.v

“Fuck you! Kian!” I said as I threw one of my high heels at him “call me when you stop being a bitch, Samantha!” He yelled back as he got inside his car and drove off, leaving me alone at 2 a.m in a club that I had no idea existed “fucking jerk” I muttered as I looked down at my bare feet, I made my way to the sidewalk and started walking towards which direction seemed familiar, tears started streaming down my cheeks, my lips quivering as I tried to look away from my feet. He didn’t care…he left me here all alone and he didn’t care what happened to me. Cars zoomed by on the road making me grow afraid, one car stopped “hey, pretty lady, need a ride?” I sniffed “no , thank you sir” I muttered. “You sure?” He asked. I nodded but he started to unbuckle his seat belt and open up the door. My breath catches in my throat and I started running down the street, his car zoomed right behind me, thank god track in high school. I looked behind me as his car went faster.

I screamed “HELP! PLEASE!” In hopes someone would hear me and try to help. I made a sharp turn into a street but the car was still by my tail “please!” I begged, out of breath, my legs starting to go numb, I was practically running for my life, a hand grabbed me into a dark alley, I tried to scream but a hand was put over my ear. I couldn’t see who had grabbed me, my back was pressed into his chest, pants leaving my lips. Tears streaming down my cheeks, the car that once was following me zoomed past, the person turned me around and I was met with the most beautiful hazel eyes lightened by the post light “are you okay?” His deep British accent affirming he wasn’t from around her.

“Help me” I pleaded, he looked around concerned “what do you need hell with?” I bursted into tears “m-my boyfriend…he left me and th-this guy he-he followed me-me and I-I-I” I cried harder, he wrapped his arms around me “Shhhhh….alright, calm down” I looked down at his sleeveless shirt, his many tattoos and the cigarette he held between his fingers and suddenly fear rised back into the pit of my stomach, he seemed to realize my state of fear and he sighted “I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m not a pig to rape you or anything like that” he reassured “where do you live?” I gulped as I looked around the dark alley way “56 monthynam street.” I said, my voice shaky “good…come on, I’ll walk you there” he took the jacket that hung over his shoulder and wrapped it around my frame. We started walking down the street. My lips still quivered and the fear still running through my veins. I looked over at him with wet eyelashes, he looked like a god.

He had a sharp jawline, those hazel bright eyes and his soft looking lips letting smoke escape from them, he looked down then back up “want me to Carry you?” I looked down at my bare feet and then that’s when I felt the ache from them, I nodded quickly. He walked closer to me, he wrapped his arms under my legs and picked me up bridal style “are you okay?” He asked, looking deep into my eyes, I nodded quickly. The walk was pretty long so I ended up falling asleep in his protective arms, I woke up to the sound of a door slamming close. I opened my eyes and looked up at the man who had saved my life, I looked around and we were in my apartment “how did you get in?” He sat me on the couch “I have my ways” he said as he smirked and shrugged slightly. I finally got a good look at my feet, there were small cuts everywhere and a couple of blue and purple bruises, I hissed.

“You got a first aid kit?” He asked, I nodded and bit down onto my lip to maybe subside the pain in some way “in the bathroom” I pointed towards the brown door at the end of the hallway, his heavy boots made loud noises against the wood, the door opened and a few minutes later, he walked out with the first aid kit in his hand “may I?” He asked sitting on the floor in front of me, I nodded and he took my feet onto his lip and he opened up the box and took out some cotton balls and alcohol, I closed my eyes for the anticipating sting but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it was going to be, maybe it was the adrenaline or maybe it was that fact that every time I looked into the eyes of this stranger I felt safe.

“What’s your name?” I asked starring at his jet black hair, pulled perfectly back with hair gel he looked up at me “Zayn” he said quietly cleaning up my cuts delicately “Samantha” I said looking down my hurt feet “so….so what were you doing out there at that time…” I asked scared of his response, maybe he was a predator or a serial killer looking for someone to snatch there hearts out there chest “just know…I very bad things and I do them very well” he smirked up at me. I took a deep breath as he wrapped white binding around my feet. He pushed the kit away and stood up “all done” I stood up too wincing A little bit “th-a-ank you” I shuddered, I mentally slapped myself for sounding like an idiot. He nodded “no problem” I reached to hug him but slipped on my feet, ending up pushing him down onto my fluffy white rug “I-I’m so-rry” I stuttered again “shut up” he muttered as he took my lips into his, butterflies floated through my stomach making me want to giggle like a child. I pulled away speechless “z-zayn” I muttered, he ran his hand onto my cheek “relax, Samantha….relax” he said before kissing me once again.

His hands rushed down my back and pulled my black dress up slightly. I kissed back forcefully, finally admitting to myself that I wanted this boy from the moment he carried me home. I pulled away and sat up taking off my dress and taking his sleeveless shirt off along with it, more tattoos decorated his chest, making my mouth water. I bit down onto his neck, then licking over it, leaving a slight love mark. He groaned and turned us around, “I like taking over control babe” he muttered into my ear as he slipped a hand into my panties and stroked my clit with his long fingers. I moaned silently, he kicked his boots off and then pushed his jeans away, his boner visible through his tight black boxers, he kissed down my neck and onto my chest, taking his hand and undoing my bra and sending it to the other side of the living room. He nibbled on my breast and then sucked slightly on the nipple, driving me crazy, I arched my back as he rubbed harshly against my clit making me moan loudly. I ran my hands down his back. He slipped a finger inside,my fingers quickly contrasting with it. I yelped and pulled on the material of my rug, 100% cotton the sells man promised.

We switched positions, his cock in my mouth,the salty flavor of his pre-cum driving me insane, I would lay my tongue flat against his head and lick long stripes and I loved to watch him throw his head back, veins popping out the caramel skin of his neck while grunts and slight whimpers that carried my name in them left his lips, it was delightful. He quickly pushed me off and got on top of me “I’m not finishing in your mouth sweetheart” he smirked “I’m a gentleman, I like to pleasure my girl” he kissed my lips and slipped his head between my folds, I moaned as kept teasing me, he finally started going in, slowly and smoothly, with every inch he entered a slight snap from each of our hips, when he was finally all inside me. He supported himself by keeping his hands on each side of my head, his arms supporting him up, keeping some space between us, he began to thrust harshly driving me crazy, I looked into his hazel eyes as he looked in mine “Samantha…..” He moaned as he bit down onto his lip. I ran my hands through his back, scratching with every thrust.

My hands ended up grabbing onto his ass and edging him on, he was deep inside me, hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I hated how much I loved fucking this complete stranger. I wrapped my legs around his waist, making sure he didn’t loose his pace, keeping him there for my own guilty selfish satisfaction. No matter how hard I tried to close my eyes because of the pleasure he was giving me,his hazel eyes would turn more beautiful by the second, if that was even possible. “Harder!” I moaned as my mouth fell open “faster…..ugh fuck” and he listened to my commands as his breaths were ragged and moans left his lips, mesmerizing my name and my body with every movement. “Samantha….ugh….I’m close” he grunted, he took his arms from the sides of my face and put them under me,bringing me closer, chest to chest. He pounded in quickly, concentration and determination obvious in his furrowed facial expression. He closed his eyes as my legs started to shake, I gripped onto his back as we both came into moaning messes. He collapsed on top of me, both breathless and tired. He slumped to the other side, I laughed quietly to myself as I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes falling asleep in his arms.

I woke up to the front door closing, I sat up quickly, sheets were wrapped around my body, I looked around the house and disappointment took over me, he left. But really what could I expect from him, he was just a stranger who took care of me and nothing more, I was probably just a good time for him. How more stupid could I get. I was about to stand up and put some clothes on when I felt something underneath my palm, it was a note it read:

“It was a pleasure meeting you and I’ll never forget what happened…..but I’m no good for you…you know that xX”

I sighed and stood up, I went into the bathroom and washed off, put on a big soccer jersey on and walked into the kitchen, my feet hurt so badly…I could barely walk correctly. There’s was a knock on the door, I ran towards it with difficulty because maybe just maybe it could be Zayn, saying that he wanted this to work but when I opened the door I was completely disappointed.

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