butterflies inside

I smoked my first cigarette
Because it was the closest thing to death
I could find
One puff, I felt death kiss my lungs
And my life grow shorter
The second puff, it’s tongue curled mine
And butterflies grew inside my decaying stomach
I kissed it back,
But I wanted To Make love to it.
I wanted to know how it’s hands
Would feel against my body,
And if it’s bitter coldness
Would consume my warm body.
—  I want to be cold

I promised to make a text today! And I keep my promises! 
Except for the many times I promised to talk in discord but never did it…But! This christmas I swear!

So, important question… what actually is the poiny of this? I mean point of course. Typos amiright?

You Better

The taxi pulled to a stop in front of what looked to be like an apartment complex. I smiled and paid him 30 bucks and he nodded his head as he departed. This is it. This. Is. It. I sighed and walked towards the door. My phone dinged.

Take the elevator to the 4th floor. I’ll be waiting.

I followed the instructions and felt a knot well up inside. The elevator stopped and there he stood. His foot propped up against the wall, his hands in his pockets. Man was he breath taking.

“Hey Love.” his accent greeted me. Butterflies fluttered inside my chest and I smiled.

“Hi Tom.” I said, as I was welcomed into his arms. I took in his scent and looked up at him.

“I’ve missed you.” he whispered.

“So have I.” I whispered back. He smiled and placed a kiss on my lips. He took my hand and led me down the corridor towards his room. As soon as we got inside, he locked the door behind him and kissed me.

“We need more us time.” he said in-between kisses, his hands finding my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nodded.

“You’re always gone.” I said, breaking the kiss to look at him.

“I find it rather sexy.” he smirked.

“Now do you.” I said, raising an eyebrow. His eyebrows furrowed at my cocked eyebrow. I started to leave small kisses on his neck, just enough to tease him. His hands gripped my hips and pulled me closer to him. He started to unzip my jacket and I did the same to him.

Soon we were in our undergarments, enjoying each other. He walked us over to the couch where we plopped down, causing us to laugh. He left trails of kisses from my neck down to my shoulders then down to my chest. He came back up to meet my eyes and we just stared at each other.

I touched his face with my hand and he roamed my side up to my shoulders then back down with his hand. He went for my neck, leaving small and soft kisses here and there. I bit my lip and brought his hand up to my chest where he gave a small squeeze. He started to bite and suck the crook of my neck making a moan escape from my lips. I felt him smile and I pushed him so he was sitting up.

I straddled his hips and began kissing his neck. His hands roamed my body and I felt him harden as I began to bite his sweet spot. His head went back and a small moan escaped, making me excited. I began to move my hips around which made his Adam’s apple bob. He looked me in the eye and I saw that his pupils were dilated.

“You’re being such a tease.” he said, his voice stern.

“Well someone had to be.” I said giving him a kiss and softly biting his lower lip.

“Okay. That’s it.” he said placing me onto my back and roaming my body. He played with my panties, teasing me with the hem of them. He crawled on top of me for a kiss, letting his lips hover over mine, initiating the game we invented. Whoever kisses first loses. I smirked and my hand found its way towards his boxers, making sure to brush up against his member. His breath hitched and I smiled.

“No fair.” he said.

“What’s not? This?” I said, stroking his member through tight boxers.

“Yes you cheater.”

“It’s not cheating if you let me.“I said, bringing my lips closer to his. His lips crashed onto mine and as soon as I went to take off his boxers, the door knob rattled. We stopped kissing and froze, both looking at the door. There stood Harrison, with a doughnut in his mouth until it fell when he saw us.

“Well… I didn’t know we were expecting anyone.” Harrison said.

“Neither did we.” I said as Tom handed me my jacket.

“Ah.. I see. Well, if you would excuse me, I’m going to go rinse my eyes out.” Harrison joked.

“Soap is under the sink mate.” Tom said, buttoning his pants.

“Much appreciated.” Harrison said, covering his eyes. I rolled my eyes and slipped my shirt on.

“We still have tonight.” Tom whispered in my ear.

“I don’t think so.” I teased, grabbing my jeans. He took ahold of my hand and spun me towards him.

“You better.” he said, squeezing my arse. I mocked being shocked and slapped his shoulder playfully.

“You guys are gross.” Harrison shouted from the bathroom. Tom and I smiled at one another.

Morning Snack

It’s a combination of things that wake you: the sun streaming in through the light curtains, the too-hot temperature of the room, the (almost) full eight hours you got… and the feeling of his lips on your skin.

You can feel him kissing a trail from your stomach to your pelvis—and back—as he runs his hands up and down your thighs, pushing your silk nightgown up a little more each time. He trails his fingers over your hips as he kisses you a little lower, your breath hitching in your throat.

“Morning, jagi,” Jimin whispers agains you, sending goosebumps crawling along your skin. “Sleep well?”

“Y-yes,” you gasp as he presses a kiss to your heat. “You?”

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Drones Summary
  • Dead Inside: Shouldn't you be on The 2nd Law?
  • Drill Sergeant: AYE SIR
  • Psycho: Oh my god that riff though
  • Mercy: Sounds like a corrupted Starlight
  • Reapers: More riffs okay wow
  • The Handler: I can feel the bass in my very existence
  • JFK: Ask not what your band can do for you, ask what you can do for your band
  • Defector: Okay seriously these riffs are going to kill me
  • Revolt: Empowering end credits song from an 80s film
  • The Globalist: If Knights of Cydonia, Citizen Erased, Butterflies & Hurricanes and United States of Eurasia had a baby.
  • Drones: 3 minutes of Gregorian chorale chanting. I'm not even joking
The moment I first laid eyes on you, I just knew it was you. You are the one who’s going to release the butterflies inside me that will wake up my demons. It’s you; it’s going to be you. But still, I let you grow inside me. I destroyed my self-built walls for you to destroy what’s left in me. Why did I carry out that foolish decision? Because you are worth all of it, you always were and always will be. The moment I first laid eyes on you, I already knew it’s going to be all worth it.
—  (d.g)
SHINee Reacting to their S/O fearing physical contact and hugging them for the first time.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Onew - He would stay dumbfounded but somehow really happy with butterflies fluttering inside his stomach and would hug you back, but very carefully.

Jonghyun - Jonghyun would immediately hug you back and wouldn’t want to let go of you for a long time, thanking you for trusting him that much.

Key - He’d be on the edge of tears when he feels your arms tightly wrapped around his body but would hold them back for the sake of the moment.

Minho - Now Minho wouldn’t believe it at first and would stare at you confused until you explain everything to him. Then he’d hug you back and thank you.

Taemin - Taemin would be on top of the world and nothing - nothing - would be able to take that smile off his face for a few couple of days.

- Admin Lene

Newt Scamander x Reader: A Difficult Conversation (4)

part 1 / 2 / 3

Everything felt peaceful. You woke up in good spirits, dancing around your bedroom while getting ready for a new day. Last night felt like an absolute dream. You didn’t care about anything else but you and Newt. How wonderful it was to have your feelings reciprocated. You were quite sure Newt was it. Your it. You couldn’t imagine finding someone that could make you feel so warm and frighten all at once. Someone who’s hands just felt perfectly right. Warm, caring and soft. Someone who made you feel weak and strong all in one stare. It felt mad for something to be this perfect. Butterflies burning up inside you. This was the kind of thing you only read about in novels and see in movies. But not anymore, it was real and it was yours.

You were well aware not everyone would be happy with the news but you couldn’t help but cherish those words and his touch. You wanted to be with him but you also knew you had to take things slow. It was all so new and exciting though.

You made your way out of your bedroom and no one was in the kitchen which was odd but you thought nothing of it. You ate your breakfast and decided to leave. You had work to attend to after all.

Work was fine, a little dreadful without the sight of Newt in the morning to keep you going until your shift was over. But sill, you had your memory of last night. The thought of him holding your hand made your whole body shiver. Your lips smiling so big you could imagine how crazy you must’ve looked to everyone else.

It was finally time to go home. On the way out of the office you worked in as a secretary, you saw Henry. What a nice surprise to see him there. It was the most bizarre coincide but you couldn’t help but be happy because of it.

“Hey (y/n)! How are you today?” he said with the warmest voice you’ve heard in your life.

“Hey Henry. Fancy seeing you here… I’m good, just going home. How about you?”

“Well, better after running into you” he winked while taking his hat off.

“Oh” you blushed “What are you doing here? Do you work around here?” you asked, curious.

“Not really, no. I just had some business to take care around this area. Do you want to, maybe, go for tea?”

You wanted to go home right away but you were pretty hungry. You decided to accept his offer.

You walked into the bakery across the street and order some biscuits and a green tea. You both talked your ears off for way too long. The next thing you know, three hours had gone by and you definitely had to go home. You immediately thought of Newt and the creatures. You were so excited to see them.

You walked home and everyone was there. Finally. Newt looked at you with his beautiful green eyes and you could’ve sworn you melted right here.

“Hey everyone! Didn’t see you this morning, is everything alright?” you asked without thinking much of it.

Jacob answered in a heartbeat “I went to the bank to finally get everything going with the bakery. I’m so excited, I can’t wait”. He sat beside Queenie and she smiled with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

No one said anything else. You and Jacob looked at each other with concern. You had a funny feeling in your gut.

“Guys…?” Jacob said, afraid.

You just stood there hoping Newt’s eyes would find yours again. They didn’t. Tina just looked at Newt and Queenie with a cold look on her face. “Just tell them” she spat.

“What is going on?” Jacob looked at the sisters with a concerned look in his face.

A few minutes of silence followed until Tina said “So, you know MACUSA has very strict laws about wizards and no-majs getting along” she looked at me and Newt and then continued “… When they found out we are living under the same roof with two, they called us in for a meeting”.

“What??” You screamed in worry. “What does that mean? What did they say?” you sat down in front of Tina.

“They were suspicious both of you were aware of the wizarding world” Newt said looking at you with a strangely calm tone in his voice.

“Do they know??” Jacob looked at Queenie. She just nodded her head yes, holding back the tears.

“What…. What now?” you sighed, your voice breaking.

“Just like I said since the beginning, your memories have to be erased. You will follow your normal lives without knowing this ever happened” Tina said, looking at you with a defiant attitude.

You stood and walked towards Newt who was standing by the window, as calm as can be.

“Newt…?” tears forming in your eyes. He looked up and said “It’s going to be alright”. You were slightly confused and definitely very mad. “What do you mean?” your voice sounded more hurt than you intended it to be. “It’s okay” he said while placing both of his hands in your shoulders. “It’s not” you said right away.

Jacob started nervously pacing the living room.  “I was never meant to meet you guys, but now that I do, I can’t imagine now knowing who you are” he stared at everyone in disbelief. “I can’t imagine running down the street, bumping into you and not know who you are. We’ve been through so much… This. Just. Can’t…. be” he sat back down next to Queenie, looking at her with tears running down his face. “What about us?” he said. They were both crying at this point. You could tell Tina’s heart was breaking for her sister. You were crying too, even though you had no idea. You just couldn’t feel your face. Your body felt heavier and lighter at the same time.

“Will I remember Jacob?” you asked.

“No” Tina said without looking at you.

Quite a few hours had gone by since you and Jacob found out the news. He and Queenie went for a long walk, Tina was somewhere around the house, you could hear her walking around and you just stayed in your bedroom for hours.

This would all be gone from your memory. A part of you erased forever. You just couldn’t stop the tears. What of Newt, the creatures and all the adventures you’ve been a part of? All gone. Everything just seemed so fragile, so easy to sweep away. And why was he so calm? So collected? He told you he liked you back, he kissed you. You knew how he felt. So how was he okay with it all? Did he have a plan?

You couldn’t help but contemplate the irony. Just this morning you were the happiest you’ve been in a long time and right now, your whole world was crumbling. You wanted a hole to crawl in.

You heard someone knock on the door but you didn’t have the strength to stand up. “Come in” you said, lying in bed with your left arm covering your eyes. Your face swollen from all the crying.  

You heard someone sitting right next to you. “How are you?” hearing Newt’s voice made your heart sink even more.

“I’ve been better” you said without lifting your arm from your eyes.

“You know… It’s going to be alright” he said. He was so calm it made you angry.

“Why do you keep saying that?” you asked lifting your arm up in despair.

“Please, just trust me. Don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry” he placed his hand on your cheek and the world was spinning again.

“I don’t want to forget you. You know how I feel about you”, you sat on the bed so you could face him. His hand fell from you cheek to your neck and you couldn’t help but feel safer.

“You won’t forget me and I won’t forget you, that much I can promise you” he said leaning in closer.

You didn’t understand a word but you were too tired to continue this conversation. His face was so close to yours you couldn’t see straight but you were fine with it. Your arms rested on his shoulders, your hands intertwined in the back of his head. You could feel his somewhat irregular breathing next to your lips. Next thing you know, his lips were pressing against yours. Your mouths finally touching, just like you dreamt for so long. Despite all the tears and all the worry, that was the best moment of your day. You felt like you belonged again. As your lips parted you hugged him so tight it was becoming difficult to breath.

Someone else knocked, it was Tina. “I know you’re saying your goodbyes, but Queenie and Jacob just arrived and food is ready, so let’s have one last dinner”. It felt like she was staring into your soul. Those words just killed your last bit of hope. A tear rolled down your eyes. “We’ll be right there” said Newt. She was just about to leave when she said “I know this is difficult, but there’s nothing you can do. We have to follow the rules. We’re in America, you’re an American, your memory has to be erased. You were never supposed to be here in the first place, you don’t belong”. You contemplated answering her but decided against it. Newt hasn’t having it though “The rules are stupid and completely obsolete” he said, looking at you. “They have to be followed though” she said “by any means necessary”. She closed the door behind her.

You rested your face on his shoulder, undeniably devastated. “I need to be alone for a little while Newt” you said, your voice so small it was barely audible. “You know where to find me if you need me” he said kissing your head.

As he left, you couldn’t help but think about what Tina said. It was just so… hurtful. “By any means necessary”? What in the world did that mean? She really was happy to see you go. The thought of her comforting Newt made your stomach turn. Your brain slowly started to doze off…


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