butterflies go free


…as if I had wings… © Sharon Boswall

“I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings.” (Mary Oliver ~ Owls and Other Fantasies). 

This weekend is the last for the annual Papillons en Liberté exhibit at our Botanical Gardens and I hope to get a chance to visit.  I usually get there much earlier than this (I had a hard time finding a charger for my camera’s battery)  so I am afraid there will not be too many different species of butterflies and the greater number of them will be Paper Kites (a.k.a. Rice Paper) like the one in the last photo in this trio. I don’t really mind… it’s not just about the photos but also very much about the experience and being that close to such beautiful and fragile little creatures.  Cannot help but wonder what they think of us - probably not as excited to see us as we are them!

having verbal fights with your paranoid thoughts alone in your room at midnight is traumatized kid culture


Human Bog

Look at that, he’s got primroses in his tattoo sleeves >__>
He got them while he was with his first love. When that didn’t work out, he started hiding his tattoos in public, constantly wearing his jacket. He hates seeing them. They’re a constant reminder of his heartbreak. 

The piece of amber in his staff in canon has been turned into a necklace, a gift from his father.

He’s covered in scars, most of them on his left side. He’s rather intimidating, especially when he’s riding around on his motorcycle. To most people he just looks like a thug and stay away from him, though his appearance is rather deceiving.

The Man With The Butterflies

miserableyouths-archive submitted:

Note: This isn’t exactly “scary” I guess, but it’s a paranormal experience and I just thought I’d share. You don’t have to post if you don’t want to!

When I was a baby-toddler, I lived in a big duplex house. My family was upstairs, and downstairs there lived a man named Charlie. I don’t remember much from the time because I was so young, but I remember him well. He raised butterflies, my mother told me, “because he wanted to see more beautiful things in the world.”

I was four when he passed away but I remember it so clearly. Only 3 days before it happened, he gave me a few butterflies in their home. He told me to take care of them for him. (Apparently he knew he was going to die. My young self had no idea.)

So I took them, and I made sure my mom helped me take good care of them because I couldn’t do it on my own.

When I found out, I was very sad, and I wanted the butterflies to remember him by but I also wanted to do something for him. So I let the butterflies go free, in his memory.

When I moved out of the duplex a year later and into a house, when I went from apartment to apartment, to the house I’m in now…. There were butterflies. Not many, and not too often, once every 2 or 3 months maybe. And always entering through the room I was in and staying in there with me.

I’m 16 years old now, and it is still happening to me. Maybe it’s a coincidence and maybe not, but my mother – who has “”“the sense”“” (as I call it) and has been studying the paranormal/religious for a very long time – believes he is a ‘protective spirit’ for me. I think she might be right.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 1/10 (This rating is for scares and not quality of story!) That’s super cool and sweet, thanks for sharing!


I couldn’t stop my urge to draw Rin & Rei switching bodies… I bet Sousuke finds this really amusing as I do I feel like drawing more of this x3

Speaking of the Taito boys-in-various-states-of-undress illustration…

Man, I’ve loved it since the very first sketch of it we were shown, it’s all kinds of perfect and they all look so sexy in it, but one thing I’d never noticed until I won it as a poster due to a Taito campaign (a story for another day) was that you can actually see their underwear.

For instance, Makoto…

Wears his colour and also his perfect obliques, you go Makoto


….. Has “underwear” written on his underwear. Y'know, in case he forgot.


Is Free.


???? I’m pretty sure his underwear says “freedom”???? Oh wow Rin is even more Free than Haru, wow imagine take that Haru

And Rei……… Ah, Rei.

Rei is the most Free of them all.

“He got a big ego
Such a huge ego
but, I love his big ego”

Done for RinRei Week Day five: lyrics! If you haven’t guessed it yet, it is indeed Beyonce’s song “Ego”. Honestly, I can’t help but think of these two when I hear this jam.

(it’s transparent btw because why not)


2017 Papillons en Liberté Blue Morpho by Sharon
Via Flickr:
Blue plate (okay, maybe turquoise if you wanna be technical) but I am not sharing… not one slice.  Le sigh… so frayed, still pretty.  

Go All Out!
Matsuoka Rin & Ryugazaki Rei
Go All Out!

Let’s take the time to appreciate the lyrics of this amazing duet and think that they’re singing this together while rolling under the sheets how perfectly it matches their ultra-dynamic relationship!

Rin: Come on, show me what you can do.
Rei: Very well, I will not lose.
Rin: I’ll show you my best! 
Rei: I accept your challenge!

Rei: I am prepared already, let us start! I’ll steadily progress performing the butterfly stroke. (Hm, beautifully)

Rin: You sure can talk. 
Rei: Of course!
Rin: I’ll check what you can do.
Rei: I’m starting. 
Rin: Okay, come on!

Rei/Rin: GO ALL OUT!!  get fired up and burn out this summer!
Rei: And with that, a-ah
Rei/Rin: With force unbeaten by the dazzling sun, we devote our whole being!
Rin: We’ll have our, a-ah
Rei/Rin: Serious competition with no hard feelings, this is the height of our youth!

Rin: You know how amazing I am, you got guts. I can’t believe you couldn’t swim until just recently, you can’t beat me. (Heh, it’s impossible!)

Rei: No.
Rin: What? 
Rei: That is not true. At that time I just lacked the theory.
Rin: Now you’re making excuses? 
Rei: It’s perfect already!!!

Rin/Rei: Oh, PERFECT!! making sparks in the water, this summer we’re at our peak!
Rin: I can feel, a-ah
Rin/Rei: The scorching heat, fighting and glaring at each other we want to compete with all our power!
Rei: We will, a-ah
Rin/Rei: Have a face to face match, we’re in our youth when we don’t back away, bring it on. 

Rin/Rei: I’ll see if you have something in you or not…
Rei: Here I go!
Rin: Okay, come on!

Rin/Rei: GO ALL OUT!! get fired up and burn out this summer!
Rei: And with that, a-ah
Rin/Rei: With force unbeaten by the dazzling sun, we devote our whole being!
Rin: We’ll have our, a-ah 
Rei: (a-ah)
Rin/Rei: Serious competition with no hard feelings, this is the height of our youth!

Rin: Heh, Rei, you’re not half bad!
Rei: Rin-san, next time I will show you an even more beautiful me!
Rin/Rei: Hahaha!