The most important love is the love we give ourselves. Without that we cannot possibly give to others the love that they deserve.
—  Lena Slaughter

“You have to be strong. You have to want the happiness that you deserve so badly that nothing and no one can keep you from it.”

- Lena Slaughter

“Whisper I love you to a butterfly and it will fly to heaven to deliver your message.”

A year ago today my family lost one of our most important members of our family; my grandma. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. I know she is always with us, but I always think about the things that she’s not able to do anymore. No more packages, crocheting, swearing at the Steelers when they’re messing up. I miss her making plachinta and telling me to get out of here when I tell her something unbelievable. I miss her cards and letters when she would sign them “Love, Grahamcrackers” for me. So many things remind me of her. My grandmother was such a wonderful woman. My biggest hope is to be as loved, admired, and as great as her. She was truly the epitome of being a grandmother.
Rest in Heaven Grahamcrackers! You are truly missed by so many. 9/30/1932 - 8/3/2014

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