In the daytime I’m Hawk Moth, Just a normal hawk with a normal moth. But there’s something about me that no one knows yet… ‘Cause I have a secret…

~Don’t fly away my little future akuma.~

Okey, maybe I got a bit carried away… But hey… shh! ;) Let the mothhaunt begin! And again ryky my guru.
How one man repopulated a rare butterfly species in his backyard
We can all contribute to conservation efforts — sometimes even from our own backyards.
By Zachary Crockett


Tim Wong (Instagram: timtasti1c) <– go follow him, he has lots of beautiful photos including butterfly photos~!


Hand Painted Silk Butterfly Wings Photographed On Artist At Stunning Locations  

PracowniaDor is an Etsy shop where the artist, Dorota, has taken a literal artistic translation to letting her wings spread and fly. Recreating the colorful wings of a butterfly with a vivid choice of colors and patterns on silk, the artist hand paints each individual fabric before crafting them into wings.

In open fields blooming with flowers, at a glowing sunset in the distant horizon, and even under the starry sky and autumn woodlands, the Dorota has photographed her craftsmanship to recreate the environment where her butterflies would originally be seen. The hand dyed silk fabric lends a velvety, flowing quality to the artist’s wings, which when paired with the dazzling colors of one of nature’s most envied canvas, pays a beautiful homage to artist’s inspiration. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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