You are the sacred cut,
The holy gap,
The void in which magic takes place.

You are the dark matter between the stars,
The space between two heartbeats,
The synaptic cleft.

You are the blade that severs the goat’s neck,
You are the scalpel,
You are that which pushes butterfat to float upon the surface of milk.

Inherent in you lies Kali’s liberation,
Inherent in you lies Tara’s salvation,
You are them and Bhuvanesvari’s creation all rolled into one.

Prema lays her head between your sacrificial posts,
Praying for you to set her free from her doubts, her ego, her fears,
So that just like you, Mother,
She may ground herself in Kama and Rati
And transform that passion to nourish the World.

—  –Prema Kalidasi

The Butterball Prince of the Chubby Hubbies

It’s always so heartwarming when you see a young, newly married couple so in love.  She was completely enthralled with her 350 lb chubby hubby the entire time they were in the coffee shop.  Hubby was two and a half times as thick and  twice as wide as his wife unit, so she began feeding him early on in their relationship.  He sported this absolutely amazing HUGE round ball of butterfat and they hung adoringly on each other in line….her head on his shoulder, one arm around his wide back anchoring her grip on one of his triple-thick love handles, and he with his arm around her.  Her free hand traversed the broad surface area of the front of his belly, and she gently scratched and caressed her way around that sphere.  

Undoubtedly she suggested a mid-afternoon snack for her capacious young husband, but he must have turned her down in favor of a large iced coffee drink.  After all, he probably contained one and a half large lunches, full to the brim at her urging to sample/finish hers as well.  He did spend a lot of time studying the billboard menu, likely developing a hunger for all things bacon, pork and otherwise filling and tasty.  Hopefully he’ll be able to engulf a substantial dinner before he grows too hungry, his 65″ gut swelling huge and hefty with exactly the right amount of decadent excess.