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Healthy, vegetarian little foods

Hi there! So I see a LOT of little space food which usually include the same old; macaroni, dino nuggets etc
And if you’re either a health nut or a veggie, these aren’t right for you of course! Luckily, I’m both of these things so I’m gonna do a little post for healthy, veggie foods I eat whilst in little space!

All of these options you can learn to make by just doing a quick YouTube search! (Example; “healthy oatmeal banana cookies”)


- fat free natural yogurt with honey and blue berries
- oatmeal with skim milk, banana and honey
- egg and banana pancakes


- carrot/celery/cucumber sticks with hummus
- rice cakes with no Palm oil peanut butter with sliced banana
- lettuce, cucumber sandwich with wholemeal bread “buttered” with avocado cut into your favourite shape


- lettuce rolls stuffed with sweet potato salad
- egg white omelette with spinach and mushroom
- corn on the cobs


- guacamole with sweet potato roasted chips
- soft boiled egg with wholemeal toast
- cut up apple, grapes and strawberries


- zucchini “spaghetti” (just slice it up like spaghetti) with a simple tomato sauce
- veggie dino nuggets (sweetcorn, carrot, peas, sweet potato mash frozen slightly then cut into dino shapes, breaded then oven roasted)
- refried bean tacos with guacamole and low fat sour cream


- banana, raisin and oatmeal cookies
- chia seed pudding
- berries on fat free yogurt with honey

(Because I know littles LOVE their sweets there are healthy alternatives for soooo many sweets online, even brownies!!)

Swap out sodas and flavoured milks for homemade milkshakes, fruit smoothies, infused water and green tea! Just keep that sugar out! Replace sugar with honey, agave or another sugar substitute like stevia

So there you go! I wanted to make this list for any veggie little who are dieting/wants to keep fit whilst still being little!

Hope this helps!


Haha so you can definitely see the color scheme theme here

My ostara gathering was nice but I guess to be honest I was disappointed that everyone seemed to be dealing with hardships this week so people canceled at the last minute or they showed up but their energy was not centered due to stress even after grounding. The people who came still liked the ritual and gathering since they said it helped them feel more positive. We did a growth spell with pepita seeds that we would charge one with intent to grow something and swallow or bless one and give to our friend to take in.

For food I brought a gardens worth of spring vegetables. I made steamed asparagus and string beans, tzatziki salad, snap peas, fennel, brocolli sprouts, butter lettuce with mustard vinaigrette, microgreens for garnish, garlic and chives hummus and pepita seeds. My friend made delicious quiche cupcakes and my other friend bought lavender earl grey tea eggs with mayonnaise and mustard to make deviled eggs. I also made vegan linzer cookies. One was matcha chocolate and the other was violette/chamomile/raspberry. We had spring beer to drink along with a matcha liqueur I made into a creamy cocktail (tastes like an iced alcoholic matcha latte), fresh juiced carrot juice (with apples), and crocus gin which is absinthe mixed with creme de violette, gin and chamomile syrup.

After the ritual we played an egg hunt ostara board game I made. They could collect special eggs with prizes (like candy or special items like crystal rings, crystals, egg tea lights, magical shit etc) and the golden egg was a grand prize of an astrology book (one I was looking at a creative way to give it away) it luckily went to a friend that was looking for an astrology book haha.

Overall it was nice. I’ll be posting pictures individually.
Tomorrow is the last celebration apart of my equinox week!!

Signs as types of sandwiches
  • PB&J (simple and sweet): Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo
  • Turkey and mayo (simple but salty): Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • BLT (complicated but amazing): Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • ***check Venus too

Honestly one of the dopest salads I’ve ever had: roasted tempeh and sweet potatoes, butter lettuce, kale, arugula, spinach, swiss chard, onion sprouts, carrots, avocado, lemon.

The carrots were seasoned with light olive oil, balsamic, hemp seed, raw almond, and cinnamon.

So much protein in this!