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Finding Home - Chapter 11 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Sam didn’t know how much money he was allowed to spend, so he was a little unsure about what to buy. He remembered that you wanted fruits, so he grabbed a few apples, oranges, bananas, and pears. Then he thought that maybe you could eat sandwiches for lunch so he put bread, butter, ham, a lettuce and tomatoes in the basket too. He smiled when he reached for two chocolate donuts. He hesitated for a moment after that, he wanted to make you chicken soup, but he didn’t know if you would be mad if he spend so much money. But on the other hand you told him that the fridge was totally empty and you need food… After a few seconds of just standing there, he decided to buy the ingredients for the soup, it’s gonna be for you after all, not him. And if you scold him for buying too much food he’s gonna tell you that your health is more important than money, and you can save later.

He hid a grin when the cashier was staring at your purse in his hand, then he grabbed the 4 bags and headed back to your apartment. 

‘Okay, maybe it’s too much.’ - he thought when he was walking up the stairs with the heavy bags.

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Guess what?!  I resisted the TopGolf temptations!  Instead of the chips and dips, fried goodness galore, and tantalizing desserts I had my tiny plate of low carb eats shown above.  I did have a glass of red wine and two chips with guac and queso (individually, not together) though.  Prettty darn proud of myself for pulling that off.  I kept my water glass full and just kept sipping on it throughout the event to keep my mouth and hands occupied.  

By 5:30 p.m. all our guests had left (an hour early!) and I was given the go-ahead to go home (YES!) but then was stuck in traffic until I finally got home at 6:20 p.m.  We checked online to see if there were any seats left for the 7 p.m. show (soooo many - weird) so I cancelled my order for the 10:30 p.m. showing and we snagged ourselves some earlier seats.  I popped three of my fat bombs (equaling one serving size) to curb any hunger at the theater and then we were out the door 15 minutes later.  
(Thanks for all your excitement for us getting to go early :)  I feel the love!) 

Imagine my glee when we were given these collectible tickets!!!?!?!!  I already collect movie stubs so this is extra special for me (yes, that’s right - every single stub since I was in 4th grade.  At one point I put them all together, in chronological order of course, and used them as a banner around the top of my ceiling in college).  

IT was so so good.  IT definitely lived up to my super high expectations and even soared past them.  Waaay more true to the book than the miniseries, had that summer nostalgia feel, and truly demonstrated the value of friendships which has always been at the heart of the story.  I loved how they changed it up enough to keep it interesting with different representations of the kid’s fears than the book but while still adding elements like size distortion.  Bill Skarsgard did SUCH a great Pennywise.  He made it his own creepy fucking clown and I actually wanted to see more of him on the screen.  Gah, I will definitely be watching this movie again soon.  Go go go see IT!  I didn’t think it was particularly scary but was just a super excellent movie.  

After the movie, Kevin fried up some bacon and we ate BLT’s in some butter lettuce.  Another day with a great low carb count!  HEY!  Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!  YaahoooooO!  

anonymous asked:

Do you have any kitchen-witchy recommendations relating to spring's arrival?

Ohhhhhh my goddddd so manyy
But this ask is a bit vague? I am guessing you are referring to the equinox and not actually when we are in spring. I have so much food related everything to every notch and angle of the years season so I will just go with spring equinox since it was my first assumption. 

So first I will talk about flavors and foods that are in season. For spring I heavily associate green tea and matcha with it because of it’s earthy flavor, green color (as greenery is starting to pop up out of the thawing dead earth) and it’s abilities to awaken, as spring is a time of reawakening and rebirth. Spring is when I consume the most matcha-everything. Teas, cakes, cookies, smoothies, noodle bowls, creams; you can buy it at most asian/specifically Japanese marts (it’s gotten popular you can find it in most east asian markets), or sometimes herb shops sell it, or you can just find it online. A tiny bit goes a long way and it’s very energizing when taken by itself in a tea. Other things I like to encorporate as flavors are almonds, pralines and pistachios since they have seed-like qualities and are sweet and have a light floral taste. They are great additions to desserts for the equinox or to add in smoothie bowls.

For foods that are in season there are so many fantastic things in the farmers market now! Asparagus is the very first thing that comes to mind. We are in asparagus season and where I am located they also have snap peas and butter lettuce (Also speaking of lettuce I love steamed bok choy too its so bright green and like a little lettuce ball). Peas and green beans are also a very spring thing for me too along with spring onions and chives. Split Pea soup is a super spring themed dish. (Most things that are very earthy but with a lighter flavor and green seems to be a theme here haha but it is also all in season.) There are some wintery foods that spill into spring like carrots, leaks and celery. I also love microgreens but they tend to be difficult to get a hold of unless you go someplace fancy like Eataly which I am greatful to be close to in NYC. I love sorrel microgreens cause they look like little clovers and are super pretty to top dishes with.
Early spring is of course the arrival of budding trees and sowing seeds and a lot of the food I eat reflects that. I love to eat sprouts and add it to toast with cream cheese and salmon or any salad. (Any type of sprouts are great too I REALLY love mung beans sprouts for Ostara and early spring too, they are so refreshing and a pretty sunny yellow color.) I also love pepitas that are little green seeds. They are addictive to eat and I love to sprinkle them on top of smoothie bowls. I use them in rituals for growth as well.
Around the equinox and early spring, eggs get included in a lot of dishes. For the equinox I like to make quiche and load it with spring vegitables such as asparagus and beans. Tea eggs are super pretty and are great for an equinox dinner. Colored deviled eggs are fun too.
Also following the theme of green and earthy, though I doubt basil is in season since it’s more summery, I still love pesto. If you are a fan of spreads you can make a green hummus spread, or a pesto spread or a cheesy artichoke spread but I associate artichokes with later spring and Beltane. Cucumbers are also summery too but cucumbers are also light, green and refreshing and a lot of people use them in spring recipes and I adore them so I usually add them in my spring dishes too! 

OK SOO kitchen witchy recommendations that are activity centered!!

When you use eggs starting from now SAVE THE SHELLS!! If you have your own little garden or want to make a window-sill herb garden, it’s easy to use the egg shells as a starter to plant seeds in before putting them into the earth. If you don’t have a garden you can save eggshells for offerings to plant spirits since they love that- a case to put a spell in (as opposed to a spell jar you would bury since the jar would not decompose), or use the egg shell as a tea light holder which is what I am doing. I collect egg shells around this time of year to make pretty candles for Ostara.

Learn to sprout your sprouts! You can buy a pack and write a sigil or charge them with intent then let them sprout over time and add it to your dishes to make food that will be boosted with your magic! It would be great in this pisces season to focus on luck or power coming your way to help you advance in creative endeavors or just something for prosperity.

Use edible seeds like pepitas in growth spells and recipes.

Using whole collard green leaves in wraps or to wrap up spells to bury or offerings. Collard green leaves are beautiful as wraps and look like elven food. My dad once got me a ‘burger’ in one and I was like wtf kind of whole foods healthy shit is this, but it was surprisingly good. They are huge and leafy so its very convenient to use if you need to wrap up something. Same goes for butter lettuce or any lettuce/spring cabbage leaf!! 

I have a lot more food magic pertaining to mid-late spring with flowers and sprouted veggies but you said spring’s arrival so I wanted to keep the post short haha.

Also my Ostara tag has way more stuff for recipes and correspondences if you are interested in early spring things. 


Fill your bowls and bellies with whole beautiful plants // lemon garlic asparagus, butter lettuce salad, roasted zucchini, steamed broccoli, homemade fettuccini w yellow baby tomatoes + fresh basil from the garden 

IG unqualified_vegan for healthy vegan food inspiration + weight loss updates

wiseinnerwhispers  asked:

Oh, hey! You know what I'd love to see? The first time Bucky feels comfortable enough to tell Steve he doesn't feel well /before/ Steve figures it out for himself! Maybe Bucky eats something that disagrees with him and he gets a really gassy bellyache... like he feels super pukey and can feel it all churning around but all that's coming up (at first anyways) is a bunch of air? With lots of supportive, loving Steve?

Thank you for this.  I love this idea so much.

Gas/burps have never really been my thing, but I’m up for branching out a bit.  Hopefully this works for you.

Powers/no powers.  You know the drill.


They’ve decided that Sundays are the days for trying new things.  It gives Bucky a predictable schedule, but keeps him reaching just a bit outside his comfort zone.  This week, the challenge is green chile cheeseburgers.

Steve had gotten the idea from Sam, who’d spent a couple years stationed in Albuquerque back in his pilot training days.  “It has to be the real deal,” Sam had said, giving Steve the URL for the Chile Traditions website.  “Actual chile from Hatch, New Mexico.  None of that mild grocery store stuff.  The spice’ll knock your socks off, but the flavor is worth it.”

The jar of real deal 505-grown and fire roasted green chile had come in the mail on Friday, and Steve’dgone out to buy the rest of the ingredients on Saturday.  Now it’s Sunday lunchtime, and Bucky’s griddling a couple of thick Angus beef patties while Steve toasts fresh-baked ciabatta rolls.

“Smells great, Buck,” Steve compliments as he drags a knife through a block of sharp cheddar.  Bucky transfers the slices on top of his cooking burgers so the cheese will melt.

“Yeah, I think I like this idea,” Bucky replies.  He gives the burgers another few moments in the pan, then moves on to assembly.  The burgers are slid onto their buns, and topped with generous scoops of greenchile, thick tomato slices, and leaves of butter lettuce.  Steve spreads the top buns with mayo and presses them down to complete the sandwiches.  Bucky fills the empty spaces on the plates with potato chips, then takes the food to the table.

“I promised Sam a full report,” Steve says as he sits down and scoots in his chair.  “If they turn out really good, we’ll have to add these to our entertaining menu.”

“Yeah,” Bucky agrees.  He picks up his burger.  “Here goes.”  He takes a large bite, trying to get a taste of every ingredient in his mouth at once.  The green chile is immediately apparent, flavorful and blisteringly spicy at once.

“Good?” Steve asks as Bucky chews and swallows.

“Wow.  Yeah,” Bucky says, “Sam wasn’t lying about the kick.”

“I’m sure,” Steve says, taking a bite of his own.

The second bite brings a slight prickle of sweat to Bucky’s upper lip.  The spice is borderline overwhelming, but good.  The roasted flavor brings a lot to the simple burger.  It doesn’t take long for him to polish off the sandwich and calm down the heat lingering on his tongue with a mouthful of chips.

“So,” Steve poses when he’s cleared his plate and is wiping grease from his fingers, “You say that was a success?”

“Yeah, for sure,” Bucky replies.

“Spicy is a go, then,” Steve muses.  “We can probably expand the menu in a lot of directions from here.”

Bucky makes a sound of agreement as he rinses the dishes and puts them in the dishwasher.  With his stomach full, he’s starting to feel heavy and sleepy.  He’d woken up in the middle of the night again, and the lack of sleep seems to be making itself known now.  Bucky stifles a yawn as he transfers the oily frying pan to the sink.

“Getting tired?” Steve asks.

“Hm.  Yeah,” Bucky admits.

“I’ll finish up with that, if you wanna lie down for a while.”

“I can do this,” Bucky says, squirting dish liquid into the pan.

Steve materializes behind Bucky and takes the sponge from his hand.  “Go take a nap,” Steve says.  He kisses the side of Bucky’s head.  “I can come bother you in a little while, if you want.”

“That, uh, that might be nice,” Bucky says.  Steve playfully shoves him out of the kitchen, and Bucky climbs the stairs, enters the bedroom, and drops onto the bed.

Bucky wakes suddenly, and at first he’s not sure what’s jarred him back into awareness.  His mouth tastes weird, and sweat’s prickling up between his eyes.  He pushes himself up, first onto his stump arm, then to seated.  Nausea hits him like a runaway train, and the accompanying vertigo almost throws him back to the mattress.

No.  He can’t be back to this.  It’s been years now, plural, since his body stopped violently rejecting everything he ate.  Sure, the odd bad taste or off texture will mess with him sometimes, but a fucking burger shouldn’t cause problems.

Expansive heat is rising in his throat, and Bucky can’t get his feet on the floor fast enough.  He’s resigned to spraying the bedspread with undigested stomach contents, but all that comes is a long, dry belch that he instinctively hides behind his fist.

It’s odd and painful all at once.  Bucky feels his stomach sloshing of its own accord.  He gets shakily to his feet.  He feels the urge to gag pressing into his chest, and Bucky tumbles into the ensuite, only making it to the sink before a combination of dry heave and burp erupts from him.

Aside from feeling awful, Bucky’s confused.  This is different.  This isn’t his stomach refusing to digest food.  This is his body calling things off mid-process.  It’s something he doesn’t remember dealing with, if not ever, then at least in such a long time that he’s thoroughly out of his depth.  He should lie back down. Maybe in front of the toilet.  Bucky’s sure he’s going to be ill, he just doesn’t know when.

He’s on the point of using the towel rack to lower himself to his knees when sharp pain flashes through his abdomen.  Bucky leans into the wall with his arm around his stomach.  Once he can breathe again, he turns and heads downstairs.

Steve’s at the kitchen table making an attempt on a crossword puzzle.  He hears Bucky come down, and he doesn’t look up from the newspaper when he says, “You didn’t sleep very long.”

Bucky takes a deep stabilizing breath.  “Stevie…”  He swallows hard against the pressure in his throat.

Steve looks up, his brows furrowing as his eyes alight on what Bucky assumes is his colorless countenance.

“I don’t feel good,” Bucky murmurs.  He presses his fingertips to his lips, hoping that whatever’s churning inside him will stay put for at least a moment.

Bucky doesn’t see Steve move, but he’s suddenly being whisked down the hall into the bathroom as, “Ok, hold on just a sec, almost there,” sounds in his ear.

Steve gingerly deposits him in front of the toilet and gets the seat up, then Bucky lurches forward with the force of a massive empty retch.  He has a second to gasp for breath before a mortifyingly loud burp follows, bringing an acidic taste, but still only air.

“Ah, fuck,” Bucky breathes, trying to spit out the saliva that’s pooling under his tongue.  “I’m sorry,”

“You’re ok.  Just ride it out,” Steve intones, tracing his fingers down Bucky’s spine.

Another spasming dry heave comes up, and Bucky clenches his stomach muscles, pushing with his throat to goad his stomach contents to just come up.  The next contraction ends in a wetter-sounding belch. Bucky’s ready to stick his finger down his throat and just get it over with, but Steve grabs his hand before he can move far enough to do anything.

“It’ll happen on its own,” Steve soothes.  “You’re doing fine.”

Bucky braces his stump arm on the toilet seat and breathes raggedly.  His back arches and a small splash of fluid hits the toilet water.

“There, ok, you’re ok.”  Steve brushes Bucky’s hair back from his face.

Another tremendous heave bursts forth with rush of thick fluid that’s horribly bitter and still slightly spicy. It’s too much to breathe around, and Bucky almost chokes on it.

Two or three more waves come up, forceful enough to splash back up onto the toilet seat.  “Alright,” Steve murmurs.

Bucky pants.  There’s still mucous clinging to the sides of his throat, but he’s so exhausted that he’s afraid he’ll pass out if he tries to hack it out.

“That was, hm,” Steve sighs.  “Are you…do you feel a little better?”

“I, uh, I guess,” Bucky says weakly, wiping his mouth on his stump shoulder.  “Jesus.  That was…”  He breaks off with a groan.

“Yeah.”  Steve reaches up and offers Bucky the hand towel.  “Think maybe the food didn’t set with you so well after all.”

“’S an understatement…” Bucky exhales.  He swipes the towel over his face and accidentally sets his elbow in something wet on the toilet seat.  “Fuck.”

Steve takes the towel back and sees to cleaning Bucky up properly.  He’s still slightly nauseous, and tiredness makes his head and limbs almost too heavy to move.  Steve feels his clammy forehead.

“No fever.  But I didn’t really expect you to have one anyway,” Steve says.  “Is it just your stomach?”

“Kind of my head now, too,” Bucky whispers.  “Fucking tired.”

“Feel like you want to go back upstairs?  Lay back down?”

“Yeah.”  The nod makes Bucky’s head swim.  “You’ll stay?”

Steve drops the towel into a corner of the small bathroom and negotiates Bucky to his feet.  “’Course I will.”


I did a full day of eating since I was at home all day today!
Breakfast: an apple, a pear, blackberries, and pecans
Snack: turkey pepperonis, pretzel thins, and peanut butter
Lunch: romaine lettuce with light Italian dressing, mushrooms, carrots, and cucumbers
Snack: celery with whipped cream cheese
Dinner: spicy roasted veggie mac and cheese (we tried a new recipe, it was pretty meh)

93 cal mexican salad bowl

this is super yummy, and vegan!

2 cups butter lettuce
2 tbs salsa
½ cup frozen stir fry veggies
1 tomato
1 tsp sriracha
2 tsp mexican seasoning
1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional but i like it)

you can obviously adjust to your liking, but i think this is super good for a light lunch/dinner or a snack

Healthy, vegetarian little foods

Hi there! So I see a LOT of little space food which usually include the same old; macaroni, dino nuggets etc
And if you’re either a health nut or a veggie, these aren’t right for you of course! Luckily, I’m both of these things so I’m gonna do a little post for healthy, veggie foods I eat whilst in little space!

All of these options you can learn to make by just doing a quick YouTube search! (Example; “healthy oatmeal banana cookies”)


- fat free natural yogurt with honey and blue berries
- oatmeal with skim milk, banana and honey
- egg and banana pancakes


- carrot/celery/cucumber sticks with hummus
- rice cakes with no Palm oil peanut butter with sliced banana
- lettuce, cucumber sandwich with wholemeal bread “buttered” with avocado cut into your favourite shape


- lettuce rolls stuffed with sweet potato salad
- egg white omelette with spinach and mushroom
- corn on the cobs


- guacamole with sweet potato roasted chips
- soft boiled egg with wholemeal toast
- cut up apple, grapes and strawberries


- zucchini “spaghetti” (just slice it up like spaghetti) with a simple tomato sauce
- veggie dino nuggets (sweetcorn, carrot, peas, sweet potato mash frozen slightly then cut into dino shapes, breaded then oven roasted)
- refried bean tacos with guacamole and low fat sour cream


- banana, raisin and oatmeal cookies
- chia seed pudding
- berries on fat free yogurt with honey

(Because I know littles LOVE their sweets there are healthy alternatives for soooo many sweets online, even brownies!!)

Swap out sodas and flavoured milks for homemade milkshakes, fruit smoothies, infused water and green tea! Just keep that sugar out! Replace sugar with honey, agave or another sugar substitute like stevia

So there you go! I wanted to make this list for any veggie little who are dieting/wants to keep fit whilst still being little!

Hope this helps!