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You Seem a Decent Fellow Pt. 1

Summary: Princess Bride movie AU. Y/N is an Aztec warrior, rescued by the Dread Pirate Roberts and disguised as a man, works on the ship Revenge. She has fallen in love with the new Roberts, Westley, and is secretly trying to sabotage his efforts to rescue his dear Buttercup while trying to help him return to her. Along the way she encounters Bucky, a roguish stable boy with his own secrets. What will befall these admirers of what they cannot have? [Part of Stark Tower’s 3k Celebration Movie AU Challenge! @stories-from-stark-tower]

Pairing: Bucky x Y/N

Warnings: General: violence, angst (Will tag warnings with each part); Current: mentions of violence and abandonment, angst (a bit)

Word Count: 1829 

Author’s Note: Just the first of many parts, feedback is welcome; and I will be putting this together in a masterlist as well. Enjoy! (Little side note, “Itzli” pronounced  “ EETS-Lee”)

YSADF Masterlist

Part 2

“Itzli! What’s our next course of action?” the captain bellowed from his position on the quarterdeck.

I wrapped the rope around my palm a third time, ensuring my grip as I leaned back and tilted my gaze towards the heavens. I was carefully balanced on the yard of the lower mast sail of the mainmast, letting myself become lost among the cream-coloured sails and briny air. My senses were always in question to the crew, but the captain never once faltered in his belief in me, and that was enough for me to keep with it.

When my eyes found the delicate brush of white that was the moon, still visible against the blue sky, my heart felt as though it were being seized by the hand of a great being. It was not harsh, but rather a gentle caress as the vision wove its way into my mind. My lips moved in my prayer of thanks to la luna, and promised her my unwavering services as I always had as a show of my gratitude for her gift. Her gift to me was a strange one, and although I was ever grateful for her watching eye and aid, there had once been a time where I cursed this ability.

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