buttercup is the dog

Dogs AND Kids?
Bebe and Buttercup
Dogs AND Kids?

From PUBG: Trivia Night! w/ Griffin, Justin, Simone, Clayton and Russ – AWFUL SQUAD

Russ: Honesty is a big part of this.
Bebe: *baby noises*
Simone: Hey who has a baby?
Travis: That’s me!
Simone: Not allowed.
Russ: Oh yeah you’re not allowed to ask the baby questions.
Simone: Yeah the baby cannot help you.

Travis: Now allowed user, super cool game.
Bebe: *baby noises*
Griffin: Sounds like your baby has been kicked out of the server or something and she’s getting upset about it.
Travis: That’s okay, it’s alright, she’ll be fine.

Buttercup: *bark*
Griffin: Woah Jesus Christ!
Russ: Hmm, that is a puppy dog.
Simone: Whose dog?
Travis: Uh, well, also mine!
Simone: Wow… You have dogs and kids?

cartoonygothica  asked:

[Did your dogs die?]

Nope, I’m just away at college (like 4 hours away by car) so I don’t get to see them often. I’m one of those people who when they lay on the couch I get all the dogs to cuddle with me so here in my dorm there’s no doggo to cuddle

hippo campus asks!
  • south: do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
  • bashful creatures: are you a shy person?
  • suicide saturday: what do you like to do on the weekends?
  • souls: do you like to write?
  • the halocline: what is your favorite song by hippo campus?
  • dollar bill: what is your favorite color?
  • violet: what's your favorite flower?
  • simple season: do you prefer the spring or the autumn?
  • western kids: apple or samsung?
  • sun veins: sunny days or thunderstorms?
  • poems: who is your favorite author?
  • buttercup: dogs or cats?
  • way it goes: favorite show to binge watch?
  • epitaph: records or digital music?
  • opportunistic: what is your favorite elective at school?
  • baseball: what is your favorite b-side?
  • close to gold: have you ever been in a relationship?
Ostara Celebrations

 Ostara has a special place in my heart as the first “witch holiday” I celebrated as a youngun, and I’ve repeated that same celebration nearly every year since. There are a lot of “traditional” ways to observe Ostara–things with eggs, pastels, seeds and flowers–and this isn’t really any of those, I was originally “inspired” by what I (mis)understood from mid-2000s neowiccan Livejournals. 

What I’m saying is: this is a part of my heart, and I invite any of you to join in my homey, nontraditional Ostara celebrations. 

FIRST: You’re going to wake up early in the morning. Dawn if you can manage it, no later than 8am. The clocks are also turning forward, so it should be a little bit easier to wake up while the sun is still low in the sky, no matter what time it actually is. 

THEN: You’re gonna go outside, somewhere where there’s nature. I’m normally a prairie gal (had you noticed?), but I usually go to the woods for Ostara instead. The forest seems to wake up a little earlier: there are snowdrops, trilliums, sorrel, buttercups, violets. It’s beautiful. Take your family, your partner, your friends or dogs–you don’t have to tell them why. Go even if it’s raining. It’s the first day of spring, and you should be in it. 

AFTER THAT: You need to stop at the store. It should be lunch-ish time now, or early afternoon. You might be hungry–don’t eat. Pick up what looks good. Fresh vegetables? Great. A cornish hen? Unusual, but I’ve grabbed one every spring for the last however many years. Potatoes? I’m sure there’s something you can do with that. You’re gonna overbuy out of hunger, and that’s ideal. You’re gonna be making a feast. The only rule is no prepared or premade foods–not even pasta or ketchup. You’re gonna make every damn thing from scratch.

THEN: Go home. Cook all afternoon, make way too many dishes. They don’t have to go together. My menu nearly always consists of pierogis, honey-mustard cornish hen, a spicy salad, roasted vegetables, pull-apart sweetbread. If being in nature all morning didn’t alienate your family/friends, invite them to stay with you and cook. Gossip in the kitchen. Talk about your feelings. 

WHEN ALL THE FOOD IS DONE: Eat what you want. Offer a portion of each dish to the earth by burying it in your garden, under a tree, or just leaving it in the grass. (Obviously not if the food is somehow exclusively salt, or capsaicin, or somehow poisonous. Be reasonable). The crows and field mice will thank you. Experience gratitude. It’s spring.