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Quovely Quidditch Cup Quotations and Quemories
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I cannot believe that the World Cup is over. I sincerely cannot believe that this was four days ago. I am having a hard time doing anything else but eat, think, breathe, talk, walk, sleep, dream Quidditch. It was an absolute delight. It was worth the sleeplessness and the stress and the pain and nausea and headaches because we had the hugs and the bonding and the team spirit, and wonderful, wonderful ecstatic feeling of being part of an excellent team and meeting other amazingly cheerful teams.

I’m going to type up a quick steamroller summary of how the world cup was, and in later blog posts elaborate more on this.

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Jigamaree - Snow Quidditch

Faber Castel brushpens, 2010

Jigamaree (noun) -
a maneuver or cunning trick
a trivial, ridiculous or worthless fancy
a thingamabob

A series of little comics about the minutiae of life.

My Quidditch team is one of my favourite groups of people in existance, and one of the best activities I could be a part of. And snow Quidditch is absolutely stunning : )


Yule Ball with Vassar’s own Butterbeer Broooers and the Beloved Ballroom Club (all very talented and attractive ladies and gents).

Mhm so many fine people… I think that just maybe, maybe, this post should go on damnthatsakeeper ; )

I especially like how I look in that blue dress ; )

I had ridiculous amounts of fun, in both elegant swing dancing (rather hard in heels - I adore flats) to gettin’ down, to silly macarena and cotton eye joe dancing with the team.

I am in an eternal quomance with my team. What can I say?! It is hard not to be quidsexual when surrounded by such quovely quidkids.