Ever wonder how butter came about? Author Elaine Khosrova has a theory:

Sometime around 8000 B.C., a weary herdsman reached for the sheepskin bag of milk knotted to the back of his pack animal. But as he tilted his head to pour the warm liquid into his mouth, he was astonished to find that the sheep’s milk had curdled. The rough terrain of ancient Africa and the constant joggling of the milk had transformed it into butter – and bewilderingly, it tasted heavenly.

Khosrova says the story of butter is a historical roadmap of humanity. Her new book is called Butter: A Rich History

Spread The Word: Butter Has An Epic Backstory

Breakfast Power Smoothie

1 cup frozen strawberries
½ cup kevita sparkling probiotic drink, coconut flavor
1 tablespoon creamy roasted almond butter
5 drops vanilla stevia
1 scoop Frank Zane Egg White Protein Powder (or protein powder of your choice)
1 tablespoon ground chia seeds
3 ice cube
Combine strawberries, coconut water, almond butter and stevia in a vitamix and blend on high
Blend in protein powder and ground chia seeds, then blend in ice cubes until smooth