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Grantiare illustrating children's books. No one would ever guess, until he gets the flu and Combeferre comes over to take care of him and sees his latest work. Combeferre being confused but he doesn't ask about it because he's there to take care of Grantaire. Combeferre looking for grantaire's other books. Combeferre never looking at Grantaire as the same cynical, dark, drunken joker as before.


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When they were seven Enjolras was on the same club soccer team as Combeferre but they didn't go to the same school, so they only got to talk during soccer. Combeferre's tattoo for Enjolras says "I find it rude that the coach calls us girls as an insult, even just a joke one because if my sister were here she'd beat everyone" Ferre just nodded because he was a shy child and didn't know what he would say. Enjolras's tattoo says "you want a juice box?" Because it was his turn to bring snacks.

So then Courf went to Ferre’s school but wasn’t on the soccer team so he never really knew Enjolras, but his tattoo for ferre said “can i borrow your skin color pack?” and Ferre’s said “we’re going to be best friends, I can feel it in my bones.” They first talked during free time when ferre was trying to draw the people in his neighborhood and wanted to include Joly who was Korean and Bossuet who was African American, but he didn’t think his friends looked like the yellow or brown marker.

Enjolras and Courf met at Ferre’s 8th birthday party. Enjolras was standing next to Courf watching ferre blow out his candles when they heard that kid Jehan talking about the flowers he had picked for ferre. Enjolras’s tattoo for Courf reads “I got him a water gun.” Courf’s, of course reads “why would a parent let their child play with a gun, fake or not.” If there was a second words tattoo, Enjolras would have “to prepare for the zombies” written across his forehead.

Grantaire, unfortunately, was the last among them to be found. It was after they had turned 18 and gotten their tattoos, and the three friends who had known by high school that they were soulmate a were confused when they each got three tattoos instead of two. Enjolras has “excuse me princess.” Courf has “vodka?” And ferre has “I guess you found me”.

Now, Grantaire’s birthday had come and gone and he hadn’t gotten a tattoo. He didn’t feel anything at all. His friend Bahorel had combed through his hair looking for something, anything, because Bahorel knew that Grantaire didn’t feel great about himself and not having a tattoo would only make it worse. In the end Bahorel had to settle for putting his arm around Grantaire and telling him that they’d always be soulmates, tattoos be damned. Despite Bahorel’s best efforts, Grantaire still got depressed, and Bahorel’s first cure for everything is to go drinking.

When Grantaire was 22, they went to a local bar at the beginning of the school year ( Grantaire got sad seeing all the freshmen with their soulmates. ) and they order a couple of drinks. At the same time, Courf and Enjy got to the bar, since they didn’t want to get in ferres way as he unpacked, a job he’d always taken over. Courf got the the bar looking happy as can be, because bars always made him feel that he’d find their fourth.

He leaned against the bar while Enjolras parked the car and the adorable man sitting next to him looks over, slightly tipsy already, and says the one word Courf had been waiting for. Of course he always waited for it and often times it was a fluke because it was just a bartender and their first words to Enjy were never right. This time though Courf nodded, wondering what the other man had written on his body. Enjolras came back just as they were exchanging the glass and asked Taire if he was trying to get his boyfriend drunk.

At the same time Taire said “excuse me princess” and Courf reprimanded Enjolras for being so rude. Enjolras and Courfeyrac froze as soon as the words had come out of Grantaire’s mouth and been understood by their brains. Somehow they managed to get him to come home with them, showing him their tattoos, Grantaire denying it the entire time. Finally they grab his arms and he lets them lead him to their car and then home. They find ferre with only one box left and they make him stop, blabbering about how “we found him we found him.” And they all hold their breath as Grantaire shrugs and says the same words on the inside of ferres middle finger.

They get excited and are jumping around Taire until he finally raises his voice and tells them that he can’t be their soulmate because he doesn’t even have any tattoos. Of course all of this with a lot more profanity. Two of the three boyfriends look both confused and disappointed.

Ferre however looks companionate, he reaches out and puts a hand on Grantaire’s, causing Taire to shiver and feel a warm sensation on his arms and hand. Beneath ferres hand lie the words “you really are the one” and on either arm Taire has “are you trying to get my boyfriend drunk?” And “you are adorable” everyone’s confused excepting, of course, ferre, who says Grantaire must be an odd anomaly, then he lists some technical stuff about hormones exchanged in skin contact.

i love this so so so much oh my god thank you ily

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Cosette and Eponine high school au where Cosette is the preppy cheerleader who's really popular and Eponine is the bad girl with leather jackets and chunky boots and no one expects them to ever get along but then one day someone asks Cosette out and Cosette's like "oh no, I'm already in a relationship. Have you met my girlfriend Eponine? She's so funny I think you'd really like her." And everyone's kind of like "what is this"


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Agender Courf going shopping with Jehan and not telling Jehan that everything he's wearing is unfashionable but they tell him how cute it is but then Jehan starts trying to dress them and they respond with "yea know, I've got this whole kind of style goin right now, and I'm not really looking to change it, thanks for the thought though." In the end they let Jehan buy them a cute outfit that hey absolutely love because he picked it out for them. Even if it's more feminine than their usual.


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Combeferre talking in his sleep aka hearts in my eyes. He'd say weird shit like "You don't even know how to fucking raise a moth." or "If you came to a stop light, you'd have to use logic to get out of it." ANd courfeyrac would wake up to this and have to try really hard not to laugh too loud

at one point courfeyrac just sets up a recording device after ferre has fallen asleep and records the whole night’s talking and plays it back for them both when he wakes up (speeding it up through the points where there is nothing)

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Ok no imagine frilly calling the Amis out on their rich boy bullshit like Enjolras is like "Everyone will need to drive there to make sure they have a way home." And feuillys like "Enjolras I don't have a car." Enjolras: we will smash these vases on the doorstep of city hall to symbolize blah blah blah Feuilly: Enjolras i can't afford to buy a vase, period. Enjolras: the poor do not have enough time to raise their children Feuilly: Enjolras you mean well but that's wrong.

Marius: my boss tried to pay me to live somewhere nice but I told him no Cus I was like “I must understand the plight of the poor Feuilly: oh my fucking god

Bahorel: I’m never graduating. Let my parents keep paying for law school until the day I die. Feuilly: Check your fucking privilege man Jesus.

Grantaire: the poor are going to stay poor and that will never change Enjolras. That’s the way the world works. Feuilly: shove ginger root up your ass

Combeferre: I had to throw out that encyclopedia set because they didn’t have accurate information on the emperor moth Feuilly: I swear to god Combeferre if you didn’t give them to children…

Bahorel: to get the ladies, just buy these expensive pants and show them off. Feuilly: I guess the rest of us just use our personality

Enjolras: is this simply a game for rich young boy to play? Feuilly: fuck you, Enjolras.