Hey so I’ve been on tumblr for a little over two years now and I’ve become really close with so many people and I’ve found blogs that I physically can’t live without. So, just because, this is my first ever follow forever!

*credit to humppings for the amazing edit!*

*Favorites are bolded!*


aboveluke, adoreleigh, adoremikey, alyssavail,ashickey, ayyyyyirwinbrosbeforedoes, calumfromredtube, calumsasstho, cliffophiliac, cliffordconfidencecolumnfckinghoodcraicking, crazycashtoncriesbc1ddamnirishs, defyingravity, discalnectedewzayns, fckuhoran, forevermashton, frckhxranfvckinghaz, fvcksharold, fvckszen, fxckzouis


h8zaynharraa, heroinhemmingss, humpthehemmings, idioticalum, kitkatknowsall, lashtonlosers,littleshitlucas, longleggedhemmings,
lukes–tutu, lukhemmingz


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5-sauce-is-rad, 5sos-smut-only

I’m really sorry if I forgot anyone but I literally love you all anyway!