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I’m conflicted on this because if energon is alien gasoline they’d probably need an engine to actually use it but also energon circulates but if it circulates I don’t know how engines would work

i imagine them having a mechanical like circulatory system where energon moves around like blood and the fuel pump is the heart equivalent but yeah i am not sure if this is actually how cars work

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to chime in on the gnosticism thing I think calliope will have echidna since calliope is consistently represented as a sophia figure in contrast with caliborns yaldabaoth. like I don't think she would need to have a third option since she's literally the passive creator fostering life and liberty from behind the scenes

neat! i agree it seems like yaldaboath and echidna have been set up in very recent updates as foils so it would… make a lot of sense for calliope/caliborn

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back when I was living in my condo and like Dangerously Broke sometimes I would get pizza delivered because it was easier for me to have it come to me than have to go buy food and put gas in my car at the same time because my car always had as little gas as possible in it at any one time cuz I was living off cheap commissions there for a while

ah yeah that makes sense

cori sometimes I feel like tumblr updates are like your mom constantly rearranging her house but like. much less effective. like when your mom switched the silverware drawer to the left of the oven. who DOES that. 


So the rats found the cat toys. Titus had to touch every one in the bin and pull them out one by one. Then he walked away. Also, skunk found her prize and is very pleased with the Nice Plastic Fun Thing.

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and then there’s how much of it revolves around rodimus’ Huge Need for approval and how willing drift is to be a yes man if it means she can continue doing her shit unhindered…these cars need to sort themselves out

it kills me how blase they are about using all his super easy obvious insecurities to further their own agenda…. its like taking candy from a baby but they’re like “this seems fine” LMAO